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If you have a quality product or service in and looking for branding, customers, and/or affiliates you can stop here. has a VERY focused audience in the Internet Marketing space.  Won basically every award in the industry and even been ranked as the #2 most influential and most visited website by the prestigious Adage Power 150 ranking system.

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In addition to that:

Please note: We don’t except banner ads on the blog just because we use them to promote our own ShoeMoney products & services.

What we do offer is a full review of your company, product, or service, written by me which will be posted to my 100,000+ twitter followers, My Facebook fan page of over 25,000+ fans & a send to my premium newsletter list which has over 50,000 readers.


My pricing is a bit different.  You see I love free stuff… More than money =).  But even more importantly I love relationships with companies.  I want to understand your companies products and goals.  I don’t just do a cut and paste of what you send me.  I personally will become familiar with your product or service so I write from experience pointing out the value to users.

So simply purchase something on my Amazon wish list and then email anna at shoemoney dot com with all your company information and we will setup a call to discuss more about your company and your goals of the post so we can blow it out for you.

In the past we have charged $5,000 to $10,000 dollars for this promotion.

Here is the link to my wish list –

Note – When you purchase something  I will also do a followup post with the item you bought as a “thank you”.  This can lead to even bigger visitors to your site.  It also makes me look cool… Just saying… 

A few testimonials from previous product reviews:

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  • Spending Money with ShoeMoney was an incredible experience.  It brought our network several super affiliates.  One in particular is doing over a million a month!!  I highly recommend advertising with ShoeMoney -Eli Aloisi, CEO, Above All Offers Affiliate Network.
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  • When we did a review on about our mobile application it sent us more users than any other sources of traffic combined. With our rapid growth of users we were able to sell the company to Microsoft for $200 Million Dollars.
  • Like most startups, at the beginning, its all about customer acquisition.  The review of took us from a small amount of users to thousands.  We continued to work with Jeremy and his experience and input on marketing is priceless. – Dan Martell, Founder,
  • I knew had a massive reach in the internet marketing world,  but when we launched our info product about helping people make money online,  from a promotion we generated over $300,000 in sales. – Mike Filsaime , Founder,  Affiliate Dot Com.

Note from Jeremy – the $300,000 result is not remotely typical.  It just happened to be a perfect promotion for my audience.  Also full disclosure because of that post and the sales he made he cut me a check for a bonus $100,000 and bought me a new BMW.

So there you go.

Grab something from my wish list and email anna at shoemoney dot com and lets blow it out for you!