Auction Ads Launches

auction ads

In the beginning…there was ShoeMoneyAds. Our affiliate system was designed so that users could insert their ad links and then display contextual ads. We built upon this foundation and implemented ShoeMoney eBay Ads. Users who already had a relationship with the eBay affiliate program could now display targeted auction code on their websites.

But as the affiliate system was used, holes in the concept became apparent. The basic system worked but needed some tweaking. Although ShoeMoney eBay Ads allowed users to display ads, the tracking system was lacking and users requested additional features. We had provided a way to use eBay affiliate code but we did not pay out directly. Many users had some difficulty grasping that concept. Another issue confronted us when we discovered that almost 30% of the traffic generated by ShoeMoney eBay Ads was international as thus essentially wasted traffic.

With all these issues in mind, we set out to add layers of functionality within a streamlined framework. Introducing the next incarnation, AuctionAds. AuctionAds is a revolutionary advertising network that allows publishers to create new revenue streams. It pumps even more revenue out of each click. The ads displayed are keyword targeted since the webmaster selects the specific keywords that are appropriate for his site. Even the most focused, niche site can earn money with AuctionAds.

A publisher can be up and running with AuctionAds within 5 minutes which means they are making money in 5 minutes. Each time a user clicks on AuctionAds and then completes an action on eBay, the publisher makes money. The publisher makes money even when the user just signs up for a new account on eBay. They also make money when a user places a winning bid.

Publishers can also make money with the AuctionAds Affiliate program. Within every ad displayed, a publishers affiliate code is automatically included where it says “Ads By AuctionAds?. The publisher receives 2% of any affiliate refered to AuctionAds.

Now we had designed a complete, seamless system for integrating affiliate code. But we wanted to compliment our system with great management. We needed a partner who was experienced with managing a large-scale project. We would need to support users and administer the huge job of tracking and paying publishers.We looked for an established, well-structured company to provide these vital components. MediaWhiz Holdings fit the bill.

Will AuctionAds be the best solution for every site? No. It is a great choice for niche sites. Virtually evey niche site can be monetized with AuctionAds. It is a great solution for many webmasters who are looking to make money on narrow content.. How can a user know if AuctionAds is right for their site? Just like anything else you should test and let the numbers speak for themself.