Are you seeing the benefits of running marketing webinars to capture and nurture leads but wondering how you can scale these efforts up? 

It can take several days of work just to plan, prepare, promote, deliver and follow up on a single webinar. This makes it super challenging to justify investing in more and more webinars, no matter how fruitful each webinar you produce is. 

Besides, today’s buyers are less interested in sharing personal information and contact details only to enter a sales funnel that flows at whatever pace a marketer hopes is most likely to be optimized for conversions. Nowadays, people are more interested in self-service nurture processes that involve binging on content in bursts, so their journeys are less trackable. This, in turn, puts pressure on marketers to make assets that speak to all phases of the buyer’s journey available at once. 

It’s possible that the whole way you’re going about thinking about webinars – or your marketing “funnel” as a whole, for that matter – is outdated. In order to succeed in the world of business, especially with the breakneck pace of the Internet, you really need to be versatile. You need to be quick to adapt to new trends, capitalizing on new opportunities and optimizing those efforts for maximum earning potential. 

This also means that you may need to alter or evolve previous lines of thinking. And one of these newer ways of thinking is to leverage the webinar flywheel from ClickMeeting.

Beyond the Business Meeting

So, right away, we have to challenge and discard a couple old notions. First, some business owners and executives may have heard of ClickMeeting and thought that it was a great platform for virtual meetings among team members. And that’s still true. It’s a terrific way for remote teams, in particular, to connect with one another on a regular basis. But ClickMeeting is also an incredible B2B marketing tool when used strategically.

Beyond internal meetings, ClickMeeting is used widely as a popular webinar platform. These webinars can be opened up to the public, only accessible by those who are invited specifically, or anywhere in between. In this way, the webinars can provide a content-rich and engaging experience for attendees. You can use them to establish your expertise in your industry, for instance, or to educate potential customers about your products and services.

That second usage scenario generates qualified leads and can provide that much-needed “nudge” to convert a potential customer who’s on the fence to one who’s ready to complete an order. 

In my own experience, webinars are very, very powerful. They engage attendees in ways that podcasts, white papers, and drip email campaigns simply cannot. What other content format keeps people visually stimulated and engaged in an interactive manner, for a full hour?

Beyond the Sales Funnel

Second, the sales funnel has basically become old hat at this point for many professional marketers. And while it certainly serves a purpose, the fundamental thinking behind it has become archaic and outdated. 

That’s because a sales funnel sees the process largely as a one-way street. The customer proceeds through a series of stages, going deeper and deeper into the funnel until you close the deal and land the sale.

But, that’s not how the sales process really operates today, is it? Rather than leading the potential customer through a funnel, the goal should be more to keep them in the loop, accelerating through the process. 

You want to generate not just an initial sale, but you’d rather nurture the relationship and generate recurring and repeat sales for years to come. You want to prioritize investing in marketing activities that reduce friction as people learn about your solution, in whatever ways they see fit, so that you can address the pain points of all of your ideal customers, regardless of what stage of consideration they’re in. 

And that is exactly the kind of mindset that ClickMeeting empowers with the webinar flywheel.

Automate the Power of the Webinar

Offering a robust alternative to the linear sales funnel, the webinar flywheel is designed as an agile framework. The whole point is to increase revenue through intelligent processes, dynamic personalization and smart automation.

What are some of these automations that are baked right into the ClickMeeting webinar flywheel?

Automate your webinar

Normally, if you were to host a live webinar, there are several tasks that you might need to complete “on the fly.” With ClickMeeting, you can get all of that set up ahead of time, pre-recording what you want to, offering it all on an on-demand basis with our without gating, or running automated webinars on a schedule, so you can still leverage the ephemeral FoMo effect.

Upload your webinar recordings, documents and videos, and then compose your automated webinar timeline so that interactive elements like surveys and call-to-action fly-ins surface at just the right moments.

You can even set it up to mix in live and pre-recorded elements, hopping in for a real-time Q&A session, for example. And it all works like clockwork.

Stream to social media

Just because your webinar lives in ClickMeeting doesn’t mean it’s restricted only to that platform. If you want to get in front of as many people as people, you can live-stream your webinars on Facebook or YouTube. 

You can set this up on an ad hoc basis, initiating a live stream when you like, or you can use your ClickMeeting flywheel account’s global settings to automatically simul-cast every time you host an event.

You can also automatically record all of your webinar events and push them to YouTube, for viewers who may have missed the live feed the first time around.

Automatic post-event nurture flows

Attendees want to feel like they’re appreciated, but you have neither the time nor resources to do everything manually, live, in the moment.

With the webinar flywheel, you can create a thank-you page with a custom URL ahead of time. Once the webinar is done, attendees can be sent to this landing page where they can find the “buy now” or “sign up now” form.

You can set up your ClickMeeting account to automatically send thank you emails to registrants and attendees, or to automatically invite segments of your contacts to subsequent webinars. You can also use ClickMeeting’s many integrations with CRM platforms, email marketing tools and ad retargeting platforms for targeted multi-channel follow-up messaging. Using ClickMeeting’s new Zapier connector, you can even follow up with your leads via channels like SMS and Facebook Messenger.

Using these features with the flywheel approach, you can keep everything in motion automatically, constantly generating qualified leads, constantly increasing your revenue earning potential.

It Works Where You Do

To get the most out of ClickMeeting’s webinar flywheel, you’ll want to optimize your account, too. Ensure that your Google Analytics tags, for instance, are configured properly for your sign-up forms, thank you pages, waiting room pages, and so on. Setting up your Facebook Pixel is another useful idea, because you can then use that data for those remarketing opportunities.

Beyond that, you’ll find a bevy of options for account integrations, including many tools that you’re already using. Keeping track of your customers with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Infusionsoft, or HubSpot? ClickMeeting works great with your existing CRM.

As mentioned, it also integrates with Facebook and YouTube, plus GetResponse, Zapier, Dropbox, Office, Slack and more. These integrations allow for further automation, improving your sales process and freeing your time to focus on other efforts.

Keep the Wheels in Motion

ClickMeeting offers a 30-day free trial, including access to all the webinar flywheel features and integrations. After that, the automated plan is just $40 per month when billed annually. That’s a very small price to pay for a truly remarkable tool. Share quality content, generate warm leads, and keep the sales coming with the webinar flywheel.

By zacjohnson

Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of online marketing and business experience. Follow his blogs at and