If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you’ve probably been doing a ton of research. Everyone tells you to “come up with a great domain name”.

And while this is true, it’s not the only avenue. You have options.

One of the best choices is to buy a domain name that already exists. Sure, it won’t be something you picked out. It won’t be cute. It won’t be a story you can tell your friends about over coffee.

It can, however, give you a massive jump on getting started with your niche website. Sit back, relax, and prepare to have your mind blown.

It Allows You to Time Skip

I remember when I first got into affiliate marketing a few years ago. I thought I had to do everything. To be honest, that was kind of true. I didn’t have a lot of wiggle room as far as money went.

It’s not that I didn’t have the money, I just didn’t trust the whole aspect of affiliate marketing. Why would anyone buy anything from me? It took years for me to get over something that affects lots of affiliate marketers and freelancers. It’s called imposter syndrome.

It’s not an irrational fear. When people go to a website, they can tell when the creator or writer is full of crap. They know when someone is just trying to make a quick buck.

This is when I started spending a lot of time on GoDaddy Auctions. I found domain names for sale that had really high domain authorities. After doing a check, some of them ranked in the top 100 for dozens and even hundreds of keywords.

Anyone who has tried to build a niche website from scratch will tell you how hard it is to raise DA, build backlinks, and gain authority among your readers.

This, at least to me, is the biggest benefit. It can take months to find the right domain name for your project. But when you do find it, you essentially time skip two or more years into the future.

I’ve built links. I’ve had to establish relationships with bloggers and influencers. I’ve hit the social media train with a vengeance. And you know what? It is not a good time. I wish I had known about GoDaddy Auctions years ago.

Take Advantage of Someone Else’s Idea

If you’ve been racking your brain trying to come up with a domain name, buying a domain is a good idea.

At any given time, hundreds, if not thousands, of domains are up for grabs online. Check the usual suspects. You never know when you’ll find a gem of a domain.

Do domain names have that much power?

As a matter of fact, they do.

Domain names contain keywords. If you’ve been doing your research, you know how important it is to do keyword research.

When you make a site from scratch, you have to come up with a domain name and jam at least one of your keywords into that domain name. You’re going to run into the same situation so many of us have had to deal with. Everything we come up with is taken. Let’s not get things twisted. Every niche is saturated at this point. What’s going to draw in readers, who will turn into potential customers of the products you’re selling, is how unique and honest you are.

Going through domain names that are for sale is a great way to find a potential keyword. This could very well be a keyword that is being underutilized.

Let’s use an example. You want to build a niche site that sells hiking gear. You’re an avid hiker and you have quite a bit to say on the topic. But there are a ton of affiliates out there for hiking and camping equipment. How do you compete?

You start searching for domain names. You find hikersgear.net up for grabs. It has a domain authority of 52, ranks for hundreds of keywords, and your main keyword is in the domain name. This is exactly what you’re looking for in a domain name.

People who are looking for gear are going to be searching for terms like “hiker’s gear”. This domain name gives you a boost because you don’t have to compete with all of the other affiliates. A DA of 52 is probably much higher than what they have and if the DA is that high, then there are a ton of links pointing to the property.

You have just saved yourself years of time and thousands of dollars. You can take all of this money you’re saving and spend it on content creation or a web design consultant.

Content And Your Domain Name

The hardest part of building a great niche site is coming up with content ideas. Not everyone is a skilled writer, either.

When you find that perfect domain name, it can help to direct your content. If you buy hikersgear.net, you know exactly what you’re going to write about. There is no question and you can hone your other keywords around your content as well as your domain name.

Picking the right domain for your website is the foundation of your project and can make all the difference. Why struggle to come up with an idea when there are so many lonely domains up for sale?


These are the main benefits of buying a used domain name on an auction site or even directly from the original owner.

As someone who has built from scratch and bought off of auction sites, buying the domains at auction has made my life a million times easier. Content creation is my strength. My newest site is getting more traffic than the one I built over a year ago and spent months building links to it.

Do yourself a favor and give it a shot.