About once a day or so I get a email from someone about how Google must have banned the ShoeMoney System from their search index.

The real fact is that we have been blocking Google since launch. I have written extensively about how I don’t need Google to have a successful business and wanted to put my money where my mouth is. Literally.

ShoeMoney System Source

Very shortly the ShoeMoney System will be closing in on making 1 million dollars in gross revenue. All while being out of Google and most other search engines.

Obviously this opened up a huge opportunity for affiliates who understand SEO and pay per click marketers. But surprisingly enough (to some) most of our sales came from word of mouth recommendations of our existing users or from people familiar with our brand.

Would I recommend this to you? Absolutely not. Obviously it cost us some money by not being listed in Google.

You just hear so much about how SEO is everything that I wanted to prove completely the opposite.

You need to build a brand and create a quality product or service that people actually want to recommend to their friends.

Going forward we will unblock Google and see what happens. Could be interesting.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

172 thoughts on “Building A Million Dollar Product in 4 Months Without Google”
  1. Well, it’s always good to try and keep the big boys in check. Any chance of you blogging about your alternative promotion methods?

    1. For sure. I think radio has been a pretty big hit for us but also a real learning experience. I have been working on the radio advertising post for a bit.

  2. I was wondering why other people ranked better than you for it. Shouldn’t realized it. It’s obvious now.

  3. Something that couldn’t have SOME form of success without Google is probably spam.

  4. Your site is not completely out of the search engines:
    Maybe you should remember robots.txt with disallow: / – as well as including “noindex” metatag on all pages.

    Besides of that, I could imagine you are also using your blog (which is ranking very high) for selling? A quick search gave me quite a few of your blog posts.

    However I see your point, and I agree that you dont “need” SEO, it is not the only key to success, and in your case I honestly believe that word of mouth is much more powerful than SEO.

    1. You kind of make my point about SEO’s.

      Do you think that people who are interested in purchasing the ShoeMoney System are going to do a site:shoemoneysystem.com ?

      Sure you can find some obscure pages we used during pre-launch but I can tell you Google has accounted for less than .02% of our traffic.

      But you are correct… if you do site:shoemoneysystem.com you can find a few pages in google…..

      1. And it took you how long to build your brand? Exactly. Your deck is stacked. Anybody that buys into your case studies is, well…….a sheep.

        1. Kiley

          now you are bitching that you can’t do it, but Shoe here was born with a super power that allowed him to?

          Jermey this is good shit man

          1. LOL, It is warm fuzzy communication like this that can really build a brand 🙂

      2. So, then, it didn’t take you 4 months, it took many years. And you didn’t do it without Google, Google was a HUGE part of building your brand. Hell, you wouldn’t be the same guy is you didn’t have a pic of you with a massive GOOGLE Adsense check, am i rite?

        I thought the point of your article was that you were able to make a cool million WITHOUT Google, in a matter of 4 months. But it actually took you much much longer to create a brand/blog that had a following, huge RSS list, and Aweber list (and did use Google to do that). My Bad.

        Either way, the feats (see: $$$) you’ve achieved is huge, and my congrats is with you.

        I’ll stop bitching now, and let the sheep continue to wallow in your glory 🙂

        1. Actually I will even do you 1 better. I did not profit 1 million dollars… far from it.. that is just gross product sales.

          Also I did not take a pee this morning in 1 minute because it took 35 years of living to get to that point.

          Where do you stop? or start? Was it even without Google or should we say it was without Stanford where the founders of Google went to School ?

          Hate to break this to you but Google would not exist without the brands, trademarks, and information people are searching for.

          If you read ShoeMoney for years you would know THIS site was completely out of Google until about 2 years ago….

          1. Interesting response Shoe, and well played. I actually see where you’re coming from, believe it or not. But you didn’t do anything ‘without’ Google.

            It’s pretty easy to see where something starts or stops in this case. Building a brand is like building a house – you start with one brick, and build your way up. You don’t count the time it took to invent bricks, or in this case, Google. The pee you took this morning started when you drank whatever beverage you had, we don’t need to count the 35 years it took to get to that pee. ROFL.

