Sustainability is now essential for businesses that want to thrive in the long haul. Profit generation will remain the top priority but it gets influenced by a business’s response to environmental and societal issues.

Sustainable businesses are attractive to prospects and enjoy a better reputation. They strive to increase efficiency and cut waste.

As more people become eco-conscious, green brands will have the upper hand. Customers now prefer buying from sustainable brands. The trend has spurred sustainable products to sell 5.6 times faster than the rest.

How do you stay on top of green trends? Keep scrolling to find out.

1. Make Baby Steps to Change Company Culture

Complete sustainability isn’t achievable in a day. You may need progressive measures to nurture an eco-conscious culture. Like Stephen King says, “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.” Not everything you propose will receive total support.

To be more sustainable, it’s vital your entire team is on the same page. That may mean setting up a team to steer and track sustainable measures in the company.

For instance, ask staff for ideas on how to save energy, conserve water or reduce waste. Close the office for your team to take part in beach cleaning activities or tree planting days. Not only will these involve your employees, but they will improve morale. Your employees will leave feeling empowered to continue world-saving measures at home.

2. Do a Sustainability Audit 

Audit your business processes. The audit reveals the current state and the needed improvements for sustainability. These two simple but vital components can open your path to greening.

For many businesses, the road to sustainability is still hazy. If you’re new here, a simple audit can reveal where to put your efforts. Make a checklist of all the tasks needed for your firm to go green.

Top sustainability issues that businesses need to consider include:

  • Climatic change 
  • Water scarcity
  • Waste and biodiversity. 

Since it’s a hectic process, you may need to form a green committee to work on the checklist. The team can start and watch all the practices recommended. 

The beauty of such a team and a checklist is that they can save you a lot of time. The team may even comprise an environment expert to give your team more ideas.

3. Encourage Reusable Products

Research from Duke University shows an average American can generate 4.3 pounds of waste daily. What’s worrying is the fact that 66% of that waste ends in landfills. 

Currently, plastic waste in the oceans and the environment is beyond control. Office waste management practices contributing a lot to the problem. Single-use products famous in offices contribute a great deal to landfill waste.

You can curb the problem by advocating for reusable and compostable products. For instance, you can ban disposable coffee cups in your company. Then you can encourage the use of biodegradable cups or reusable mugs.

Also, provide distinct dustbins for compostable and recyclable products. Encourage proper waste disposal into the designated bins to prevent recycling problems. Using reusable mugs can cut paper cup costs and reduce environmental waste.

4. Buy from Green Suppliers

One of the quickest ways to be more sustainable is by changing your purchasing patterns. Instead of buying from usual suppliers, you can shift to green vendors. Cost may prevent a smooth shift to sustainable buying, but its long-term benefits are worthwhile.

The move to green buying may even drive the entire industry to rethink its operations. Your suppliers may have to refactor their offerings to prevent your exit. Meanwhile, the suppliers may force manufacturers to sell more sustainable products.

You can set a clear code of conduct to guide your procurement department when buying. Make it known to all suppliers that you only buy if the goods meet specific green standards.

5. Embrace Green Cleaning

Reducing water consumption can help you cut bills and conserve a scarce resource. The water problem affects the entire world. In the USA, major lakes and rivers have dropped water levels and show signs of drying.

Meanwhile, commercial cleaning services have undergone a series of changes to conserve water. These companies use water and other natural products and resources wisely. So the rise of eco-cleaners is a good signal for the environment.

Your business can embrace eco-conscious commercial cleaning services to save water. With the rise of green technology, you can improve cleaning efficiency, and save costs.

You can also fix leaks, use efficient pressure washers and low flush toilets to save water.

6. Go Paperless

Think about the trees! The only way to save them is to go paperless. How is it possible? Going paperless may sound uncomfortable, but it’s worth a try. Trees reduce carbon emissions, prevent soil erosions and protect water bodies.

Going paperless is the most aggressive way your business can use to be more sustainable. Paper contributes to most office waste. One employee generates 350 pounds of paper waste per year.

You can cut print adverts and paper presentations. Then, your company can shift to digital marketing, cloud technology and virtual communication. Where paper use is a must, you can switch to recycled paper or use paper from certified forests. 

7. Check Your Fuel Consumption

Driving leads to carbon emissions and increases the consumption of nonrenewable fossil fuels. If only you could walk, carpool, bike or use board public transport, emissions would reduce.

Car exhausts comprise 29% of the US’s carbon emissions. Using inefficient cars only worsens the situation. If you have no choice but to use your vehicle, opt for low fuel consumption vehicles.

Reduce travel and encourage virtual meetings to cut costs and protect the environment.

Follow These Ways to Be More Sustainable as a Business

There are many ways to be more sustainable as a business. However, the tips here can give you a great start at transitioning your business.

Go step by step and soon you’ll have the entire company on one accord. Doing your part for the planet will feel much better.

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