ecommerce trends

Did you know that 14.1% of worldwide retail purchases are made online? Well, it’s true. eCommerce is becoming more popular around the globe with each passing day, which makes sense when you consider how convenient and inexpensive online shopping is.

If you’re making a name in the eCommerce industry, it’s critical that you keep up to date on eCommerce trends to remain above the competition. Read on to learn what some of these trends are for 2021 so that you can reach your target customers effectively.

New SMM Strategies

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has been essential for many years, but it now is extending beyond Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As users migrate to other platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Tumblr, ads should be displayed on these websites as well as classic social media platforms.

YouTube ads for e-commerce shops are about to become a must-have for any business. You can choose what types of videos to place your ads on or target people whose machines have specific search histories or cookies downloaded. This ensures that the people who matter most will be shown your ads.

Incorporating Video

Speaking of YouTube, did you know that 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or invest in a service after seeing a video about it? These videos can be uploaded to both social media and your official website. Short clips can also be shown in PPC ads that people can click on to watch the rest on your webpage.

Explainer videos- video testimonials where a client talks about how satisfied they are with their investment- are one of the most common. However, you may also want to try infographic animations. They’re engaging, fun to watch, and are more likely to make people remember facts and data about your business.

Targeting Mobile Users

eCommerce sales are mainly made on mobile devices as of 2021, so it’s important that you set up your ads and your shopping website to be accessible on these platforms. Make sure that your Shopify page is optimized for mobile even if it means taking a bit of visibility away from your desktop site. People need to be able to easily search and navigate your catalog from cell phones and tablets.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is also proliferating in 2021, and it can serve various purposes including customer service, site navigation, and optimizing for different platforms. You will need to program your AI to do what you need it to. Some uses include Chatbots, accepting payment methods, storing information for the site to use when the shopper returns next time, and more.

Beyond 2021 eCommerce Trends

While there are a lot of awesome trends in online commerce that are blowing up right now, you can’t go wrong when you start with these strategies. 

Now that you know some of the biggest eCommerce trends that are going to rock 2021, it’s time to learn more about making and managing money. Check out the rest of our webpage to browse articles related to business finances and innovation that boosts ROI.