There used to be a time when husbands and wives who were left at home while their partners went off to conferences had to worry about whether they were really at the conference or if they jetted off on some romantic holiday with someone else.  Well, now they really should be worrying about what goes on at those conferences instead.  And if you value your marriage and are thinking about hitting up a conference?  You would do well to skip the whole conference scene all together, or limit it to a single day “get in early and leave late” plan rather than be tempted with a lonely night in your hotel room that might not end up being lonely after all.

There are plenty of SEOs (both male and female) who will wax poetic about their spouse and their kids, post copious pictures on their Facebook and Twitter of their happy families and how they have just the best life ever – yet at a search or affiliate conference, those ones are more likely to hookup with someone at the conference than the single ones.  And if you are one of those walking the dark side of your marriage, even if you think you are keeping it on the down low and no one could possibly know, someone is going to see you doing the walk of shame at 5am in the clothes you wore the night before, notice the flirty little glances being passed between a couple who have each left their spouse at home, or speculate because you both happened to leave the bar or party at the same time.

Think these are just a one time thing and possibly a one time lapse in judgment can be acceptable?  Some are pretty long standing affairs, covering multiple conferences, all the while husbands and wives are being supportive at home and looking after their dog and 2.3 kids.  One guy is bringing back a different chick to his hotel room at every conference he attends – although others have definitely placed him in the “avoid at all costs” hookup category so he is now resorting to conference newcomers or those still in awe of his status in the industry.

And in case you are wondering, yes some men and women are secretly talking about who they bang at conferences.  And actually if you aren’t a speaker or well known in the industry, people will talk about it more because there definitely is a code of silence amongst the well known regulars at conferences where even if they know someone is cheating, they won’t blab about it to everyone.  Plus, if everyone is talking about some guy from a link building company exhibitor hooking up with a super hot booth babe from an analytics company, that means there are less people talking about their own conference hookups.  Deflect people!

And what about if said spouse or partner comes along to one of the cool destination conferences?  Let’s just say having a spouse in the same hotel room does nothing to cool the ardor some of these relationships, and some of those “meetings” they can’t miss are actually happening in the horizontal position in a hotel room.  Pretty ballsy but it definitely happens.

Numerous marriages have broken up over these SEO industry affairs and yes, including those who were always going on about how perfect their spouse at home was.  And as you can imagine, there are definitely a few times where people have left their spouse to start up a permanent relationship with their conference hookup – although if you are crazy enough to do that, I just have to remind you once a cheater, always a cheater.  And think it is just the hot young 20-somethings of the industry having wild, crazy monkey sex?   Let’s just say that cheaters come in all ages, shapes and sizes when it comes to this wild industry – even the ones you’d swear would never ever do it.

So, you love your hubby or wifey and think you can’t be tempted?  SEO conferences are just as much a meeting of the minds as anything else, and some are surprised at just how sexy it is to be able to talk to hours on end about all things search – things their real partners back home get the eyes-glazed-over look at the mention of something about Google or Yahoo – and a lot of conference affairs happen because that industry sexiness turns into real sex pretty damn fast.  Because isn’t it romantic to finish doing the deed then lounge in bed naked while talking about Panda recovery techniques?  Well, I know a lot of you reading this have done just that if you have ever had a conference hookup.

And for those hoping I’d name names, sorry :)  Although chances are pretty good you know more than a handful of them!

Just to add re:netmeg’s comment below – It sure wouldn’t take much for someone to start a bit of rumor mill saying “Hey, I saw SEO Chick this morning coming out of SEO Guy’s room wearing her short red dress from last night” even if it never happened, simply to simply influence other’s perceptions of certain people.  SEOs have definitely started untrue rumors as revenge for business relationships gone bad, as retaliation for negative SEO and personal relationships gone bad.  Isn’t this a wonderful industry we work in?


By seobitch

Seobitch is a pen name for a well known female expert in the SEO industry that most of you likely already follow. She has more than a dozen years experience and is a very respected expert in the field. Seobitch can be controversial but writes about issues that most people are afraid to talk about due to their employers, clients or friends. She also loves to tackle industry issues from a different point of view than what you normally see the "complainers" of the industry complaining about. She is also open to suggestions for future topics you would like to see the SEObitch tackle.

35 thoughts on “SEO Conferences May Be Dangerous To Your Marriage”
  1. It’s true. Even I have heard specific stories (sworn to secrecy, but if people will tell *me*, who knows who else they tell) and I’m pretty far outside the mainstream, having never even been to a conference nor met any of the people involved. It has definitely, um, influenced my perceptions about people, and what I thought I knew about them.

  2. It’s doesn’t matter what type of conference;
    I’ve seen it at “farming” conferences as well.

    1. So, instead of “lounge in bed naked while talking about Panda recovery techniques”, they lounge in bed naked talking about the drought conditions, government subsidies or the new milking equipment they need for the cows….lol

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  4. The real danger of SEO conferences is how conferences purport that all the speakers are experts on SEO and how the experts purport their tricks and tips will work for everyone.

    I’m not at all amused by events like SEOMoz… You can get all the content and info at SEOMoz online for free why pay to go listen to someone talk?

  5. I’ve read this blog for years, and I can easily say that your posts are the most entertaining ones I’ve read in a LONG time on here

    Keep it up!

  6. May favorite is when people who are doing this talk shit about other people who are doing it.

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    1. Could you better explain why girls that are hotter than you are funny? I always see this in female circles. “Wow that hot chick over there just sitting around looking hot is so funny to me *giggles*”

      Perhaps I’m missing the joke? Do you picture them performing stand-up comedy in your head?

  8. What really makes me laugh are the girls who hook up with married men and think they are going to have a real relationship with them…. hunny you are just the side girl and will never be anything

    1. Surely you don’t actually believe that young hot chicks never steal men away from their husbands.

      Does the idea of that happening seem so ridiculous to you that it makes you laugh? If so, bad news, fact is that happens all the time… America’s divorce rate didn’t get where it is today on old ugly women’s efforts.

  9. i say if you are single have fun and “hook up” with people but if you are married really the affair is going to go no where

  10. Very sad.. but true. Men or women who do this at conferences disgust me. You have a family if you do not want that family and want to live a different life style then get a divorce

  11. The conference scene just seems like a bunch of delusional narcissistic walking around trying to make themselves feel important. That whole thing about “The most important information is at the bar afterwards” is so lame and overdone.

  12. Now this is going too much to other things. Many things can cause issues in marriage but understanding is important to prevent them.

  13. SEO Conferences are going way off the topics in this sense. This conferences has started becoming a get together party for SEOs.

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  15. High moral standards* (*High moral standards are where you always do what you think is right, not what you can get away with.)

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