The cleaning industry is saturated. Hundreds of commercial and residential cleaning companies offer similar services. It can be hard to stand out from the crowd. But with a successful digital marketing campaign, you can be the one that rises to the top. 

It’s time to attract new customers to your cleaning business. Follow these digital marketing tips and you’ll see more new bookings than you ever thought possible.

1. Finding Your Niche

With so many cleaning businesses in every corner of the country, you have to find out how to make yours unique. In the world of business, this is called “finding your niche”.

Your niche is basically something that you do that no one else does or something you do better than anyone. It could be that you specialize in cleaning one specific type of house or corporate office, or that you go about cleaning in some unique way.

For example, you might be a cleaning company that only does nightclubs. This is a great niche market because there are a lot of nightclubs out there and not many other cleaning companies market themselves as a nightclub-specific cleaning company. For this reason, nightclub owners will go to you first when they need to clean their facility.

Finding your niche is really important for getting off the ground. You can expand your niche to include a more varied client base later on but start by mastering one thing.

2. Getting On Social Media

Having a great social media presence can expose you to a huge number of potential customers, but you have to know how to exploit this resource. Simply creating your accounts and posting every so often isn’t going to get the job done.

Using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter simultaneously to create and re-post content, communicate new promotions or deals, and engage with your followers will create awareness around your business and brand. We’ll discuss the importance of brand building later on because it’s heavily based on social media marketing.

As long as you post on a regular basis, communicate with your followers, and encourage happy customers to give you a follow, you’ll be able to boost your presence.

3. Content Creation

Content creation might encompass anything from short marketing videos to long-form blog posts on the importance of cleaning. How you go about creating and distributing your content is up to you, but one thing’s for sure, your digital marketing strategy depends on it.

Great content will boost your brand, improve your SEO, and give your customers more confidence in your company. Bad content falls through the cracks and wastes yours and your customers’ time. So, how do you ensure that your content strategy is working?

Put work into ensuring that the things you put out there are informative and engaging. If you’re writing about cleaning products, you should sound like an authority on the matter. If you’re devoting a video showing how you go about cleaning a floor, it should be short and have the production quality to keep a viewer’s attention.

A content strategy should set out goals for you to strive towards, like boosting sales, getting more follows, or obtaining quality leads. 

4. SEO & All It Entails

Search engine optimization is all about getting your website in the top of the Google rankings. The higher you rank in search results, the more traffic you’ll get on your site and the more business you’ll do.

Understanding SEO and doing it well are two different things. It’s affected by your content strategy, your social media numbers, the user experience on your site, your reviews, and your citations/backlinks from other websites. To get a high ranking on Google, you have to do all of these things well.

For a cleaning company, which is more than likely a land-locked business, you’ll put a special focus on local SEO. Local SEO is the same as SEO, but with more importance placed on reviews and your location. When someone types in “cleaning companies near me”, you want your business to show up, right?

Visit this website to see an example of SEO done right. They’ve emphasized their location, the site is easily navigable, and they’ve linked to their blog and socials from the front page. 

5. Soliciting Reviews

For a cleaning business, getting more customers depends on you have a good reputation. More than 90% of consumers will trust a Google review over their own friend or family member’s recommendation. So, it’s important to try to get good reviews and a lot of them.

Whenever you have a happy customer, kindly ask them to leave your business a review on the listing site of their choosing. The more you have of these, the more your reputation will grow.

6. Brand Building

Building a recognizable brand for your cleaning company is as important as anything else we’ve talked about in this post. People tend to trust the companies that they recognize, so try to make your company’s image and voice synonymous with your industry.

The best and easiest way to build your brand is through social media and with content. If you have a consistent voice in your blog posts and you’re writing about interesting stuff, people will start to associate your blog with your brand and company. The same thing goes with the way that you post on Instagram and Facebook.

If you can create a supportive community of followers, you’ll start to notice engagement on your posts increase. When it starts working really well, you’ll be able to post promotions online and see a boost in sales right away. This is branding at work.

Successful Digital Marketing = Successful Cleaning Company

To turn your cleaning company into a raging success, you have to put together a successful digital marketing campaign. It’ll involve a lot of these concepts, but to make it really work, you’ll have to put your own personal spin on it. 

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