            During your brand build, you still had Google…even indirectly. How many people have wrote about what you’ve done, and then had that indexed in Google? If someone was trying to find a way to ‘make money online’ and typed that into Google, and then landed on an MMO site / forum and then saw your name being talked about, would Google have helped in that case? Without it, that person might not have ever found you. I actually remember reading about you on a forum…had no idea who you were. So I went to Google, typed in Shoemoney, and read from someone (can’t remember the blog) about your huge Adsense check.

            Obviously what you mean is that you, yourself, no longer use Google anymore as a promotion method (aka SEO). But Google still helps ya, I can go to Google, type in Shoemoney System, and see countless reviews from affiliates trying to make a buck. What came first, the brand/advertiser/trademark, or Google? They go hand in hand. You’re going to be on Google whether you want to or not, and 9 times out of 10, it will always help your brand.

            It reminds me of some of the IM gurus saying “Make $400,000 In Just One Week” and it turns out they had a massive list, huge brand, a huge following, and they’re selling that product to the same people who created the following in the first place.

            Either way, you’re successful at what you do, and I respect that, as well as you. I was just pointing out that Google did help with your branding in the first place, which has enabled you to be able to no longer have to use them (personally) for your own promotions. Once you’ve reached the point you have, you no longer need them, and that is certainly a point worth striving for.

          2. EDIT: Never mind. This is a chicken/egg fallacy, and we could have a conversation about this for days. It’s the same reason John Chow now has a huge brand, and no longer needs Google.

          3. So did you miss the whole part about almost all of my major websites including this one being blacklisted out of google for most of their lives ?

          4. Nah, I read that part. You missed the part about me talking about ‘indirect’ traffic to your blog from Google. Even if Shoemoney.com was blacklisted (like JohnChow.com was), there’d still be other blogs who were talking about you, adding fuel to the Shoemoney fire. There still would be people searching for certain keywords and finding your blog indirectly through that.

            And “Not the Real Shoe”, I kind of expected him not to reply. I know I won’t ‘win’ here, no one really will, and there’s no way in hell I would…too many Shoemoney dickriders with a total lack of logic, and 99% that don’t make any real money. They don’t know a damn thing about branding. It’d be like Coca-Cola coming out with a new drink and saying they didn’t use any print or T.V. ads, and still sold millions. Gee, wonder why, it’s not like they have a huge brand or anything thanks to T.V. and print.

            Jeremy has a large advantage to all of us because of his brand. Without it, he would have never had anywhere near the gross million dollars launch that his product has. Now, I realize he already addressed that in his post, but Google was/is/has always been there for him and his brand. If he started this blog, and then blocked it from Google, and then sent C&Ds to anybody talking about him or his blog, and him or his name NEVER came up in Google search, then I’d be pretty f$%#ing impressed. So the title should be “Building a Million Dollar Product in 4 Months Without Doing Any of My Own SEO”.

            Now that you’ve all had a good laugh at my rants, and Shoe thinks I’m a fucking retard, I’ll kindly leave now. No worries, I won’t let the door hit me on the ass. 😉

          5. Wow! That’s a long comment. Should be categorized under Shoemoney’s guest bloggers. Got your point though.

          6. What a rant. Note that Shoe didn’t bother responding. Ha! It’s hard not to be jealous or want to try and toss out some logic. You just won’t win here. Anyways, a good rant every now and then provides ample entertainment for the rest of us.

          7. Man you got no clue about what it means to even have respect
            Its evident by your response & way of thinking that you do no respect even yourself

            Although I’m a n00b – Shoe, by far you are my brand in IM

            Tipjar, when YOU be as successful as Jeremy you can spam the web for as long as you would like, but don’t think anyone wants to hear your 2 Cents

          8. you got me there tipjar
            my English is not so well spoken and my writing or grammar aren’t too good neither.
            but the real point is this : maybe if you stop bitchin’ and start doing you would have known what it’s like to launch a high end product and not going the surefire way
            oh ye – your a Jackass


          9. Tipjar, I understand your point. But his point is that he didn’t need his site SEO’d in google to succeed. Part of that strategy does come from affiliates and not competing against them. As the affiliates SEO their landing pages his product gets more exposure. You launch a product and let others talk about it for you. If CocaCola starts a new brand and never does a press release, somebody would write an article or blog post about it.

