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If you’re looking to make money, it’s important to understand the tools of your trade and have the technical knowledge to wield your tools with confidence.

But soft skills are equally critical in the quest to pay the bills. And that’s something they don’t teach you in school.

Soft skills overlap as personality traits, meaning they are inherent to some people but not to others. If you’re missing any of these soft skills it’s important that you expand on them quickly if you want to get paid.

7 Easy Soft Skills That Pay the Bills

In an age where anyone can learn anything thanks to the internet, it’s important to brush up on these 7 soft skills if you are going to remain competitive and relevant in the digital marketplace.

#1 Communication

Marketing your business online is all about mastering the art of communication.

Just as it is essential that you communicate appropriately with colleagues, customers, contractors and other people you come in contact with in your pursuit to get rich, you must also use proper internet communication etiquette for digital marketing.

For instance, communication on your social websites should reflect your company’s culture, mission, and values. No matter who is doing the posting for your business, one unified voice should shine through.

That’s just good branding!

#2 Enthusiasm and Attitude

If you’re going to have a lifestyle that allows you to pay the bills, you’ve got to maintain the right attitude.

Let’s face it. There are going to be long nights spent nursing a cup of coffee or ten, working on your digital marketing and SEO strategy.

And guess what? The next day, the world isn’t going to stop for you. No one is going to want to regale what you learned about Google Hummingbird.

But don’t let it get you down.

Only you get to choose how you approach each day, so make it count by keeping a positive attitude that reflects your integrity and inspires those around you.

But when all else fails, reclaim your time when you learn about 5 simple on-page optimization tips.

#3 Networking

Many professionals agree that one of the most effective ways to pay the bills and keep them paid is by staying active in your network.

In influencer and digital marketing, it’s important that you cover all the networking bases on your social accounts.

This includes marketing to friends, groups and staying in front of your current customers using resources like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Post schedulers make it easy to stay in touch with your audience when they need to hear from you the most.

#4 Teamwork

Whether you are an influencer, working behind a webcam, or a manager of a digital marketing agency, you have to be able to work within a team to achieve your goals.

In fact, working with other people (i.e. teammates) is an essential life skill that really can’t be avoided, even by the most discerning hermit. (I’m looking at you, social influencers.)

Teamwork helps people hone skills like patience, cooperation and inspires them to come up with creative solutions that are important to any business model.

The whole premise of teamwork is that if we all work together this life will be a little bit easier. If you’re trying to pay the bills, that’s advice you can take to the bank.

#5 Critical Thinking

We all know there’s more than one way to fry an egg, but how many creative solutions can you think of when put on the spot?

If the answer is not many, you might be someone embodies the principles of absolute thinking. But not everything is black and white. In fact, on the internet things rarely are as they seem.

In order to come up with the next creative blog idea or marketing strategy to pay the bills, you’ll need to display critical thinking. Luckily this skill can be learned because it’s an important one.

#6 Professionalism

Over the years the idea of professionalism has changed.

And while many companies now have a culture that allows for business casual attire, there are some tenets of professionalism that still ring true today and always.

These include things like being respectful of your audience’s time, formulating a content strategy that includes helpful, relevant information and becoming a thought leader.

#7 Perfection

This is a joke.

But wouldn’t it be so much easier if we could all just be perfect? It’s possible you won’t ever have a personality that encompasses all of these soft skills, perfectly.

But if you can be your authentic self, you’re on the right track to being able to pay the bills. It’s essential to make sure your original personality shines through online whether that be on a business website or social post.

On the world wide web, nothing will make you stand out more than using your own unique voice. But remember to be #6, always be a professional, because the internet also never forgets.

Get the Skills and Get Paid

It’s really as simple as these three steps:

  1. Get the skills that get you paid
  2. Apply them to your digital marketing and customer communications for optimal success
  3. Then watch as you pay the bills each month

But just because it’s a simple concept, doesn’t make it easy.

If you make these soft skills a part of your everyday life, it will make your journey better one.

Evidence suggests a high propensity for failure puts entrepreneurs in a downward spiral that can lead to foul mood and depression.

Embodying these traits is not only an essential part of creating success in your business but also important when handling the disappointment of inevitable bumps along the road.

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By Ben Mattice

Benjamin Mattice is a freelance writer/editor, horror and sci-fi writer, SEO and affiliate marketing newbie, dog wrestler, cat wrangler, capoeirista, and long distance runner. He lives in the Palouse with his wife, three dogs, two cats, and two rats. Yes, that would probably be considered a mini-zoo.