Marketing your business is a must if you want your business to gain more customers and grow. Today, marketing is evolving to include more digital marketing.

Digital marketing is simply the marketing you do online. This includes everything from social media posts to email campaigns. Our reliance on advanced technology, such as computers and mobile smartphones, is growing, opening more channels to spread brand awareness.

The advantages of digital marketing are many. ItÂ’s affordable, has a global reach, and itÂ’s accessible. You can share and grow your brand faster and farther than you ever thought possible.

While the advantages are many, there are a few disadvantages. Digital marketing isnÂ’t a one-size-fits-all marketing plan and will fit some businesses better than others. But that doesnÂ’t mean itÂ’s not worth checking out.

Are you interested in learning more about the advantages of digital marketing? Find out if digital marketing is right for you and your business!

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing allows you to use a variety of online platforms to share your content and advertise your business.

Like with any form of marketing, you need to have a strategy. Online strategies include email campaigns, social media posts, SEO or search engine optimization, and website campaigns, all of which reach computers, smartphones, and tablets—gadgets many people have.

The more online platforms you use, the more potential customers will see your brand. This lets them learn more about your business and what products and services you have to offer.

You can create a strategy yourself or hire a professional, such as Falcon Digital Marketing. Working with a digital marketing professional lets you boost your brand awareness while allowing you to focus on your business.

But for your digital marketing strategy to be successful, you need to understand how it works and how it can help your business. Learning about the disadvantages and advantages of digital marketing is the perfect place to start.

The Advantages of Digital Marketing

Almost every business uses some form of online digital marketing because it can be efficient and works. ItÂ’s also a great form of marketing that any business can try without the worry of losing money and time. Here are many more great advantages of digital marketing.


Do you know what makes digital marketing so alluring? You can start a strategy without making any form of financial commitment. If your digital marketing plan doesnÂ’t go as planned, you lose almost nothing.

Traditional marketing channels, like television and the newspaper, cost money. With online platforms like email, you can whip together a small campaign and execute it without paying a cent. The only thing you might lose is a small amount of time.

Do you want to try a new form of marketing or donÂ’t have the budget to spend on traditional marketing channels? Digital marketing is an affordable platform to share your brand with lower risk.

Grow Your Brand

The products and services your business offers is only one part of your business. The other side is your businessÂ’s message, mission, and voice. This is the story you want to share with your customers.

Digital marketing lets you build and style your brand using content that you can personalize to get closer to your customers. Through this, you can find your target audience. From there, you can create future campaigns that will resonate with potential customers.

You can also interact and build relationships with your clients through digital marketing. Doing so will make your customers feel valued, which builds your reputation and boosts brand loyalty.

Greater Reach

The more people you reach, the likelier you are to continue growing your brand. The odds of converting more potential customers increases when youÂ’re reaching more people who have an interest in what you have to offer.

Your online presence can reach people around the world, growing your market globally. People all over the world use the internet and can view your online presence on social media, emails, and more. Since digital marketing can be affordable, you donÂ’t need to make much of an investment to reach such a large audience.

Personalized Content and Ads

One of the best advantages of digital marketing is how you can personalize your content. Digital marketing lets you connect with your audience and learn about their likes and dislikes.

From there, you can create and share personalized content directly to your target audience. TheyÂ’ll be more likely to engage with your advertisements, learn about your business, and convert into loyal customers.

Personalizing your content and advertisement gives you an advantage over your competition. Your customers will feel as though youÂ’re speaking directly to them.

Television and newspaper advertisements are temporary. With digital marketing, your content is continuously advertising your brand. Keep engagement up by regularly posting a blog, posting to social media, sharing events, and more!

Always Accessible

The internet allows more people to access and learn about your business. Prior to digital marketing, learning about and purchasing goods from a brick and mortar business across the country was nearly impossible. Magazines, flyers, and the radio were your only means of learning about non-local businesses.

With the internet, your website, content, and advertisements are up and accessible to potential clients all day every day. People can learn about what services and products your business offers at any time of the day, week, or year. Add an online store, and more potential clients will convert and become loyal customers.

Measure the Results

Many of the online platforms you can share your content allow you to measure engagement. Tools such as Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics show you how well your advertisements and content are doing. These tools show you everything from audience views to the number of people converting to customers.

This data helps you find your target audience and find what content is working and what isnÂ’t. YouÂ’ll be able to plan engaging future campaigns that your audience will find useful and interesting. You can improve your content and keep attracting new clients.

The Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Despite the many advantages of digital marketing, there are a few disadvantages as well. Being aware of the disadvantages can help you use digital marketing more effectively. Here are the disadvantages you and your business should know about before diving into digital marketing.

Internet Limitations

The internet has a global reach, but it doesnÂ’t reach everyone. There are many people who donÂ’t have the internet or canÂ’t afford access to it. Depending on your business, these people could be valuable customers youÂ’re missing.

Digital marketing doesnÂ’t reach those with little or no internet access. This also includes people who may have access to the internet but donÂ’t use or trust it. Older demographics, for example, tend to be less trusting of the internet and online advertisements.

Before you convert to digital marketing, identify your target audience. YouÂ’ll want to maintain the marketing channels that reach the people who are most likely to enjoy your products and services.

Highly Competitive

Almost every business in every industry uses digital marketing. While the benefits of digital marketing are attractive, they also make this form of marketing much more competitive. Not only are you competing with local brands, but youÂ’re also competing with businesses around the world.

Does your brand stand a chance with so much competition? The answer is yes. It may take some practice, but your brand will be able to create a strategic campaign that will reach your audience.

The trick is to create a creative campaign that catches your audienceÂ’s attention and provides them with valuable content about your business and your products. You will need to research your audience so your content can answer their questions and stay relevant.

Consumes Time

Brainstorming and creating digital marketing campaigns takes time. It can take even more time if youÂ’re researching and learning about your target audience.

Digital marketing requires you to post and engage your audience regularly. If you donÂ’t, your content will get buried by the competition.

For smaller companies with either a small or nonexistent marketing team, time is valuable. Many small companies donÂ’t have the resources to dedicate to building a strong digital marketing campaign.

To overcome this, focus on your niche market and a strategy that addresses your businessÂ’s needs. Take advantage of marketing and scheduling tools to help you save time and stay organized.

Issues With Privacy and Security

When setting up your website and social media, you need to be mindful of security. The internet is full of potential hackers, phishing, trolls, and viruses than can do great harm to a businessÂ’s online presence.

Your business will need to set up network security, such as firewalls and VPN encryption. YouÂ’ll want to invest in quality anti-virus software and website security. Keeping your information safe and secure is necessary when utilizing digital marketing. 

ItÂ’s up to You to Decide

The advantages of digital marketing outweigh the disadvantages. But being aware of the disadvantages will help your business stay safe and make smart marketing decisions. Digital marketing can be a fun, engaging, and powerful marketing tool to help grow your business.

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