          10. I’m with you on this one, Tipjar.

            One can brag about making millions without Google but when they know they could have made millions more WITH Googles, then the humble pie has to be eaten. Even John Chow has to get someone to introduce him personally to Matt Cutts so he can appeal in person for his blog to be re-indexed.

            i think this post is suppose to be a warm up prior to removing the “no index no follow” in shoemoneysystem so Jeremy does not get whacked when people finds out that he has contradicted himself.

            Personally, I have no problems with that. In fact I would say it is a wise move to let Google back in. If he had Google by his side from the start, coupled with his superior branding, he might have grossed 2 million instead of one today.

    1. I do not understand this actually, he is still there for his site name and other stuff in google, ( Google India Data Centre )

  5. The clue here is in this line:

    “most of our sales came from word of mouth recommendations of our existing users or from people familiar with our brand.”

    Who needs the big G when you have an army of people/ affiliates willing to spread the word about you for you.

    1. Not a lot of people have that. This is just showing off, Shoe, but not something regular people can do.

  6. Hard to prove it would have been this successful without SEO since you already have an extremely established and popular brand to push the product. I personally received an email when it launched and read about it on your site here.

    On the flip side…I agree SEO is not everything, but without an established brand I’m not so sure the first mil would have come in 4 months. But what do I know…I’m not a millionaire yet.

  7. I’m a numbers guy and would def like to see the stats of how your traffic grows (if any) when you drop the nofollow

    1. I honestly don’t think it will matter but I expect the conversion to drop way down….

    1. I need Google. But then I’m not as experienced as Shoe. Maybe in a few years I would try blocking Google and see if I can do it.

  8. First, create success without Google. Next, create success without advertising at all.

    1. Is that possible? How are you going to get traffic without advertising?

  9. I think it’s less about relying on google and more about relying on any one thing to bring you business. Whether it’s affiliates, ppc, or SEO.

  10. I have been wanting to shy away from Google, but it seems like a daunting task. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear more about your methods Jeremy, outside of your ability to brand – which most of us don’t have.

  11. How much of the traffic came from your blog, which *is* listed in google?

    ShoeMoney System is new… 4 months probably wouldn’t have gotten you ranked for any big “make money online” keywords without a heavy seo/link building push anyway.

    I get the point, and don’t really disagree – I just don’t think this is a good example of the idea in action.

  12. Its interesting to watch the ongoing conversation in terms of SEO and branding. There are so many people who have made their fortunes off of SEO, only to see it come to an end when Google changes their algorithm. Branding is more important than ever, and your post is just another testimonial to this fact.

  13. Who else could claim this kind of success without the help of Google? Seriously. I get like 65% of my traffic from Google. Granted I am working on a brand, but I am also relying on SEO and PPC to get me where I need to be. Would be interested in hearing similar success stories.

  14. Wow. I respect you for “putting your money where your mouth is.” Looking forward to the follow up post on what happens if / when you do open things up to Google.

  15. I just checked my traffic. I see 70% of my traffic comes from search, and of that 70%, 81% comes from Google. Is that typical for most people in their first year of Aff Marketing?

  16. I think every internet marketer should brand themselves in long term. You don’t have to run after money. Let the money follow you. And it’s not hard to do it. If you start providing more value, than other guys, im sure people remember you more than they remember these “other guys”. Once you have your brand and people around you…let them do the work for you.

  17. Did you ever open it up past the limit of 500 people (for the purposes of the one on one interactions?) for the entire subscription base. 500 x $200 (assuming no clickbank commission which we know probably 20%+ customers are CB referred) equals out $100k a month, x 4 months(?) = $400k. I imagine therefore that subscription rate has increased well past the 1 on 1 threshold originally touted. Damn I’m jealous.

  18. I’ve read mixed reviews on the Shoemoney system, but actually have a friend who purchased the program early on. He has good things to say and is learning a ton. He’s also already made back the amount he spent. I think your ability to sell and promote it (sans Google!) is just further proof supports that you have a great brand AND a great product.

  19. I love it… The real message is…

    You don’t need Google ONCE..

    A> You have setup a ringtone site – which (i’m guessing) most of your first time uses found using GOOGLE.


    B> Setup a blog, and got a massive fan base by holding up a cheque GOOGLE adsense paied you.

    Everything you do owes some thanks to Google. I’m betting most of your readers found this site because of your adsense cheque pic. And i bet you used a lot of your adsense earnings to get started.

