6 Years of Blogging on ShoeMoney.com


Today is the 6th anniversary of this website (ShoeMoney.com).

I originally tried to register the site in 2002 but it was owned by someone else…. so I used Godaddy’s backorder service and kind of forgot about it.

Then on May 20th 2004 I got a email from godaddy that the domain had dropped and I could register it (dropped services then are not what they are today). I snapped it up and started writing. Back then I was using postnuke as my blogging platform.

Sometime in 2006 I switched over to WordPress. I lost a few posts in the process but no big deal.

I started this blog mostly because a good friend of mine convinced me to stop posting my tips and experiences on forums and post them on a blog. It was also a one stop place my friends and family could go to see what I am up to. Also now users could get updates pushed through them via RSS and email digests (from rss).

I was huge on the photo gallery from the beginning. I love photographs. All you have at the end of your life is memories…. and its cool to have a visual representation of a lot of the times you have had over the years.

I never accepted advertising on the blog until 2007. I was so focused on our other projects it just seemed like a big distraction… plus in the bigger scheme of things it didnt move the company needle that much.

Really if you look back through the years on this blog… its actually a true blog or web-log as they were called before blog took over. More like a diary then anything else.

I probably get at least 5 questions a day from people who tell me how awesome their blog is but want to know how to make money with it. Sadly when I look at their blog they are less then a month old…. and usually have about 1 post a week.

The truth is I have never known one person who started a blog with the intent to make money who actually succeeded. Now this doesn’t count the Adsense spam blogs… Those can do well… for a couple months or so at a time.

I think ShoeMoney.com has done well because I have always kind of treated it the same whether it was 1 or 100000 people reading it. I keep the same level of transparency. As I learn new things I share them. Whether its making money on twitter, building and growing my own ad network, making money with ringtones, blowing 40k on PPC advertising and sharing my findings or even the post I made yesterday about building a million dollar product in 4 months while blocking Google – My level of transparency has always remained the same.

I also make no bones about what I do or how I benefit financially or otherwise from every post on this website (Disclaimer is on each and every post).

I also try to be as clear as possible that these are my opinions based on my experiences. You are welcome to read them… but I would hope you do your own research before acting on any of them.

About once a month or so for years people have made a big stink about something I wrote and declared how “I have ruined my reputation” or “How ShoeMoney killed his blog” or many other things… Mean while the blog has doubled in reach pretty much every year its been going.

ShoeMoney.com has been featured in mainstream television shows (20/20 and local news) , tons of traditional print media, and as of recently its been cited in a couple college level marketing course books. You can see a large list here.

Looking at the post count it says 2172 published posts have been made. 6 years comes to 2190 days so its almost exactly 1 post per day. Or about 1.3 posts per “work day” if you factor in weekends.

Its really crazy because I don’t know anything that I have ever stuck with for 6 years… and I never would have believed if you told me I would write something every day for 6 years on a blog…

But here’s to 6 years of being a blogger πŸ˜‰

120 thoughts on “6 Years of Blogging on ShoeMoney.com

  1. B.Logan

    Congrats, Shoe! Six years is a long time. And yeah, what I love about your blog is it’s always updated. Most marketing blogs only get updated once or twice a week, but you write on your blog once a day. I think that shows dedication.

  2. F2Xsites

    Yay! I hope this means you’re planning for a 6th year anniversary contest or free giveaway. :) Happy anniversary!

    1. Yes2Freebies

      I agree with this comment wholeheartedly. Come on, shoe, give us contests with prizes please. And whoa, six years! Six years of being an awesome marketing blogger.

  3. HowToPlaza

    Congratulations! You’re an inspiration. You are totally right, that if you create a blog merely to earn money you never succeed. Create a good blog that really touches people, and let money be the bi-product.

    ~~ Sarah ~~

    1. Traffic Secret Revealed

      You said it all, pursue money and money runs further away from you. Us men know that more than anything. Try pursuing a gal you really like! Its so predictable you could work backwards.

  4. Big Al

    Lemme give your friend a thank you note since he’s the one who told you to get a blog.

  5. Fields of Clover

    I just started reading your blog because a friend of mine recommended it. I’m still new, so I can’t comment how big you’ve gotten these past years. But anyway I just want to say congrats to you. It’s tough keeping a blog and maintaining it for six consecutive years.

  6. Cristina Dy

    It’s amazing how you stuck to your blog for six years. And I know why it keeps on growing, because you’ve built trust with your readers. Congrats!

  7. AnnieLouJ12860

    Wow. Six years of giving marketing tips on your blog. Six years of writing almost every day! Hope you keep on blogging for another six years. Cheers!

  8. d3so

    I’m glad you you’ve been around that long. Too bad I haven’t been a reader for that long πŸ˜›
    I wish you continued success!

