Why Advertise on ShoeMoney.com ?

Traffic Stats:

ShoeMoney.com traffic varies depending on the post. If you are looking to reach a quality audience in the Internet Marketing Space you can stop here.

In 2010 ShoeMoney was awarded the Most Influential Person On The Internet By FAST Company.  When we post, tweet, or email out – People listen and take action.


ShoeMoney.com is the most authoritative website on the internet to reach the affiliate marketing community.

All advertisements are EXCLUSIVE in that we DO NOT rotate your ads with others.  Your ads will receive 100% of the impressions for its placement.

Click below to watch a live video of the on page advertising options:


Grid Layout:

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In addition to onpage advertising we also have available:

  • Newsletter mailings.
  • Promoted Product & Program reviews
  • Other custom promotions for your company.

We fill up fast and space is limited – email anna@shoemoney.com for information about pricing and other options.