Upselling is a vital part of marketing. The goal isn’t just to sell. It’s to keep on selling.

You want lots of customers. You want repeat customers. You want customers to keep coming back and looking for premium services or products.

It’s important that you are able to deliver.

What do I mean, exactly? Here are some examples.


We all shop at Amazon. It has become as American as apple pie.

Want I want you to think about is how often you end up buying extras. Below the item you’re looking for, you’ve sure seen the section marked “frequently sold with this item” or “customers who bought this item also bought this item”.

This is upselling at its finest. It’s something every business should be trying to do. Think of it as a 2-for-1.

The customer comes to your store or website, finds the product or service, pays for it, and then the transaction is complete, possibly forever.

Sure. Many businesses start that way. But if you want yours to grow and continue to be successful, upselling needs to be a priority. If you’re a small company or even a mid-sized business, you can’t possibly compete with Amazon. But you don’t have to. You just need to find the method of upselling that works for your business.


How often do you go out for coffee? The average Amercian goes out multiple times a week just for coffee.

Many modern coffee shops use digital menu boards. Every time you want to add something, it is going to cost you something small, like twenty or thirty cents. So your basic cup of coffee ends up costing you an extra dollar. Everyone adds something to their menus items, costing them extra money.

It’s just change for individual orders, but these upsells help the coffee shop drastically increase profits on a daily basis.

Think back to the last time you bought a computer. Did you buy what you wanted to buy or did you end up upgrading to a better system? Did you pick up a premium keyword or mouse? Did you pay extra for an extended warranty?

All of these examples are upsells.

And they work!

New Businesses

If you have a new business, how do you upsell?

Honestly, don’t worry about it. You need to focus more on branding and marketing and creating the best product or service.

When you come up with a second product or service, that’s when you start looking for upsells.

Get the word out about this new product or service and make sure your upsells are ready on the website. Your employees should be trained to mention upsells, such as warranties and add-ons.

The Takeaway

Upsell. Then upsell some more.

You can do it without being pushy. Amazon does it every day, all day long.

It’s time for your business to grow.

Implement upselling opportunities into your marketing strategy to take your company to the next level.