  9. Chris

    Nice one Shoe… I’ve been a reader for about 3/4 years :)

    I’ve been updating my blog for 3 years now and never thought I’d keep it up. I defo think the personal element works best for the long term.

    Here’s to another 6 years of Shomoney :)

  10. WineGuy

    Very Cool Shoe! Thank you for you generousity. Here’s to another 6 years or until someone pays you a few million for the site.


  11. Tipjar

    Congrats Shoe! Still can’t believe you built this huge reader base without any help at all from Google…still amazes me.

  12. Susan Armand

    This just triggered my thinking on small business statistics and how you fall into place. According to SCORE, only half of all businesses survive for five years. You are on the good side of the trend, and from what I can see, very successful and happy in the process. Good for you! It’s been a pleasure watching your success. Thanks for the inspiration. http://www.score.org/small_biz_stats.html

  13. Susan Armand

    Here are the survival rates of new business, according to an article from USAToday. http://www.usatoday.com/money/smallbusiness/columnist/abrams/2004-05-06-success_x.htm

    β€’ First year: 85%
    β€’ Second: 70%
    β€’ Third: 62%
    β€’ Fourth: 55%
    β€’ Fifth: 50%
    β€’ Sixth: 47%
    β€’ Seventh: 44%
    β€’ Eighth: 41%
    β€’ Ninth: 38%
    β€’ Tenth: 35%

    Odds really improve after 5 years. The article cited that most businesses close – not because of money – but because owners aren’t willing to put in the immense time commitment involved. Jeremy’s post was in line with this thinking: you need passion and commitment to be successful with your blog.

  14. Nick

    I am not a regular reader of your blog, but this post just shows how passionate you are about what you are talking.

    I really wished I could have the same kind of passion to enjoy what I am doing instead of pushing my will to get things done!

    Quite interesting and yet very true, that people who set up blogs to make money never truly make any big bucks, its passionate people who really know their stuffs and learns to share that are able to get fruitful results.

  15. MistaJohn

    Congrats on 6 years – I’ve been reading your blog for nearly as long. Shoe’s da man!

    1. Husher50

      I didn’t know sticktuitiveness is a word. HAHA

      anyway happy birthday, Shoemoney blog!!!!!!!!!

  16. WhoSaysWhat01

    Hey… It’s worked for others too. Look at Perez Hilton. He’s been incredibly successful with his passion for celebrity gossip. Talk about building a brand from a blog. That guy doesn’t need anyone at this point… Google included!

  17. Rick

    Cheers man! congrats on your success and keep doing what you are doing. Since clearly you are doing it great :).

    1. AurorMine

      Are you bitter or that’s just a sarcastic way of saying, “I love you, Shoe. Congrats”?

  18. Vik Dulat

    Congrats man. I hope your blog. I have recommended it to many people. Your newsletter is even better :) That local affiliate guide was amazing along with the Shoemoney System. Keep kicking ass.

  19. Jay

    Been a longtime reader and picked up a lot of things that have helped me a long the way. Congrats on 6 years of blogging.

  20. Melvin

    heheh, i remember you saying that you used to get insulted when someone labels you a “blogger”..

    6 years in belt.. thats pure experience shoe/

    1. H delacruz

      Word! In the guise of “successful” internet marketing, this guy is so mainstream. Anything better to give us, Shoe?

  21. floresparati

    Half a dozen years already? Thanks, Shoe! Your newsletter absolutely makes internet making a breeze. Keep up the great job.

  22. ExclaimedIdeas

    I am so telling all my friends about this! The Shoemoney System has helped me through the ups and downs of social networking and traffic generation. So happy to hear the news!

    1. joonlee97

      Really? 6 successful years for an internet marketer who advises not to ride the same boat with Google (which is absolutely the biggest web marketing tool these days)? I don’t think so.

  23. Tammyexperiments

    Nothing in your career should fill you with greater satisfaction than this splendid achievement. Congratulations on your victory! Keep it up!

    1. Bryan Jake T

      So what have you been up to in the last 6 years, kiddo? Stalking this blog? This man deserves at least a short congratulatory message.

  24. RedBlack88

    I honestly don’t see anything innovative here, Shoe. Most of the tips you are providing can also be procured from other so-called internet marketing gurus these days. Give us something we can truly appreciate for a change. Glad to hear you’re celebrating your 6th year, though.

    1. Nicole Burns

      Oh, give Shoe a break. At least he is giving us savvy internet marketing survival tips. What more do you want? A free trip to the spa for every blog entry he posts?

  25. WhateverWorks

    You fought a good fight for the past six years and I know you’ll keep it up. Heartiest congratulations.

    1. melg

      This guy recently blabbered about Google not being a crucial element in internet marketing. I wonder how he will fare in the next few months.