    You should setup a system that gets no mention on here, and really see how well it does.

    There is very few ways to make money online now that don’t include google (and it’s sites). YouTube viral videos — they all “owe” google.

    I would LOVE to see a real shoemoney experiment – like the one you did with PPC. To see how possible it really is to get someone without ANY google products or sites. Come on shoe. it would be an AMAZING READ!! PLEASE!!!

    1. I honestly don’t think he’ll take you up on that. Honestly, he doesn’t have to prove himself at this point. But I would be interested in seeing that too. 🙂

  20. Quality products with exceptional marketing and advertising – who wu’d of thunk you could make $1MM without google 😉

  21. I think that this post is easy to appreciate if you’ve been following you for years. Congratulations on your continued success, and thanks for sharing what you’ve learned along the way.

  22. I have been a fucking slave to Google. A lot of the more established affiliates in my network talk about their success outside of Google. In fact, some of them don’t even bother with Google anymore. I’m not at that point yet, but am focused on learning more about it.

  23. Sweet. People seem to forget that there is life outside of Google. Nice post.

  24. I wonder what the people who think Google is the holy grail have to say about this one.

  25. Wow. That would be impressive if you can rake in $1M without Google or any search engine. Let me congratulate you, even if you’re not yet on the 1M mark. Congrats, Shoe!

  26. Touche, sir! People who think Google is the holy grail of SEO should take time to reflect that Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves and Web Crawler dominated the playing fields early on, particularly during the early 1990’s. Maybe in the next few years, a super web structure stronger than Google will emerge and revolutionize internet marketing anew.

  27. As the co-founder of a start-up web design firm, I think Google plays a partial role in making your website (or any web-based initiative) stand out. While word of mouth is the way to go, the little push from Google can up the ante on your site’s popularity in a jiffy.

  28. If anyone can take on Google, it’s you, Jeremy. 🙂 Good luck, and congrats!

  29. Let’s put it this way: Google is just like a public map or directory to your house. Your friends (or potential blog readers and clients) from another city — all of whom don’t have an idea where you live drop by your neighborhood one day — to drop off a gift. How do they get to your house without the 411 to your crib?

  30. You really hate/dislike Google, huh? Or not. You just have this burning desire to prove SEO people wrong, that in fact you can be successful without using Google. And I agree! You can be rich by just building a brand and trusting consumers to remember you.

    1. Shoe’s non-love for SEO is almost legendary on this blog. I’d have to say though, that even though Google is a significant player, it is possible to earn money without it.

  31. Hmmm, this is just an opinion. I think it’s easy for you to not rely on Google, since you have experience and you already have a brand. For new affiliate marketers it would be difficult to block Google completely.

  32. Although I agree that search engines aren’t the only sources of beneficial traffic, a bit of help along the way doesn’t hurt either. I think Google still is an important factor in successful internet marketing.

  33. Blocking Google completely requires decisive thought, experience, skill and courage. If you want to be free from the norms of internet marketing, blocking Google is perhaps the very first item on your to-do list.

  34. Well i think the bigger issue is not Google but brand building.

    Your next posts should be about brand building and reputation. You certainly do this well and not afraid to put yourself out there.

  35. You can’t really rely on word of mouth as your primary source of traffic. Although it is one of the most popular traffic sources, you can’t leave Google out just because you want to “think out of the box.”

  36. In my experience as a PR practitioner, nothing is impossible when it comes making a brand stand out. Whether you want to go with the mainstream set-up or not, success can’t be too far away. This is a superb post, Shoe!

  37. As much as we like it or not, Google is a dominant player in the internet marketing scene. Why not join the bandwagon now before Google experiences the same slide like Yahoo! did a while back?

  38. Good work! I’m definitely looking forward to hear more about the development. Let us know what happens with Google.

  39. From Wikipedia: According to market research published by comScore in November 2009, Google is the dominant search engine in the United States market, with a market share of 65.6%.[84] Google indexes billions of Web pages, so that users can search for the information they desire, through the use of keywords and operators. (Wouldn’t you like to have a piece of that pie?)

    1. I’m sure Jeremy knows all this already. But that’s the point, just because it’s the best pie, errr, search engine around, and everyone’s having some piece of it to market their business, it doesn’t mean it’s the best option.

