Finding the right accountant for your business isn’t that difficult.

Accountants are some of the most important people in businesses because they’re responsible for a variety of financial tasks. Accountants will handle anything related to your business’s financial accounts, including taxes, budgets, payroll, etc.

Businesses choose to get an accountant when they decide they’d like to grow. Not having an accountant could put you at risk for financial failure because it will be difficult to manage your finances as you grow. 

Read on to learn how to find the right accountant the right way.

Choose a Certified Accountant

In most countries, accounts are regulated by professional bodies that ensure accountants are qualified to do their job. In the US, you’ll want to look for Certified Public Accountants (CAPs) and Chartered Accountants (CAs). These are highly qualified and educated accountants that have experience in the workplace.

Because CAPs and CAs have greater experience than most, they’ll be highly beneficial to your business. If you’re looking to grow your business, you’ll want to hire one of these accountants in the beginning.

While getting a certified accountant would be your best bet, you can look for one that isn’t certified. Doing small things like bookkeeping won’t require a certified accountant, but you’ll want to get one that’s certified if you plan on growing.

Decide What the Account Will Do

There are a variety of tasks that accountants can do, so you’ll need to determine what they’ll do when finding the right accountant for your business. Accountants typically charge by the hour, so you want to ensure that you’re given them tasks that are worth spending money on.

For example, hiring an accountant to handle data-entry tasks wouldn’t be a great idea because you can get anyone to do that. If you can get involved in the accounting process and take care of a few tasks, you’ll be able to save more money while having someone else do the difficult part.

If you wanted to handle a part of the process, one of the easiest things you could do is the data-entry. After you’ve done the data entry, you can hand the information over to your accountant. From there, they can start filing tax returns and calculate your payroll and capital depreciation.

Get Someone That Wants to Save You Money

To find the right tax accountant, you need to look for someone proactive about saving money. You don’t want to get an accountant that seems careless. Their job as an accountant is to effectively do whatever tasks you give them while trying to save you money in as money ways as possible.

In many cases, businesses will have a variety of tax write-offs. A tax write-off is when you purchase something for business-use and can exempt it from taxes. However, many people aren’t aware of these things, especially those with startup businesses. A certified accountant would look at your assets and help you with the tax write-offs.

Keep in mind that there’s a major difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance. Tax evasion is when you completely neglect to pay taxes whereas avoidance is paying as little as possible. Tax avoidance is legal because it consists of doing several loopholes in which an accountant can help you with.

Learn About the Software They Use

Each accountant has a preferred program that they use to carry out their work. Depending on the program an accountant uses, your business could run into the problem where you have data that their program can’t export or import. Even if a program can, the process could be time-consuming.

Try to find an accountant that uses the same software as you to ensure that the data-sharing process is seamless. Many accountants will use a variety of programs to increase their client options, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one. 

Interview Several Candidates

You can’t learn how to find the right accountant if you’re not willing to interview several candidates before hiring one. Hiring an accountant for your business will require an interview just like you would with any other employee. When you hire an accountant, they’re temporarily working for your company.

Come up with an interview designed for an accountant so that you can learn about them and what they’re like to work with. In most cases, you can use the same interview process that you do with other employees. Be sure to ask about the software they use before hiring them to make the decision process easier.

Negotiate Fees

While most accountants charge an hourly rate, there are several that charge a fixed income. Finding an account that charges per hour can benefit a business that’s only looking to get a few tasks done. If you’re leaving yourself out of the accounting process, you may be better off with someone that wants a fixed income.

No matter which way an accountant charges, you should negotiate the fees with them. If they want a fixed income but you plan on having them do a few tasks, try to hire them for a lower salary than they would normally get.

Now You Know How to Find the Right Accountant

Anyone can learn how to find the right accountant, it’s as simple as doing research and knowing what you’re looking for. You can go on Google and type something along the lines of, “find accountants near me.” You’ll then be presented with a list of several accountants in your area.

When you start looking for an accountant, be sure to think of a budget. Try not to hire anyone that will cost you more than your budget, and be sure to negotiate with whomever you’re interested in.

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By Ben Mattice

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