“There is nothing new under the sun.” In a sense, King Solomon was right. Everything “new” we create is merely a combination of existing materials.

But not every combination of existing matter has been created. And inventions crop up all the time that inspire a new generation of tech.

Today we’re going to look at one inspiring story. Porsche.

How did Porsche become known as the premier luxury brand they are today? Was it merely the iconic Porsche Panamera? Print off your spreadsheets cause we’re going to look at how they’ve changed the business of luxury items forever.

Form and Function

I just learned a new word today. “Horological.” It means the study of the measurement of time.

Luxury car companies like to contract with watchmakers to make car inspired watches. But few have gotten into the business of horology like Porsche.

In fact, they changed the wristwatch industry entirely. How? By wedding form and function. This is the Bauhaus philosophy of design. That every object’s form is inseparable from its function and vice-versa.

Ferdinand wasn’t satisfied with just cars (and his creation of the 911 was a superb legacy to be satisfied with). He wanted to expand his design chops.

He left the family business and created Porsche Design. What was his first product? A wristwatch.

Nobody wore black wristwatches before 1972. Ferdinand looked around at all the gold or leather watches and noticed something missing. His first watch was a hit as it featured a black steel case and bracelet.

He didn’t pick a fancy name. It was the Chronograph I. Airplane gauges were his functional design inspiration.

You need to be able to glance at an analogue watch face quickly and know what time it is. A black face with white markers accomplishes this perfectly.

The design hasn’t aged out. It still looks contemporary today as it did forty years ago.

Porsche went on to innovate with the first aviator glasses for civilians that featured swapable lenses.

As an online entrepreneur, be like Porsche. Always be on the lookout for what others aren’t doing or haven’t created. And then run toward that. You’ll be sure to find some money.

By Ben Mattice

Benjamin Mattice is a freelance writer/editor, horror and sci-fi writer, SEO and affiliate marketing newbie, dog wrestler, cat wrangler, capoeirista, and long distance runner. He lives in the Palouse with his wife, three dogs, two cats, and two rats. Yes, that would probably be considered a mini-zoo.