Why Advertise on ShoeMoney.com ?

Traffic Stats:

ShoeMoney.com traffic varies depending on the post. If you are looking to reach a quality audience in the Internet Marketing Space you can stop here.

We have a VERY focused audience in the Internet Marketing space. We have been ranked in the top 5 most influential and most visited website by the prestigious Adage Power 150 ranking system .

We DO NOT inflate our page views by making people click many pages to read the content.

We also DO NOT buy cheap traffic to jack up our prices. This is why we have flat pricing.

All images need to be non flash and of reasonable size.


On the blog we have 2 placements:

  • The sidebar sticky ad – 300px X 250px (could go up to 300×600).
  • The bottom of each post spot – 720px X 90px
  • Popover Exit Intent

For a detailed video of placement and functionality please watch this:

ShoeMoney Newsletter Advertising:

The ShoeMoney Newsletter has an active readership of 50,000 members.  We clean our list often meaning we eliminate anyone who is not engaging in the past couple months.

Pricing: our pricing is going to be a great deal higher because we do well with our own branded products.

Please contact anna at shoemoney dot com and be organized with your budget in mind.  We are selective in who we promote or let advertise and if it is not a service we would use then it’s most likely not a good fit for us.