benefits of video marketing
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Did you know that 54% of consumers want to see video content coming from businesses?

Video marketing is one of the best avenues for your brand to tell its story in a way that is compelling to the audience.

Not convinced that the benefits of video marketing outweigh the costs?

Let’s take a look at nine benefits of video marketing to help you decide whether or not this is the right marketing tool for your brand.

1. Many Customers Prefer Watching Videos

The world of video content online is ever-growing. The second-biggest search engine in the entire world is YouTube, which is a platform that enjoys nearly 2 billion users every month. Every single day, over 1 billion hours of video are watch around the world.

Basically, the market is huge. When you start making small business videos, you can tap into an enormous pool of potential customers and brand advocates.

Whether or not video marketing is the right digital marketing tactics for your brand will have to do with who your target audience is. While the demographic that watches the most video content are 18 to 34-year-olds, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be producing videos if your target demographic lies outside of this age range. Increasingly, people of all age ranges are enjoying videos online, but the marketing tactics that you use including your voice, tone, and message, should differ depending on who you are trying to connect with.

Adding videos to the pages where you’re selling your products can increase your purchases by 150%. So while video marketing might be useful in that you are creating content in your audience’s preferred form, you are also going to see tangible results in your sales.

Creating video content does not have to necessarily mean posting your videos online. One company in particular has found a creative way to combine old-school print marketing with contemporary digital marketing. You can check out their video brochure cards here.

2. Video Marketing Complements Your Other Marketing Strategies

When you start to look into video marketing for beginners, you might start to feel a little overwhelmed. Don’t I already have a digital marketing strategy? How does this fit in?

Luckily, video marketing can complement and seamlessly set into your existing marketing strategy. There is no need to completely revise and revamp your current strategy.

What you can do is enhance your existing strategy with videos. If it’s a part of your digital marketing strategy to publish weekly blogs, you could start creating those blogs in a video format. You could also embed videos into your blog posts, to build off of the points that you’re making in the post.

Each topic on which you are creating content can be recycled in several different forms. It is absolutely reasonable to have a how-to blog post and a how-to video on the same topic. Giving your audience an option as to how they engage with your content will only encourage them to spend longer on your page interview your brand as an authority in your field.

3. Google Can Easily Find Optimized Videos

Are you wondering what happens if you make videos and no one shows up to watch them?

Luckily, by optimizing your videos for SEO, search engines can easily find them and direct organic traffic to them. Learning the ins and outs of SEO can seem like a bit much at first, but it can become second nature once you get used to it. You want to make sure that you choose the right video platform for your product or service, make sure you’re placing your video on a relevant page that is optimized for SEO, creating an engaging thumbnail, and writing titles and descriptions that catch the viewer’s eye.

If you start a YouTube channel for your brand and you’re uploading your videos directly to YouTube, you can direct traffic to your website by including links in the video description and in the video itself.

Be careful not to overdo it on adding links to your products and site, however. Consumers are increasingly wary of feeling imparted by ads, and hassling them with this information could end up driving them away from your brand.

4. Videos Can Help to Increase Consumer Trust and Brand Awareness

The Internet is a chaotic place, filled with millions of competing brands. How can you make your brand stand out so that you can generate repeat customers?

Video marketing is great for just that. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or an online business, the format of video allows the audience to get a sense of your brand in a way that is simply not possible from text or still photos. With video, people are far more likely to create an engaging, holistic, and personal connection with your brand far quicker.

When you include videos on your site, it can help your customers to see the human side of your brand. It is also an opportunity to display just how knowledgeable you are in your industry.

Creating brand awareness is one of the most important things in having a successful business. Whether you are trying to revive an older brand or promote a new product, sculpting the way that your audience sees your brand can be fundamental in your success. Your goal in creating brand awareness is to let the public know that you exist and why they should choose you over the competition.

The reality is, people are much more likely to purchase a product from a brand name that they recognize over one that they do not. It is your goal to become a brand name that is familiar to your audience so that when they are presented with a choice between your product and your competitors, they will choose yours every time.