  40. I am a social marketing newbie and I love to mix things up as much as possible. If Shoe managed to create a Google-less web initiative, then why can’t I do the same? Props for you, man!

  41. “But surprisingly enough (to some) most of our sales came from word of mouth recommendations of our existing users or from people familiar with our brand.”

    That’s not surprising. They say word of mouth is the most effective way to advertise. You can build a brand by word of mouth, and you can destroy it by word of mouth. I think it’s still the same in this internet age. Even if Google is all-powerful, content is king, and with good content it’s easy to get people to say good words about you.

  42. I am sooo totally impressed by this, Shoe. Imagine only four months and having a gross revenue of a million dollars! Soooo awesome. You make me wanna try this Shoemoney System for myself.

  43. “You need to build a brand and create a quality product or service that people actually want to recommend to their friends.” And the best way to share your brand with your friends? Google.

    1. Nope, not always. SEO is a great tool to get you into Google, and Google is the top search engine. But as Shoe’s saying, you can get traffic without relying on SEO. How? Old fashioned advertising. Tell people about the website. Word of mouth is also a better alternative for getting conversions. People’s experience with a site/company/product is more powerful that SEO.

  44. You must have lots and lots of guts, Shoe, to be able to block Google. I write articles as a part-time job, and I know it’s absolutely important to have Google on your side. Most of the traffic on article sites come from search engines. Anyway, I’m sure you can reach that 1 million dollar goal. Kudos to you!

  45. That is so true, Shoe! There are other venues for networking other than Google. What about Facebook and Twitter? I am sure you can post a link from there and let magic happen before you can even say “Google Analytics!”

  46. I think Google is the nitro booster in the racing track that is the Internet. Fail to use it, be left behind. Vroom! Vroom!

  47. Being successful without Google? Who knew that’s possible? Only you, Shoe, only you. Good job.

  48. I prefer doing my internet marketing like I like my soy sauce to go with my sushi: clean, full-bodied, slightly sweet. Take one powerful mainstream web component like Google and I am left with a tasteless mass.

    1. Clever analogy. I don’t think it’s necessarily a tasteless mass just because Google is out of the equation though. Maybe it’s just slightly bitter.

  49. Google may be a dominant element in the web marketing scene but so did other search engine giants a few years back. Remember how Yahoo! dominated the playing field through the 90’s? Similar to how Google controls the web, right? Nice post, Shoe!

  50. Just my world revolves around memes, “Google” is so popular these days it has become an official word in the dictionary. Why look for another route when a proven formula is within reach?

    1. Shoe likes to think outside of the box. And what’s the challenge if you’ll keep on sticking to the proven formula? You have to make your own formula sometimes.

  51. Your product was going to be big even without google. It’s something people who wanted to make money online needed.
    Unblocking from Google will most likely increase profits 😉

    I’m still waiting to get back in Jeremy, I’m waiting for your email 🙂

  52. Haha I like your strategy. First, after building your brand, you block Google for a few months to point out how you don’t need it to succeed. When you’ve made your point clearly, you unblock Google to increase traffic, thus also increasing people’s interest. Cool tactic. Brilliant!

    1. Read some of his past blog posts. He made it clear he wants to prove that affiliate marketing can be done without Google. I suggest you read a couple of his posts about SEO and Google. That should make explain it.

  53. Well I’m not sure how you can do that without google..
    Best wishes anyway 😉

  54. Thanks for the post.

    When I first started learning about affiliate marketing I found this blog and the digitalpoint forums. The good people, or should I say, people that talk a good game at digitalpoint, talked like Google and SEO was the shit.

    I think I fucked up a lot of money thinking like this.

  55. At your point, everything is possible so you can turn your back to Google, Yahoo or any other sites because you can “survive” just by your connections and your mailing lists

    Why don’t you do the challenge more interesting, start a new product / service from ZERO, do not advertise it here, don’t let your friends with 70k subscribers post about it and let’s see where you gonna be

    You have reached a point Shoe where you can even sell ice to eskimos and thats I believe what every single internet marketer trying to achieve but its quite difficult …

    Congratulations on your future endeavors

  56. That’s really cool, Shoe. Congratulations with the almost one million dollar revenue. 🙂

  57. A few years ago, if you told me you’re trying to build a product without Google’s help, I’d be skeptical. But ever since I’ve started reading your blog I can believe it. I guess you can build a brand by merely relying on your content and your readers/customers/clients. But it’s hard, isn’t it? Google is a huge help for a new product/company, and without it you have to work really hard.

