Increasing traffic, generating leads, engaging users – these processes might give you a headache, but you still have to think of the best ways to conduct them. They are the elementary parts of a great marketing campaign, and require a lot of planning. 

However, you don’t have to waste tons of time on setting your campaign in motion, and the best time-savers are efficient and convenient WP plugins. We are listing some of the best free marketing tools for your WordPress site below, so keep your eyes peeled for the ones you need.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

If you want your business to bloom from day one, you have to start strong. This means utilising your coming soon page for attracting new visitors, building good SEO, and compiling a base of valuable contacts of prospective clients.

The easiest way to make the best of your coming soon page is to pick a good plugin with plenty of helpful features, and our top choice is Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode.

This plugin was obviously designed with an average WordPress site owner in mind, and we can see this clearly from the simplicity of the commands. There are no unnecessary features or complicated processes that would confuse you or take up too much of your time. You can also fine-tune your page’s SEO thanks to the built-in tests. This is among the most significant features as there is no good marketing strategy without adequate SEO.

Additionally, you will be able to collect your visitors’ email addresses through several different tools. These will be a great marketing asset, especially in the later stages of your brand development.


Email marketing is one of the most effective steps you might make with your brand. If you think only large companies with enviable resources can pull this off – you are mistaken. There are numerous WordPress plugins that can automate your email sending process. If you already have a compiled list of leads, you’ve done an important part of the job.

Among the most popular emailing plugins is Newsletter. One of its remarkably convenient features is the customisation range that allows you to easily apply different settings to the newsletters and subscriber lists. And then there are subscriber lists which allow you to adjust your email targeting. When it comes to newsletter design, you will have access to a handy drag-and-drop builder. It will enable you to effortlessly create engaging and beautiful newsletters.

Finally, this plugin features a statistics tool which lets you monitor how effective your email marketing campaign is.

Just keep in mind that measure is the key – never swamp your customers with automated messages. Also, try to make those that you do send out as personalised as possible.


SEO is maybe the most important element of your marketing campaign, and its importance keeps growing with the Internet’s relevance for businesses everywhere. 

The easiest way to optimise the content on your WP website for Google is to add a plugin which would do all the testing for you. Yoast is the perfect tool for this task. Firstly, it analyses your textual content based on the keywords you give it – it shows you the readability score of your posts, as well as lists numerous suggestions on how you could improve this score. Additionally, it displays snippet preview so you can see how your page would look like in search results, while it also allows you to edit the meta title of the page. 

On top of this, it manages and solves several behind-the-scenes processes such as including a category for WordPress site, sitemaps, permalink URLs, and robots.txt. Not to mention the low chance of the plugin itself being outdated, as it is updated on a daily bases with the most recent algorithms.

Google Analytics

There’s no use posting supposedly engaging content if you don’t have any feedback from your audience. But, no worries – there is a way to check how likeable or relevant your content is. Google Analytics was made to solve these issues for you and give you a peek into the minds of your customers.

This is not a typical plugin in the sense that you download it from your WordPress plugin store. Instead, you integrate it with your site with the help of a simple embed code provided by Google, and you’re all set.

Once you have it up and running, you’ll be able to harvest the valuable data Google can offer you. Primarily, it will help you better understand your visitors. You’ll have access to data such as the number of users within a certain period, separate sessions and the pages visited during the session, session spans, the most attractive and popular pages and even most frequented posts, the rate of conversion, bounce stats, etc. All this data can help you immensely with your campaign and further planning and developing. 

Website Audit

Ranking your website and content is Google is always of the utmost importance. However, this is also a never ending mission and something that needs to be continually tweaked time and time again.

A great way to get a quick check up on your site and seeing how it looks in the eyes of Google, is to run a free site audit. Through this free report you can get an idea on how fast your site is loading, what permalinks and pages are ranking best, how your in-bound and out-bound link structure looks, and also a few other pointers on how to improve your site and overall SEO strategy.

One you download your free report, you can then start making these improvements and changes to your site right away. Then, run the test one more time to see how your score improves.

Bonus tip: Did you know that you can run a Instagram audit to check the validity and quality of followers on your account? It’s true, and best of all… it’s free. Try it out and see how your social status really looks.


Video content creation is on the rise, and for all of the right reasons. No matter where you look, video is now in your face and we all have easier access to it than ever before.

With this in mind, if your business or brand isn’t creating video content for your audience and customers, you are missing out big time.

However, the idea of creating original video content is never a quick and easy one. Thanks to free video creation tools like mysimpleshow, it’s now easier than every to create whiteboard and explainer videos without ever needing to be on camera or hiring a full production team. Once you’ve created a free video through their site, the option is also there to upgrade so you can download high-quality deliverables and remove their watermark.

Whether you are looking to create better content for your blog, make sales videos for your next Facebook Ads campaign, or even to better explain whatever it is you market or sell… video is definitely the way to go.


This plugin is a bit of everything. So, if you’ve found yourself thinking how you could use most of the plugins we’ve listed, you should probably actually opt for this one.

In short, HubSpot allows you to conduct email marketing campaigns, automate your marketing, and analyse the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Now, let’s see what all this means in practice.

Firstly, you’ll be able to collect your visitors’ contact details as well as manage newsletter signups and other registrations. We should note here that newsletter can be easily composed thanks to HubSpot’s drag-and-drop editor, which makes the whole creative process much more enjoyable.

Secondly, you’ll have different communication options – feature contact forms, chatbot-managed messengers, and also live chat. On top of this, the plugin gives you access to interaction analytics, which is an amazing marketing asset. In other words, you’ll have info on how each contact interacted with the website and use that details to reinvent your marketing strategy and target different customers.

In addition, there are also eBook download option, event registration feature, and many more.


Whether you are still building your WordPress website or just maintaining it, you will need to dedicate some of your time to upgrading its marketing-related features.

For most bloggers and site owners, saving money wherever possible is key… and that’s why we focused on some of the best free methods and tools out there for immediate use.

From coming soon pages through later stages of marketing planning, we’ve given our suggestions of the fresh (or refreshed) plugins that might have you covered in your marketing efforts.

Good luck! Although, if you choose your website plugins wisely, you might not need it.

By zacjohnson

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