This is an amazingly awesome and wise post that my friend Justin Goff of Gym Junkies put on FaceBook.  I have posted it with his permission.

If I could sit down with all the recent high school and college graduates and impart some wisdom on them, this is what I’d tell them…

  1. School doesn’t teach you shit about how to manage, save and invest money. The amount of money you KEEP will have a major impact on your quality of life until the day you die. So it’s worth learning the basics. Simply sticking money into your 401k or an index fund from the day of your first job will put you far ahead of everyone else. Money compounds over time, and you can’t make up for missed years. The smartest thing to do is to start saving and investing NOW. Starting at 22 is much better than starting at 32. If you want a simple roadmap, read the Bogleheads Guide to Investing. It’s easy to understand and you’ll be ahead of 90% of investors by simply reading this book.
  2.  I’ve been both broke and rich. If you think you’ll be happier or more fulfilled with a lot of money, I can tell you that you won’t. Having money is certainly better than not having money. A flat tire when you’re rich is an annoyance.
    A flat tire when you’re broke is a catastrophic event. I encourage everyone to be as wealthy as they want to be, but don’t count on money to fill some type of void in your life, because it never will.
  3.  Your job will take up the majority of your day. Make sure you you put REAL thought into what you want to do and how you want your life to run. The best job you can have is something that you enjoy, that you find fulfilling, and that you can make good money doing. If you’re lucky enough to find that, then hold onto it.
  4.  The secret to making a lot of money is to find one highly-paid skill and become a master at it. Being a jack-of-all-trades is not as profitable as being GREAT at one thing. If you had no other skills other than the ability to write hit pop songs, you’d be very, very wealthy. Nobody in the real world cares if you’re well rounded. I can’t tell you one thing I learned in algebra, biology or latin class. But I’m damn good at writing sales copy, and creating sales funnels for online businesses – and I made a lot of money by simply being very good at that one skill.
  5. The best time to take a risk is when you’re young. If you want to start your own business, or change jobs or freelance, then do it while you’re young and have no responsibilities. If everything falls apart, so what…Go get a bartending job at night if you have to to make ends meet. If you think it will be easier to take a risk down the road, you’re dead wrong. Once you have bills, kids, a mortgage and a good paying job, the chances of you leaving your job and doing something else is 0%. You have too much responsibility at that point. So if you have a passion for something, or if you want to start something on your own, do it while you’re young.

I’m sure there’s more I can add to this, but these were a few of the “big ideas” that I wish I would have known when I was younger.

What would you add to this? What’s something you wish you knew when you were graduating high school or college that you know now?

By Justin Goff

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