WordPress has completely changed the way websites and blogs are created on the internet today. It’s tough to imagine the online world of content creation and the internet without WordPress. In short, there would probably be hundreds of millions of fewer websites on the internet today.

With WordPress now in its teenage years, the free CMS platform has made it extremely easy for anyone to get started with a website or blog of their own, with little to no technical experience required. At the same time, WordPress themes and plugins have also completely revolutionized the way websites not only create content, but also engage with their audiences.

Even the world of web hosting has been transformed thanks to WordPress. In previous years web hosting services were all about shared hosting and sticking as many websites on a server as they could. Now there are many web hosting services dedicated to WordPress hosting and making sure performance and following WordPress speed tips are always a top priority. It’s even gotten to the point where users don’t even need to download and install the software on new hosting accounts, it’s already pre-installed and live for them to start using right away.

7 Surprising WordPress Facts to Blow Your Mind

With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at seven surprising WordPress stats and facts that you probably didn’t know.

WordPress was first released in 2003.

In the world of the internet, not many businesses can stand the test of time and the ever-changing environment. However, WordPress is one of the most valued and treasured names to come out of 2003, along with LinkedIn and Mozilla. Which of the three will last the longest?

It’s “WordPress”, Not “WordPress”

Everyone loves to be corrected on their grammar and to receive emails on blog post misspellings. However, few people have a hatred for misspellings more than the WordPress cult group. Make sure to always capitalize the “W” and the “P” in WordPress.

Want to Create a WordPress Resource Site?

One of the main reasons why WordPress has found so much success online is due to that fact that it’s an open-source platform and there are so many resources out there for it. WordPress doesn’t mind if you create a resource site and teach others how to use the software. Just make sure you don’t use “WordPress” in the domain name. Go with “wp” instead.

All Your Internet Belongs to WordPress.

When it comes to starting a new website or blog, WordPress is simply dominating every other platform out there. Right now the software is at 27%, in reference to how many of the top 10 million websites are running the software. The crazy thing is that these numbers and share percentage continue to increase daily.

More WordPress Themes and Plugins Please.

Along with everything else that WordPress has completed changed and revolutionized on the internet, it would be a huge mistake to not mention WordPress themes and plugins. With more than 50,000+ plugins and 4,500+ themes in the WordPress.org directory, millions of designers, developers, agencies, and organizations have created complete business models based around creating and updating plugins and themes for the CMS.

The Future of WordPress and Where We are Headed

It’s tough to look at WordPress today and say where it will be in a few years from now, although it’s likely that blogging won’t be going anywhere soon. This is especially true the internet still rapidly changing, and much of the world now using their mobile devices for internet usage. No matter what changes are to take place, we can likely say that WordPress is here to stay. Since it’s an open source platform, the community as a whole will continue to work together to make sure it evolves with the industry and makes the process of site building and content creation not only easier than ever before but also better than any other platform out there can do.

By zacjohnson

Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of online marketing and business experience. Follow his blogs at ZacJohnson.com and Blogging.org.