On top of that, once people are aware of your brand, you want them to associate you with authenticity, trustworthiness, and professionalism. You want your customers to look up to you as an authority and to think of you first when they think of your industry.

On top of creating videos that describe your products or services, consider creating additional content that helps your audience see the human side of your business. Things like behind the scenes videos and employee interviews are great ways of generating a human connection in the digital age.

5. Video Marketing Shows That You’re Up-to-Date

We’ve all had the experience of looking up a business only to find that they don’t even have a website. Or maybe they do have a website, but it looks like it was designed in 1995 and never once updated since then. This does not necessarily promote trust or confidence in the audience, as it can make businesses look as though they are stuck in the past.

As a part of your marketing, you want to be relevant and up-to-date. Video marketing is a growing industry and does not show any signs of stopping.

Even if you are not interested in hiring a digital marketing company to create expensive and highly produced videos for your site, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore video marketing altogether. You can incorporate completely free methods of video marketing by utilizing live stream features on social media or simply making your own YouTube videos with a high-quality smartphone or camera.

One of the great things about making videos as a part of your marketing strategy is that they do not need to be movie length. On the contrary, in general, the shorter the better. People’s attention spans are relatively brief these days, and with so many different media sources buying for their attention, they can be quick to bounce off something that is starting too slow.

6. Video Can Help to Boost Your Search Ranking

One of the most important things in digital marketing is ensuring that your search ranking is as high as possible. Search engines are how consumers find what they’re looking for, and people rarely search past the first page of results. What this means is that you need to do everything you can to be on the first page of relevant search results.

There are a number of different factors that influence your search ranking. One of these is known as “dwell time.” Dwell time is how much time people are spending on your site once they are on it.

Having videos on your website is an excellent and effective way to increase the amount of dwell time your site is receiving. This can help to ensure that you are ranking as highly as possible.

On average, people spend two minutes longer on sites that have videos. One study found that the average person spends 88% more time on a site when it contains video.

7. Video Can Help to Increase Your Traffic and Get More Backlinks

Who doesn’t want to drive more traffic to their site? The more traffic you receive, the more potential customers are viewing what you have to offer. That means more sales and more revenue.

One study found that websites that had videos at 41% more web traffic coming from search engines than websites that don’t have video.

On top of increasing your organic traffic, video marketing can help you to get more backlinks. Having backlinks is another important factor in how highly you rank on search engine results pages. Since people are more likely to link to your site when it has a video on it, having videos can also help boost this aspect of your SEO.

8. It Will Help You Get More Conversions

The numbers are very favorable when it comes to how video relates to your conversion rate.

One research group has found that the click-through rate for websites that have video is 27% higher than their non-video using competitors. Additionally, their conversions were 34% higher. It is been found that when you include a video on your landing page, your conversion rate can be increased by 86%.

9. Your Content Will Be Shared More Often

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for online marketing. When used correctly, it could completely revolutionize your brand and your revenue.

Videos are far more likely to be shared than both images and text combined. According to Small Business Trends, there are 1200% more shares for social video than for images and text put together. Basically, when you produce video content for your brand, you are increasing the likelihood that your content will organically spread by a remarkable amount.

Depending on your audience, you want to create video content with this in mind. Creating videos that people will feel compelled to share is an amazing way to get the word out about your product or service. This is why it’s important to understand who your target audience is, which social media platforms they use, and what problems they need to solve that you can help them with.

The Benefits of Video Marketing: Why Wouldn’t You Engage in Video Marketing?

Marketing a small business can feel like an uphill battle sometimes, but it doesn’t have to. One of the most amazing things about our modern era is the extent to which powerful technologies are available to nearly everyone. With just a smartphone and laptop, you could start producing video content that appeals to your target audience and raises your conversion rate.

Whether or not you choose to hire a professional video marketing agency will have to do with the size and specifics of your brand. You shouldn’t let the fear of expense stop you from exploring this marketing possibility, however, as it could be incorporated into your existing strategy at a budget that works for you.

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