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Social media is a monster. In the past year, 3.8 billion people worldwide used social platforms to engage with brands, influencers and personal contacts.

This massive online presence makes your digital marketing strategy more important than ever.

The market is heavily saturated making it rather difficult for you to stand out amongst your competition. That’s where influencers can help.

Influencers have the potential to drive large amounts of traffic to your site due to their overwhelming impact on the general public. They’re your ticket to widespread brand awareness. 

At this point, you’re probably wondering how to find an influencer that will represent your brand. So let’s get into it.

The Delicate Process of How to Find an Influencer

The great thing about selecting an influencer is that there are many different types to choose from. But where do you start looking?

The Search

An influencer is a trustworthy figure within a specific community. Choosing this person is crucial to your business since they will become the voice of your product and guide your business to success.

Decide on Your Platform

Before selecting the right person to represent your product, you must establish which platforms you are going to market to. Influencer marketing tactics vary depending on your niche and targeted audience.

For example, using Instagram or Twitter would be most effective for reaching a younger audience. These platforms typically attract young users in comparison to other channels.       

Seek Influencers With Relevant Followers 

Having the same type of followers as your potential influencer will aid in targeting the right audience. To make sure your influencer meets your brand standards, consider the following:

Factoring in these steps ahead of time will ensure that you reach as many legitimate customers as possible.


Hashtags are a great way to find people searching for relevant keywords to your business. For example, searching the word ‘fitness’ would display a variety of users interested in health and wellness.

This strategy can be a fast and efficient way to find influencers who hold that same interest.

Focus on the Influencer’s Engagement

You want to ensure that your potential influencer has a high follower engagement ratio- meaning, you want someone who has a lot of high quality and quantity user interaction on their posts.

Additionally, you want to ask yourself, does this person’s audience size meet my company’s conversion goals? And, are they within my budget?

Measuring the amount of genuine followers this influencer has against your projected conversion rates will help you narrow down your choices.  

Growing Your Business

After you’ve found someone who seems like they would be a great fit for your company, it’s time to approach them. There are a few ways to do this. 

Build a Relationship

Reaching out to an influencer on media platforms through comments, likes and conversations can help develop a professional relationship. Familiarizing yourself with influencers conveys your genuine interest in working with them as a person and not as a service.

After all, depending on how popular they are, they may have other offers- making the way you approach them just as important and the offer you provide.

Drafting a Fair Contract

Influencers know their worth, and you should too. That’s why it’s important to understand their level of influence on a community and how much you should expect to offer them.

These can be deciding factors for them when determining whether they want to work with you or not.  

A Final Piece of Advice

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your influencer benefits the long-term growth of your company. Having a consistent figure to represent your brand shows the public that your product is valuable and can potentially lead to converting them into lifetime customers.

Knowing how to find an influencer is just one part of growing your business. To learn more about digital marketing strategies, feel free to check out our website.