Crypto still makes me nervous. Maybe it’s the fact I was coming of age between 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis. I graduated from college during the aftermath of that crisis.

And then I see the people who are already rich because of cryptocurrency investments and I wonder if my feelings are wrong. Besides, I’m no Luke Skywalker here. I can’t really trust my feelings can I?

There is one bitcoin investor out there who is already a millionaire after seven years and he’s saying everybody should ignore their “feelings” about bitcoin and invest. His name is Erik Finman and he’s only 19.

1. The Kid Who Invested His Birthday Money

Most kids will spend their birthday money on a new video game or toy. And if they get $1,000 dollars for their birthday, then they buy a computer or a virtual reality headset. But not Erik Finman.

Finman bought Bitcoin with his birthday money.

Let’s set aside the fact most kids wouldn’t get even $500 for their 12th birthday (I can’t help but see Erik as a privileged brat, albeit a smart one), but kids like Erik are pretty rare. Finman was a failing student in school. His GPA was an incredible 2.1 and he claims a teacher told him to just drop out and work at McD’s.

He didn’t want to go to college. He even made a bet with his rich parents that if he became a millionaire by the time he turned 18 he could skip college. They agreed and Erik got to skip college.

He took the 1k Euros his grandmother had given him to invest in college and bought bitcoins in 2011. Bitcoins were only 10 Euros a piece at the time. But those 100 $10 Bitcoins he bought turned into 401 $8,512 Bitcoins.

Erik Continued to Invest

Some people might sit on their wealth like a dragon and his treasure. Erik did no such thing.  

Once his investments hit $100,000, he sold them and started a company called Botangle. After growing his company, he sold it for 300 bitcoins.

His interests are varied as he’s invested in Nasa recently. He’s helping them launch research satellites into space.

The kid is busy. He speaks at various conferences and he manages his family’s bitcoin investments.

This should be a lesson to any teacher who has given up on a student. We’re talking about a kid who had a 2.1 GPA and dropped out of high school here.

Crypto is the Future

Erik Finman believes cryptocurrency is the future. Fiat currency is still the norm right now, but he believes it’s not different than bitcoin and other crypto. It’s just numbers and make-believe money the same as government-backed money.

Some people have claimed that crypto is nothing more than Monopoly money. A plaything for people who like to make bets. But people like Erik believe it’s going to supplant other currencies one day.

It’s the libertarian dream. A currency that’s unregulated and free of any one government. And it’s an extremely cyberpunk version of our future.

But he does admit that cryptocurrency technology will have to change.  Right now, to mine bitcoin 343 megawatts or the equivalent of 285,833 U.S. homes (average) is what it takes. That’s a conservative estimate.

In the U.S. we’ve moved to more environmentally friendly energy production methods. But most crypto-miners are in China where the country relies heavily on coal-produced energy. Thus, crypto is destructive to the environment as it stands.

The crypto-mining business has inflated the price of PC’s as well. Four years ago, you could be a powerful PC for under $1000. No longer.

Gaming machines use GPUs or graphics cards for rendering images on a screen. Crypto mining machines use them to mine cryptocurrencies. When demand goes up so does price.

Gamers are up in arms about it, but perhaps they should invest in cryptocurrencies so they can afford their gaming hobby.

Finman Tells Millennials (and Founders) to Invest

Some people think Finman is an idiot teenager. But he’s one of the leaders of the next generation of investors. And if he can convince two whole generations to invest in crypto, his cyberpunk dreams might just become a reality.

What does Finman suggest young people do to get enough money to invest in Bitcoin? Find something they love doing. Start a YouTube channel, start a brand, do something and turn a profit from it.

He also believes you should invest ten percent of your income in Bitcoin. The general concensus is that you should invest 20% of your income in retirement for comparison. Mentions that people should be on the look out for the Bitcoin Revolution trading app that is bound to be invented some time soon. When the act of trading and storing bitcoin becomes easier and mainstream, you will see it boom.

He does give two warnings. Only invest money you are willing to lose and if you are trading in Etheruem, get an Ethereum Wallet at edge. You need the safety it provides and simple cannot afford the risk.

This is why many Wall Street gurus say it’s a bad idea. Crypto is extremely risky according to traditional financial wisdom. It’s already taken one huge tumble and it’s entirely possible it will completely tank one day.

It’s Your Fault If You’re Not a Millionaire in 10 Years

This sounds like a something a kid would say. But you’ve got to remember the kid who said it is actually a millionaire.

Now, not all of us get $1000 as birthday money. But many people in the Millennial generation have at least that much in savings. What would happen if they all invested in crypto?

Now that’s a thought to chew on. If you want more investment and entrepreneurial news, check out the rest of

By Ben Mattice

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