It’s one thing to have a cause, and it’s quite another to achieve it.

After all, a cause can be as simple as an idea in your head. Perhaps your cat died of a certain disease, and now you want to make it your life’s mission to ensure no other cat succumbs to the same illness. Or maybe there’s air pollution in your community, so you want to help reduce it.

Regardless of your cause, you need to act and start making tangible steps.

One of the things you’ll need is a promo tool to help you get the word out. The greater the number of people who hear about your cause, the higher your chances of creating a movement that can get things done.

Keep reading for tips on how to choose the perfect promo tool.

Understand the Nature of Your Cause

Different causes call for different promo tools.

For example, if yours is a social cause, you certainly want a promo tool that will enable you to reach the masses. Social medial platforms like Facebook and Twitter are super effective at this.

However, if your cause is more restricted (say you want to agitate for some change in your workplace), you don’t need to rely on social media platforms. It’s an internal cause that calls for a different promotional approach.

In this case, you might want to consider using custom buttons with your message on them. Any of your colleagues who supports the cause can rock the buttons. If you’re wondering about custom button cost, you’ll be pleased to know they won’t cost you a lot of money.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Let’s face it: social media platforms play host to the vast majority of causes.

With close to 4 billion people using social media, it’s easy to see why anyone would turn to social media platforms to promote their causes.

We already said Facebook and Twitter are usually effective, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right platforms for your cause. To find the right platform, you would have to go back to the nature of your cause.

Sticking with the workplace example, you’re bound to find greater success on social platforms that are designed for professionals, such as LinkedIn.

Also, look at the average age of your target audience. If you’re targeting the younger generations, such as Millennials and GenZers, you’ll have better luck choosing a social media platform that’s popular among these people, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Promotional Products Go a Long Way

You probably have a mug, power bank, USB drive, Bluetooth speaker, or umbrella that’s branded. You were certainly given the promo item free of charge at an event.

Don’t you remember what the event was about any time you use or look at the item?

Similarly, handing out promotional items can help turbocharge your cause, but it has to be a product that’s useful to whoever you’re giving. For instance, don’t give out an umbrella to a university student. What they need is a Bluetooth speaker or USB drive.

Pick a Promo Tool That Helps Your Cause

Your cause is close to your heart, but for it to be a success, you need to get more people on board. The right promo tools will help you achieve this. With this guide, you now know how to pick promo tools that help your cause.

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