How I made 15,000.00 In 1 Month Just By Tweeting

making money with twitter

Remember back when certain people were talking about how dumb twitter is and how stupid I was to be doing all kinds of contests to get followers? Well, it’s had a pretty good ROI!

From and Sponsored Tweets I have made over $15,000.00 in the last 30 days and I am a pretty small fish in the twitter world. I only have 70 some thousand followers.

Here is my account:

and Sponsored Tweets:

The really cool thing is lots of people are making great money with twitter advertising. Since started I have heard from many people with < 5k followers like David who have gotten a couple hundred dollars for tweets here and there.

I have to admit the first time I got paid over $4000 for 1 tweet I was like… whoa how can that possibly back out for the company? I talked to Sean Rad, the CEO of, yesterday and actually asked him that exact question.

Sean told me that they measure the goals with the advertisers very close and can tell how well the publisher gives a return to the advertisers. He said that with my account specifically I have a very responsive group of followers that generate thousands of clicks that give the advertisers great value.

Sean understands that without ensuring quality to their advertisers they will have nothing.

That also explains why I am making twice as much now as I was last month and the money keeps getting better. I just approved a tweet for almost $5,000 (doesn’t that seem nuts?).

One thing I find amazing is that the tweets are not very spammy and lots of time they generate a conversation. Such a win-win-win.