When I say a name like Nike, MTV, Microsoft, Apple or YouTube… What do you think of? More often than not, people will instantly think of their memorable logos.

The majority of customers tend to link a name with the quality and reliability of a product/service. Brand building is an exercise that is not limited to companies alone; each person is a personal ambassador of his own brand. 

It’s a strong way to distinguish yourself, make your voice known, and make a name of your own. Needless to say, both offline and online, your personal brand is a representation of your profile, attitude, and actions, and it’s how you are perceived by other people.

When you consider all the factors that go into creating your personal brand, it does not sound like designing a logo should be high up your list of priorities. However, no matter the size of your business or personal brand, finding that perfect design for your logo is an important aspect of making your personal brand a success. It won’t take much time if you take a moment to look online for a quality logo maker to get the job done for you in minutes.

Consider the logos of these big brands: McDonald’s, Apple, Nike, etc. I’m sure at least 95 percent of people in the world will know and name the brand, even though the logos did not incorporate the brand names. 

So, if worldwide recognition and dominance in your niche aren’t good enough for you, below are a few other reasons why you need a logo for your personal brand.

Why should every entrepreneur create a logo for their personal brand?

No matter where you might be in your personal brand building or growth process, it’s important to make sure you have a logo design and brand identity before getting started. This way, you can continually grow your brand from day one, while also benefiting from each of the key factors below.

Reveals your identity

Think about those old westerns where cowboys would brand their cattle. They usually did that to mark ownership of their cattle. That’s the same thing your logo should do for you- mark ownership of your product, services, or personality. Your logo imprinted on your items, your business card, and your website conveys ownership. It will say who you are to the world/potential consumers, what kind of goods or services you sell, and the advantage you give customers.

The logo of the Swirl Frozen Yogurt leaves no doubt about the item the company sells. The Noble Pillow logo reproduces its regal-sounding name and suggests that this pillow brand is suitable for royalty.

Invites new customers to get to know you

We do not exist in a monochromatic world. People are attracted to intriguing designs and colors. You want to attract attention and pique your prospective buyers’ imagination. You want new customers to at least look, and eventually buy your product or be interested in learning more.

The Forager’s Table restaurant, specializing in farm-to-table food, with a branding that has an organic look, entices the customers into their establishment. To bring in hungry clients looking for this particular dining experience, they will serve this emblem on posters, menus, and their website.

Distinguishes you from the competition

Certain symbols represent specific industries or goods. How many pizza shops have you seen, for example, with a poster showing an Italian, mustachioed chef with a tall white hat and a wide grin? Maybe, holding a ridiculously big pizza? 

A good logo represents who you are, and separates you from everyone else as well. Every entrepreneur should have a strong logo that dares to be different – that makes him stand out from the crowd.

The first thing your customer will look for is your logo when they see messages from you or your company. Your logo should be front and center of all your publicity items, such as business cards, posters, commercials, emails, social media broadcasts, etc. If you don’t have a logo (and one that stands out), you’d be missing the chance to make your brand stick in your audience’s minds and make an impression.

Facilitates brand loyalty

A corporation will upgrade its logo from time to time, whether to refresh its look or reflect some other organizational transition. If you are an existing marketer, you can understand why the change is necessary. And if you are using social media to grow your brand, this is even more true.

But as a customer, you may not like the change at all. And this is still important for both the brand, customers and how they interact with each other in the future. 

When people are used to their favorite brands’ logo and you change it, they feel a little betrayed (maybe not enough to switch brands). But then, they have to retrain their brain to look for something different. 

Brand loyalty is big, and every organization or individual needs to foster that. A recognizable and familiar logo goes a long way in building brand loyalty.

You Can Be Everywhere

Placing your logo on all your ads, packages, merchandise, social media, website, etc., is a way to promote your brand and message constantly, whether it’s in the shop, in the homes of your clients, or anywhere you want to be. 

When you have created and effectively tied the marketing message to your logo, everything you do, say, write, or produce becomes synonymous with the logo and the person.

Such logos move with ease from signs to products to mobile marketing. It is best to have a simple logo, whether it resides on a range of materials or is projected on various media platforms.

No one knows better than you when it comes to deciding your brand. If you’re conventional, stylish, or rugged, the one that brings your personality to life is the best personal logo. This is how you catch the interest of individuals and get them to remember you. So this is how your message should be interpreted, as a story that can pull people in and remind them that you’re a bit like them.

Final Thoughts on How to Create a Great Personal Brand

Before designing a logo that fits with your personal brand and company, you must consider your identity. Define your personality. Define your strengths and aspirations. How do you (as a person) or your business support clients or followers?

In addition to the target demographic, understanding your long- and short-term goal plays a part in making the correct logo and statement.

Getting a logo design is ideal for your website, blog, newsletter, or personal brand to create a reputation. You may even choose to use it in other ways, such as on podcast networks, social media accounts, and also in your book cover designs.

Thankfully, without breaking the bank, you can create a personal logo for free using an online logo maker tool.

By zacjohnson

Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of online marketing and business experience. Follow his blogs at ZacJohnson.com and Blogging.org.