Someone needs to tell SEOs whining about how Google sucks that really, they have no one to blame but themselves.  After all, all those pesky updates that sends people’s sites into a tailspin and sees their spammy sites relegated off to Google’s spam prison are all because, you guessed it, an SEO or spammer got a little too aggressive in getting their user unfriendly site ranking, and Google had to take action so their real users don’t get spam in their search results but a good quality site.  In other words, you can blame the whiners.

Take a look over at the Google webmaster help forums… they are filled with threads by site owners blaming Google for everything from missing their mortgage payment or not being able to put food on the table.  Because, you know, they feel Google owes them traffic for their crapass site that users hate.

It’s like a train wreck in there, with people posting their URLs thinking that if they post their website, which they swear up and down is spam free, Google will wave their magic Google dust wand over their thread, declare “my bad” and restore their crappy site to its former ranking glory.  Let me tell you, it’s not going to happen.

And the best part?  Just start clicking those so-called “spam free” and “quality content” sites – it is hard to find one that didn’t deserve to be torched, and really, it just serves as a poster boy for how Google is getting search RIGHT.  Scraper sites, nonsensical content, backlinks from bad comments on blogs or hacked sites, 2 page sites with no real content.  While I am sure there probably are a few sites mixed in with the whiners that really didn’t deserve to be de-ranked, the majority make you think ”wow, not only are you swearing your site is the equivalent of Jesus in your niche, you just posted it on the Google forums with a big LOOK AT MY SPAMMY SITE stamp all over it.”

Imagine if those whiners, you know, actually took all the time they spent bitching about Google and actually put that time into creating a spam-free quality content site.  And heck, even novice SEOs know that if you use the wrong tactics, it is only a matter of time before their sites get torched, so they keep building new ones.  And again, imagine that effort building 100s of torchable sites put into creating 3 or 5 really strong sites with great content with brandability and sharability.  Suddenly you have sites build to stand the test of time.

But the whiner SEOs don’t think that way, they just spend hours bitching about how Google sucks and they will lose their house because they were too lazy to do anything about it when they had their AdSense or affiliate checks rolling in.  Because the SEO dream isn’t sitting at your computer working (and mind you, that is what pretty much all the respected SEOs in the industy are doing right this second) – it is sitting around the pool with an umbrella in your drink!

And Google has been pretty open this year about what they are doing.  If you use spammier SEO, you knew it was only a matter of time.  But did they start reacting then by either trying to clean up their bad or expanding their website roster?  Of course not!  They sat back and considered themselves smarter than Google (snort!) and untouchable.

And really, Google whining doesn’t look attractive on many people, especially when you are blaming Google on everything wrong in your life.  You look like a two year old having a temper tantrum over a toy someone else is already playing with.

Of course, if you want to comment how Google hates your life and how your pure-as-the-driven-snow got hit by Panda or Penguin, feel free to post a comment with the site – but know we are all thinking you must really be a closet spammer and how we very likely will find exactly why you got hit with a big stuffed animal from Google.  But I am sure Shoemoney readers are up to the challenge in the find the spam whack-a-mole game!

By seobitch

Seobitch is a pen name for a well known female expert in the SEO industry that most of you likely already follow. She has more than a dozen years experience and is a very respected expert in the field. Seobitch can be controversial but writes about issues that most people are afraid to talk about due to their employers, clients or friends. She also loves to tackle industry issues from a different point of view than what you normally see the "complainers" of the industry complaining about. She is also open to suggestions for future topics you would like to see the SEObitch tackle.

22 thoughts on “Why so many Google whiners really deserved to be torched in Panda & Penguin”
  1. Oh shut the fuck up.

    Many totally white-hat sites with very few links were pushed to virtuall non-existant places in Google result.

    I know many people who invested in high quality content, high quality backlinks for YEARS and just had their site totally banned.

    I guess it doesn’t affect you, coz you can always keep selling overrated shit to your loyal worshippers …

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  3. Haha! Love it.. I am so glad I stopped worrying about backlink garbage and techniques a few years ago. All a vast waste of time.

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  5. I have several sites with all original content, genuine content and posts that are created on a regular basis with good keyword density and natural anchor text linking to them. Those sites were sent down to page three in Google while some really crappy sites with very little good content and overstuffed keywords with ads all over them took over the 1st and 2nd spots on the 1st page. I am thinking that was not google’s goal with this update. Whatever they are doing, I am not so sure it is working, and I am not sure you know what you are talking about.

