save money with solar panels

Did you know that solar power is now the cheapest and the most accessible energy source on the entire planet?!

Solar-haters have officially lost the war. But how exactly does solar give you so much bang for your buck? 

Here’s how to save money with solar panels.

It’s Electric! 

One of the biggest draws to solar panels is the fact that they reduce and can even eliminate your utility bills. Installing solar panels instantly frees you from the clutches of energy companies. 

Extra batteries for energy storage can be filled during extra sunny seasons to be used during cloudy days and storms. Relying on your own electricity is one massive step toward self-reliance.

Extra Credit 

Many states offer tax incentives for solar users. This means that your local government might have a program in place where they actually pay you come tax season for your strides in energy conservation. 

The federal government also offers tax breaks to solar users. It will pay up to 30% of home solar installation costs, which are the biggest expense of the solar panel process. 

Heating Up

Did you know that upward of 17% of energy bills goes toward heating water? That’s quite a lot of power any money. But solar panels allow you to break free of the costs of heating water by providing a new source of energy. 

Solar panel systems can capture thermal energy, providing a cleaner way for you to heat up your water and your home. 

Giving Back

Did you know that you can actually sell excess energy generated by solar panels to electricity companies? 

People who live in places that aren’t always sunny may opt to store excess solar energy in batteries for seasons with sun. But, if your panels make more energy than you need, you can actually sell the electricity to your area’s local energy supplier for cash. 

How you ask? Simply put you can install a “net meter” in your home that basically tracks your energy use for you so that your system knows when to give energy to the grid. This tool also tracks and reports how much energy you gave to your community so the electric company can pay you.


In the long-term, solar panels increase the value of your home. One study actually found that solar panels increased the value of properties in California by upward of $20,000

Some reports also found that homes that utilize solar panels actually sell faster than homes that use traditional energy sources. 

Save Money With Solar Panels

This list only scratches the surface when it comes to ways to save money with solar panels. Research indicates that solar is likely to be one of the primary ways we get energy in the near future. Do you want to be ahead of the curve? Or behind it? 

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