    1. PattyT12

      Hmm…I am sensing a lot of jealousy here. Wishing you could be more like Shoe in terms of web marketing know-how, melg?

      1. thoushallpass

        Why should you be jealous in the first place, melg? Shoe’s “tips” can be gathered almost anywhere. Hint: Google it.

  26. nealcal

    My sincerest congratulations to you, my friend! The Shoemoney formula is definitely one of the most innovative strategies I have ever utilized.

  27. City Sylvester

    Congrats on your success! You’ve grown from an oak seed, into an oak tree. Most bloggers throw in the towel so fast, they never get the chance to see their work bear fruit. I know you can attest to the hard work, you’ve put into your business, so I have no problem giving you a hand on your 6th consecutive year of success.

  28. purposeinc


    It is the center of focus for a lot of people :)

    I check here pretty much every day.

    I would actually be very sad if I ever came here, and the site was gone.


  29. Dilip

    Shoe Great Job. Congrats.

    But I don’t agree that almost a post a day got you where you are today. It has more to do with the quality of the posts than quantity.

    Maybe a tenth of those were pretty good so….

    Consistent quality posts are the way to go.

  30. The American Dream

    I haven’t been reading your blog for too long, but I sure have learned a lot. Thanks, and I hope you more success.

    – Tom

  31. TomYoon

    Awesome news, Shoe! I never fail to check your blog everyday (although I don’t comment everyday). I learned a lot from you that I will never learn at school. Thanks!

  32. WhoSaysWhat01

    I can’t believe someone commented you’re a sellout. LOL of course you are! But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. You get to help a lot of affiliate marketing noobs by sharing your wisdom. Which include me. That’s a good thing.

    Well Shoe, I hope you continue being a sellout if that means you’re going to help more noobs like me.

  33. AnnieP78

    Wow. It takes a lot of patience to keep a blog for six years and constantly write on it. And it’s not like you’re writing nonsensical, random posts often. Most of your posts are informative and interesting. I’m very impressed.

  34. BearPile

    I have to agree with that dude who said quality is better than quantity. Your blog isn’t popular because you post everyday. It’s because you have good posts. Though not all of your posts are good. At least that’s better than other marketing blogs with lame posts.

  35. SmallBiz Sue

    One of the best affiliate blogs out there, hands down. Congratulations on your Year 6 of Blogging :)

  36. Robin Sterling

    I agree with most of the comments. Your blog is definitely one of the best when it comes to affiliate marketing tips. And you tell these stories and examples that are easy to relate to and easy to remember. Thanks!

    1. AnnieLouJ12860

      Exactly. That’s how I got started on reading Shoemoney blog. I liked how Shoe writes his posts, the little anecdotes and funny remarks and comments from readers. I love how his blog is sort of like a little online community.

  37. moolahmachine

    It’s amazing how you can survive six years online with all the haters/critics out there saying all those crap about you, i.e. sellout, opportunist, liar, fake, etc. Congrats, man.

    1. WhoisDoyle

      Either they’re jealous or……….. they’re jealous. I can’t think of any other reason. Well as they say. Haters gonna hate!

  38. Fiona Wong

    Congrats from my part of the world! Do you know you have readers all over the world?

  39. MVZP_01

    Good to hear that, dude. Hope your post more practical tips and share your experience and opinions. Happy sixth!

  40. kumo

    I suppose you have to do what you love to success. It’s just about doing the same things everyday for a long time of period. I’m thinking if a person can write at least a blog post per day for 5 years, can that actually be success in earning via blogging?

  41. Sara

    Wow, i can’t believe its been six years. I remember when the blog first started……damn, i am getting old.

  42. Jesse

    Congrats, most blogs fizzle after a year so 6 is quite an achievement. I know how difficult it can be to keep motivated on a daily basis.

    So anyhow, congrats again and heres looking forward to the next 6 years.

  43. Nelfra.com

    I’ve always wanted to write. I shared what I write, people got inspired, and then eventually, I wanted to earn from it. Then, in my effort to earn something in it, I got confused and actually felt that writing has become an obligation instead of something I enjoy. What I did? I went to the basics and just wrote. That’s my goal right now, just to write. Eventually, i know the earnings will come.

  44. Hour A Day Fitness

    I remember stumbling across the blog about 3 years ago. Its been fun watching the progress, + I’ve learned a lot as well. Thanks for giving away so much knowledge. I don’t know if most who stop by realize how valuable it is.

  45. Essai

    I already started and dropped two blogs with a nice domain names and bunch of good posts… πŸ˜‰

    I know I quit very easily. U know something about
    what I am upto….

    Start an another blog. :) I hope this will be a permanent one.

  46. SnowBall

    Cheers for being able to come back each and every day and have something relevant to say. That is a ton of blog posts. And I bet tons and tons of people have benefited from your blog.

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