  6. Two thoughts,

    First, why does everyone act so surprised? I mean it’s not like no one’s ever been “slapped” before lol

    Burn me once, right?

    Second, the more trash they manage to sweep off the web the less competition there is for me! Keep it coming Google!

    btw the four previous comments are rather amusing 🙂

  7. LOL right on the money (excuse the pun). You were right a long time ago when you said SEO is dead.

    It took me a long time to accept that fact, but when you do it clears your mind and frees up a lot of mental clutter so you can spend more time writing quality content instead of trying to figure out ways to trick people.

    You might be able to “trick” Google for a little while, but it will never last in the long run.

    Google has human reviewers anyway (yes I have inside info). No matter what sort of trickery you try to pull off it will eventually fail.

    So, to everyone out there that makes a living with content, here’s my 4 step plan for success:

    1 – Completely forget about SEO. Throw it in the trash. Burn it.

    2 – Don’t worry about incoming links, retweets, facebook shares or anything else.

    3 – Build high quality original content

    4 – Make a nicely designed site.

    That’s it! Follow this simple 4 step plan and you might live on the beach someday.

    1. Nice comment, Pedro. I couldn’t agree with you more. It seems like the more intentional SEO, the more likely it is that you end up in the Google Sandbox. Just follow the 4 step plan you outlined on a daily basis. Do further SEO at your own risk. I’ve learned.

    1. Agreed. I bet a lot of SEO agencies and backlink service scammers are shitting their pants right about now. LOL

  8. My situation, I have quality sites that ranked very well. I’ll be the first to admit that I got overzealous with the fast and easy way to build links. I also ignored building a natural anchor text profile. Hence, I had lots of keywords get slammed, but I also have plenty that didn’t and are doing better than before. Back in the day, before I knew about scrapebox, xrumer and other automation, I built links by hand, the old fashioned way. Know what, those sites ranked, and those old school methods are the way things need to be done today if you still plan on doing active SEO. Or you can just build a site and blindly hope that everyone on the internet links to it….like Google thinks magically happens.

  9. This article has to be sarcastic. There is no way you really just said that. This especially coming from a site that sells articles and barely ever tells how to make money except years after the fact. Some people make money by writing daily articles and paying writers $ to populate their site with content only to get 30,000 uniques a month and lose money. Then to claim we are to blame for selling a few links to survive is hilarious.

  10. Ever searched for something on Google, only to be assailed by pages of “Is [whatever you searched for] a scam?” results? Yeah, really bottom-feeder level ‘affiliate’ crap.

    We need changes like Penguin and Panda to houseclean. Why? Because if we don’t, users will stop clicking ads, assuming them all to be scammy. Should we stand by and let that happen? I say “NO!”.

    Weild Thor’s hammer Google, and crush the wrong-doers.

    There are plenty of great, legit, affiliates out there getting a bad rep because of the minority of a-holes.

  11. The people that tried to “cheat” deserved to get hit. I don’t feel bad for them at all. The ones that had REAL sites & got hit – that sucks. All the others…serves you right.

  12. Lots of Mom & Pop sites getting hit, too. Mostly because they thought dicey link exchanges wre a good idea to get linkback. Even for small biz sites, the best solution is to ask “who is my customer… where can I find them…” and go there, instead of joining link schemes. Sites that strive to generate their own traffic so they don’t depend on Google end up ranking well. Oh, the irony.

  13. I too have been hit by Panda last year, it took a big chunk off my daily visitors. And I know the culprit, it was from back in the day where I posted poorly written posts (even copied stuff without giving proper due to the original) I have back when I was just starting, I had no SEO knowledge, no idea what this copyright stuff, I just wanted to own a site ( and was extremely happy seeing 1 or 2 visitors to my site).

    But now so far, the panda updates, penguin and whatever zoo animal they come up with again, the site seems to have been stable, and that’s not because I did some SEO to my site, but rather did not do any SEO and just try focus on my content quality (which as my friends tell me, is still crappy. lol)

  14. This article is stupid as shit, it accomplishes nothing and it isn’t even factual. Pure garbage. Seobitch should change her name to seotard.

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