Many business owners don’t truly understand what video channels can do for your brand. But the facts are these:

If you want your business to be successful, you really need to learn how to incorporate some video content into your strategy. It has enormous value. Not only is it valuable for your business, but clients and customers will also enjoy it.

Video tends to touch people in a way that text cannot accomplish. You can’t truly convey real emotion and feelings with a blog post. While blogging is still important, video has taken over as the best way to reach people and it’s only going to be more vital in the years to come.

Video for Dual Content

The first excuse people typically use for not utilizing video as part of their content strategy is, “I have no idea what my company’s videos will be about!”

Sure you do. Your blog is the best place to come up with ideas. Repurposing blog content as a video on YouTube is how most companies get the ball rolling. After doing this, it’s easy to see using analytics, which topics work best for your brand.

I really like using gamers as examples for this kind of thing. The most successful streamers often use YouTube as a secondary income stream. Not everyone watches Twitch. Plenty of gamers go to YouTube to get their fill of their favorite players.

Some of these gamers have millions of subscribers and millions of views on their videos.

Why is this such a great example of repurposed content? The software most gamers use to stream can also record. So all they have to do is make a few edits and post the original content on YouTube. A fraction of the work with a completely different revenue stream. Sounds pretty brilliant now, doesn’t it?

Think about how many people could possibly see your videos. We’ve all been on YouTube and we’ve all gone down the rabbit hole and watched clip after clip after clip, only to realize five hours have passed in the blink of an eye. If you do everything correctly, the amount of exposure for your brand could be infinite.

Video for Original Content

Once you make a few videos for your new channel, you’ll likely be surprised at how you and your employees are able to come up with fresh ideas to add.

YouTube is not a social media network. It is a search engine for video content. You can read more here.

However, many people use it as a form of social media. Think about it. When you read your favorite blog or visit your favorite company’s website, they always have a place somewhere on the site that says, “Follow us on social media!”

And there you will see a little square or circle with the business’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. So in the hearts and minds of internet users everywhere, YouTube is used in a similar way to other social channels.

I’ve written before about how you should think about your blog as a hub. It’s the central point to your entire business. You use it to bounce traffic to wherever you want them to go. I recommend using YouTube as a platform that operates as an extension of this hub. A smaller hub, or outpost, if you will.

Some of the most successful social channels of big company’s have content that barely relates to what the company represents or the products or services they sell. It’s all about bringing in new eyes and ears and creating brand awareness. Once you hit 1k subscribers, which can be purchased, and 10k hours watched, your channel will be up for monetization.

If creating fresh video content isn’t enough, you can always write blog posts around the YouTube vids.

What About Facebook Live?

Facebook is dying quickly. If you have been keeping an eye on the news the last several news, you can probably guess why. So while people are still using Facebook, they aren’t using it like they used to. It’s a platform that simply won’t stand the test of time.

Personally, I think Instagram will eventually take over as Facebook’s social media giant replacement.

Where is the Future?

Google, its products and services, which includes YouTube, are in my opinion, the way of the future. I think YouTube is going to be a channel that can serve everyone’s purposes for years to come. You can do all kinds of things there, from How To videos to Q and As, to product explanations, and the list goes on. You can host a podcast on it. You can do pretty much whatever you want.

Aside from YouTube, the next best place to start some video content is Twitch. I’m fairly new to the platform, but the statistics don’t lie. The best part is it won’t cost you anything extra. The same software you use to stream can be used to record. Twitch is owned by Amazon, which we all know isn’t going anywhere and will likely outlive all current social media networks.

Don’t listen to the marketing gurus. They made a fortune with Facebook Ads in 2011. You need to roll with the punches and look to the future for answers.