Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg AKA PewDiePie was the most subscribed to YouTuber in the world. He’s now third. And he’s rich. His estimated monthly earnings range anywhere between $77 thousand a month to $1.2 million.

That number isn’t exact because we don’t know what his contract is with YouTube, what he earns from promotions, or exactly how much each ad is worth on his channel. But he has chosen to reveal one little tidbit about how he earns so much on YouTube. Here’s his trick.

Talk About Expensive Things

If you advertise on YouTube, it isn’t exactly a science. Google places your ads in videos based on some mysterious set of algorithms. You tell YouTube what your audience is and what your keywords are and they do the rest.

PewDiePie believes he has some insight into this process. And really, this is likely a joke. But who knows, he could be giving viewers some legitimate advice here.

In a collaborated video with CinnamonToastKen, the Pewds randomly told Ken to take out a large mortgage on his house. After a few seconds, Ken seemed entirely lost. PewDiePie whispered, “If you talk about expensive things, you get better ads.”

The pair launched into a conversation about owning thirteen Dodge Chargers.

Take it With a Karat of Diamond

It’s difficult to tell if PewDiePie believes what he said in the video. But it’s undeniable the makes a ton of money off ads and he likely does have some in his audience who could afford thirteen Dodge Chargers (Elon…cough…Musk…cough, cough.)

If you’re a YouTuber, I’d take this advice with a grain of salt (or a karat of diamond? You’re welcome, Jeremy). But it’s worth a try, right?

By Ben Mattice

Benjamin Mattice is a freelance writer/editor, horror and sci-fi writer, SEO and affiliate marketing newbie, dog wrestler, cat wrangler, capoeirista, and long distance runner. He lives in the Palouse with his wife, three dogs, two cats, and two rats. Yes, that would probably be considered a mini-zoo.