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A home library is on the dream list of many homeowners. But what that dream library doesn’t mention is how much room books take up. Unless you own a sprawling manor with a two-story library, you’re probably running out of space to store your books.

If your book collection is getting a little too large to handle, fret not. There are some solutions to controlling your collection. Whether you have a stack of antique books or shelves of modern additions, here are three ideas for your collection.

1. Declutter

If you’ve found yourself with too many books, the easiest thing to do is to declutter and get rid of some books in your personal collection. Though that’s easier said than done, decluttering isn’t a hard task.

Start by sorting your books, organizing them into groups. You can separate them by genre, book type, or your personal favorites. From there, you should put your books into three new piles: keep, get rid of, and maybe.

If it’s your favorite book, keep it. If you didn’t like the book, get rid of it. And if you’ve been telling yourself that you’ll read it, put it in the maybe pile and reassess later.

The keep-it books go back on the shelves. You can sell the books you want to get rid of at And once you’ve reassessed the maybe books, they can go into one of the first two piles.

2. Reorganize

If your personal library collection feels like it needs a revamp, consider reorganizing your collection. Making your books look neat and tidy can completely transform your collection. And with so many ways to reorganize, you’re bound to find one you love.

One popular reorganization technique is to arrange your books by color. This is an aesthetically pleasing option that will make you happy you have a large collection. You can try classic techniques like organizing by genre, alphabetically, or by author.

Non-traditional ways of organizing include rearranging them by the way the books made you feel, stacking them, and arranging by height and size.

3. New Storage

Another way to get your book collection under control is to adopt new storage solutions. Maybe you have floating shelves your books are overflowing from. Or maybe they’re scattered across the floor.

There’s the classic option of bookcase shelving that always works. But there are also some creative options for storing books. You can use antique trunks or chests to store books you don’t read often.

If you want to display your books, a bench shelf at the end of your bed can add a statement piece to your room. Under the stairs storage, book carts, or any furniture that incorporates storage are also great options for keeping your books safe.

New You, New Book Collection

It’s not easy taking on a massive book collection. Passed down antiques and recent purchases of modern novels take up space either way. No matter how you decide to control your collection, you’ll feel very much better when it’s organized.

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