The alarm clock sounds and it is time to wake up for another amazing day.  You have 24 hours to make the most of it.  But wait a minute, you have probably already slept through 4-6 hours already so you are looking at more like 18-20 hours available to make the most of it.

You may have:

  •  A full-time job
  • A family
  • And many other things on your plate

Now, you have decided to start an online business.

What were you thinking?

The idea sounded great in the beginning.  You just work a few hours a day and the cash just starts pouring in so you can live the life of your dreams.

Well, reality has set in now.  And you realize, on online business is still…wait for it…a business.

It still requires time, focus, and a learning curve.

So, how do you find time for online business with a full time job?

That is the question.

The short answer is it takes sacrifice and you just have to dig deep and find time anywhere you can.

But I’m not going to just leave you hanging with that answer.

I will share a few ideas and tips that have helped me find time with a full-time job.

The tips I will cover include:

  1. Do your most important thing first
  2. Replace music with audiobooks
  3. Maximize flight layovers
  4. Maximize long fights
  5. Gym time
  6. Lunch breaks
  7. Cutting back on social media (Oh yeah, it’s on the list)
  8. Replacing television time
  9. Replacing movie time
  10. Before you fall asleep

So, are you ready?

Then let’s jump right into this…

Do Your Most Important Thing First

Determine what is the most important thing in your business that absolutely must be done today.  Then do that first.  It may be something simple or it may be more difficult but it is the most important thing for your business.  So do it first.

Have you ever gone through an entire day…were extremely busy the whole day…and got nothing accomplished?

This strategy will help you avoid those situations and ensure you find time for online business.

You may be thinking about other things that you have to do when you fist wake up.

You could wake up earlier to make time for your most important business task.

Replace Music With Audiobooks

Just take a moment and think about the times when you listen to music.  It’s common to listen to music when you are driving.

Now, think about how often you drive and how much time you spend in the car.

It may be a short amount of time or it could be an hour or more when you commute to and from your job.

You could replace music with audiobooks so you can still be productive even while driving.  Just make sure it’s not a book that will put you to sleep.

There are books for practically everything.

Most problems that you face, someone has probably already faced it, figured it out, and wrote a book about it. 

Whether you require self improvement or want to learn marketing and business strategies, you can seek audiobooks to learn while you’re on the go.

Maximize Flight Layovers

If you travel for your current job, online business, or vacation, layovers are a great time to catch up.  Layovers typically just turn into wasted time.  You are just sitting around, people watching, and surfing the web.

If you only have 24 hours a day to make the most of it, couldn’t you spend this time more productively?

Maximize Long Flights

Since we are on the topic of traveling, long flights is another great time when you can find time for online business.

If you don’t have (or want to pay for) internet access, just make sure you get everything you need from online during your layover.

If you are a blogger, you can write articles or just brainstorm in a document and upload it later.

Want to go old school?  You could write on a notepad or journal.  Then type it up later.

You just have to find what works best for you.

Sometimes, inspiration strikes just from looking around the airplane, seeing how people interact, and talking to strangers.

Gym Time

What do you think about when you are at the gym?

You may be thinking about:

  • Your workout and if you will survive
  • Other people around you
  • Things on your “To Do” list
  • Motivational thoughts
  • And the list goes on…

During this time, if you listen to music, you could replace it with audiobooks.

If you are doing cardio that doesn’t require much focus, you can use that time to plan for your business.

You can:

  • Think about your goals and how you can achieve them
  • Review the progress of your business tasks for the day
  • Think about new ideas
  • Observe and learn from your environment

Replacing Television Time (Couch Potato Time)

Look, I get it.  They have all kinds of shows on television, Netflix, Hulu, etc and you just don’t want to miss the latest episode.

You may be excited about:

Whatever shows keep you glued to the television, computer, or tablet, this is time away from building your business and pursuing your dreams.

So you have to make sacrifices.  These are small sacrifices for your long term goals.

Does that mean you can never watch TV ever again?

Absolutely not.

It just means you could sacrifice more in the beginning.

During Lunch Breaks

Depending on the amount of time you have for lunch breaks, you may be able to squeeze in some time for online business.  You could pack small snacks to carry you through the day.  Then use your lunch time for business.

Or you could even split your lunch time so you can eat something quick and then knock out some quick business tasks.

You just have to figure out what works best for you.

Cutting Back on Social Media

Do you think you spend too much time on social media?  For most people, the answer is Yes.  You can get lost in social media for hours if you allow it.

Have you ever commented on a friend’s Facebook post? And then for the rest of the day, you get notifications every time someone else comments?

I don’t know if that still happens but I know that used to annoy and distract me.

Rather than getting caught up on social media, just set aside a few minutes a day for your social media fix.  Then you can use the previously wasted time for business tasks.

During Movie Time – sacrifice

Movies are great whether you watch them at home or at the movie theater.  The problem is movies can take up a decent chunk of your time, sitting through the previews and then the movie.

I’m not opposed to movies, but a little sacrifice now could lead to having more time freedom in the future.

Then you could watch the latest movie in the middle of the day on a weekday when the theater is not crowded.  It’s one of the little things that can mean so much.

Before You Fall Asleep

At this time, you may be exhausted and ready to call it a night, but you could do just a little more.  Couldn’t you?

You could:

  • Take a moment and review your progress for the day
  • Read a few pages of a book
  • Think about all the things you are grateful for
  • Think about how you will rock the next 24 hours

We just covered 10 ways to find time for online business.   It’s not always easy but it’s worth it.  A little sacrifice here and there could add up to some amazing results for your business.

At the end of the day, you have 24 hours to make the most of it.  Think about that at the beginning and the end of your day.

It doesn’t have to be perfect and maybe it will take time to improve, but this is a great start.  Try some  (or all) of these tips and see what works for you.

Do you have some tips you want to share?  Comment below.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. Great tips!

    I find it really important to do the important things first. Otherwise, it easily gets forgotten or procrastinated.

    When the important things are done I even find it easier to relax.

  2. I am an experienced Internet Marketer with over 6 years experience but i do have a full time job. The thing is i utilize my weekends efficiently to answer emails and to make sure all my websites and blogs are working etc. So it is just a case of how you manage your time effectively. Thanks for the tips anyhow!

  3. Great information, getting prioritized is a must. You get a sense of accomplishment when you do the most important things first. I am OCD about being organized. Thanks for the tips.

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