  58. google is king. oh wait, maybe not. but tell me, if you have good content, it’s still possible not to get the amount of traffic you’re aiming. so you still need google, right?

  59. I think you’ve pointed it out in another post how you don’t like using SEO and Google to generate traffic, so I don’t understand how come people are still looking for the Shoemoney System in Google. Maybe they just want to see it for themselves if your site will appear or not.

  60. I wonder what’ll happen once you unblock Google. I’m thinking there’d be more traffic, but traffic doesn’t guarantee sales. So more traffic, less conversions or more traffic, more conversions.

  61. You are one brave affiliate marketer. Not that I don’t expect you to be. The most successful are usually the bravest.

  62. You sound crazy Jeremy,

    But if one fine day you come up and say that you want to make a big hole in the sky then i will say ” go ahead you can do it” LoL.
    You have all the power in the world.

    And as they say ‘ It dose not mean much how much resources you have….the only thing which matters is how much resourceful you think you are”

      1. This, I disagree with. Although I’m glad for Shoe and I’m impressed that he could earn money while blocking Google, I don’t think it’s the end of SEO. If there are, say, 100 affiliate marketers, 90-95 would still be doing SEO. SEO is not going to be extinct just because one marketer managed to be successful without it.

  63. Wow. Thanks for sharing that awesome information. That’s also probably reassuring to your affiliate that they don’t have as much competition and they have been allowed to establish some links and juice along the way, before having direct competition.



    1. Well, Google has always been the benchmark of “success” online. It’s only a matter of time before people start trying to knock it down.

  64. A worthy experiement. I can’t wait to see what happens when you unblock Google. Keep us posted, will ya, Shoe?

  65. It’s funny that people point it out to you on a regular basis, how Google isn’t picking up on the Shoemoney System. I guess that means that they’re searching for you. That might mean something big.

  66. This is a good find, Shoe. If you can do it, though you don’t recommend it, it’s definitely proof positive that you don’t *have* to use Google to be hit on the internet. I wonder, though, what other factors there are in play here.

  67. Shoe, imagine if you hadn’t blocked Google – do you think you’d be making JUST one mil? You could be swimming in dough right now.

  68. Shoe I agree with you 100% I have actually just posted an article on my website stating that “If you build it they will come” and it’s all true in your case, you have built a great product which people simply told their colleagues about and now it is a multi million dollar product. Congrats and this proves to anyone that you do not need the search engine to succeed online.

  69. Really? It’s possible to have an internet product that will flourish without the help of Google? I can’t wrap my head around the idea.

    1. Remember google is a pretty new player to the market.
      It may not seem like it but internet and search existed way before they did.

  70. I see… so you did it all for the sake of finding out whether or not you can? You got balls, dude. I wouldn’t risk my neck that way. But then again, you da man.

  71. One million in four months – and without any help from Google or any other search engines? I’m not too techie, so I don’t really understand that code thingy, but what it does sounds almost unreal.

  72. Hmmm. Never thought it was possible. I was one of the people who thought Google was invincible. Was.

  73. I wonder if Twitter can someday replace Google as one of the must-haves when promoting a product online.

    1. Interesting question. But I don’t think so. Google is first and foremost a search engine, white Twitter is a social networking site. If you think you about it Twitter gets more attention, but that’s because it’s supposed to be solely for socializing. It’s just recently that people discovered they could use Twitter for marketing and advertising. And even if Twitter gets the headlines, Google still gets more traffic, simply because there are more people who use search engines.

  74. Wait… I thought bots were a bad thing? They aren’t anymore? Aren’t they the things that gamers use to make sure that their stats go up while they’re not playing? How does this help you?

  75. This is some real wild card shit. But if what the folks are saying about your brand being the reason behind the success even without Google, then it really isn’t a repeatable phenomenon, is it?

  76. Just a question – just how much money did you have to put where your mouth is?

  77. So, is Google going to become defunct now? Or is this something only Shoemoney can pull off?

  78. I tried to noindex some pages of a site and they got indexed anyway. I think the search engines treat them like suggestions only.

