Marketing can be a tough nut to crack. Fifteen years ago, digital marketing took over the world. Now, there are almost as many agencies as there are clients.

The funny part is that many of them are successful. Once you master digital marketing and you stay on top of updates and changes in the game, you’re pretty much set.

These agencies push email marketing and SEO because the ROI is proven. The strategies work.

But traditional marketing can still work as well. You just need to put a spin on it and try new things. Here are a couple of ideas.


No matter where you go, you will see people sitting, walking down the street, and driving. As bizarre as it is, it has become common to see people doing all of these things while using their phones.

Why not capitalize on this?

Not everyone checks their emails and many people don’t bother to even check their various emails, much less reply to them. Text messages are a much different story. In fact, 97% of people check their text messages regularly and 90% of them are doing so within just a few minutes.

When people fill out your opt-in form or make a purchase in the store, you can and should be getting their phone numbers. Sending mass text messages is a great way to communicate a flash sale or a special coupon or discount for certain users.

As long as you have a way for people to opt out of these messages, you’ll be fine and see a rise in sales.


Streaming is starting to replace television. It’s free to watch and Twitch is currently the biggest platform, with two million streamers and 15 million daily viewers.

If you’re looking to get your ads in front of some new eyeballs, this can be a good place to do it.

Other platforms that show ads include YouTube as well as Sony Crackle, which is a streaming video service similar to Hulu. It’s completely free and ad-supported.

These ads are typically short and geared towards a younger crowd. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you should jump on the opportunities now before these platforms blow up and the ads become too expensive.

Wrapping It Up

Marketing is always going to be hard.

However, those who are willing to be pioneers and try new things can be rewarded handsomely.

I definitely recommend making room in your budget for innovation. Getting your brand in front of new sets of eyes can be an easy steal as far as new markets and customers.