  79. I don’t understand. Are you guys talking about another Google? Because when I type “shoemoney” on Google it still appears. It’s number one on the results. Am I missing something? Or is Google unblocked now?

    Oh, that’s Shoemoney. Shoemoney system isn’t appearing on the results.

  80. I can imagine you had to lose a lot to prove that you can pull this off. If you don’t mind me asking, how much money did you lose? Just a guesstimate.

  81. I agree with how you run things. Instead of depending on search engines, you would rather create a quality product and a trusted brand. For me that’s the best way to run a business. You do not just rely on popularity. Popularity can run out easily if you don’t have a good product.

  82. If you’ve been reading Shoemoney for at least a year you’d know Jeremy doesn’t like using SEO/relying on Google. So I’m not surprised. Congratulations, man.

  83. I see some people who just can’t believe it can be done. It CAN be done, Shoe did it, still does it.

  84. That’s cool, man. Hey, just curious. What percentage of your shoemoney readers come from google? If I take a guess, probably less than half. I find that most blogs, including marketing blogs, mostly become popular because of suggestions by other bloggers/readers. You’re right, word of mouth. Same thing with companies.

  85. Still a bit skeptical, but good luck anyway. And if you succeed in getting that 1 million, congrats. I wouldn’t be saying I’ll follow your example though. It’s tough to make it without Google.

  86. I wish I had your guts. Anyway, earning a million in four months… mind sharing your secret?

    1. Guts?
      These are websites and he isnt fighting a war facing guns at point blank.
      Putting up html didnt need bravery, courage or guts last time i looked.

  87. This post kinda inspires me to take risks too and challenge marketing practices, but it also scares me. It’s different with you, Shoe — you already have lots of affiliates willing to hear and read what you have to say and willing to buy your product. But for most of us, especially the new players in aff marketing, fat chance we can make even half a million in a few months w/o Google.

  88. Ah. So that’s why I don’t see the Shoemoney System site on Google. But I see the Shoemoney blog. Didn’t think you blocked it for just your other site.

  89. One additional thing that Jeremy does not mention, that would quiet all the hatermenters is this.

    While the shoemoney system just did a million in gross in a few months, which of course is quite bitchen,

    Jeremy also does stuff that is never written about that brings in a ton, that has nothing to do with google, AND DOES NOT HAVE HIS SHOEMONEY BRAND on it.

    These are ads you may have seen, that he made cash off of that had 0 SEO, and 0 Shoemoney branding.

  90. I don’t think it’s recommended for a newbie. ShoeMoney must have already benefited a lot from search engine traffic and now they have a very strong brand they no longer need the search engine traffic, and, they can “afford” to play around.

  91. But what about your return rate? I had 3 friends sign up for your system. All 3 returned the subscription for a refund.. Did I miss your post about your return rate?

  92. The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.GB
    Good job! Love to hear your side of story in future.

  93. I will also a website with a lot of visits and members but i think google analyse ist grap who is the disclaimer for visitors. but when you will have a great statstik and other futures on goggle you need google.

    kind regards

  94. Very interesting topic I think shoe is right once you have built your brand you dont need google obviously google helps but the importance I took out of this post is building a reputation and offer good products and word of mouth will do the rest.

  95. While the shoemoney system just did a million in gross in a few months, which of course is quite bitchen,

  96. I think shoe is right once you have built your brand you dont need google obviously google helps but the importance I took out of this post is building a reputation and offer good products

  97. It wouldn’t just happen to anyone having a website to sell a product aren’t they?

    You already build your profile and brand name. You put in 6 years of effort building your brand. 🙂

  98. Literally? I don’t think this word “literally” means what you think it means. I think maybe you meant “figuratively.”

  99. I will also a website with a lot of visits and members but i think google analyse ist grap who is the disclaimer for visitors. but when you will have a great statstik and other futures on goggle you need google.

  100. First of all, thank you, your page are that everything be written about this topic. Gave a very great pleasure to read.

  101. Yeah, I’m with Tipjar.

    I don’t care how much money you make WITHOUT Google, the fact of the matter is, if you’re indexed / ranked in the Big G, you’re going to make double, if not more than what you’re currently making.

    Google should play a huge role in every business’ marketing plan, no matter how much you might hate them.

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