IMO there are 2 kinds of people in this world. Those who want freedom and those who want security. I consider myself a freedom person. I never could work for a company very long because I quickly discovered that no matter how much I thought I had a say in the company’s dealings I really did not. I became super frustrated and before long adopted the “could give a shit” attitude. This of course resulted in my getting fired. Its easy to see now but at the time it was very frustrating. After I was fired the last time I remember my wife (then girlfriend) saying “why don’t you just do your job”. It was a good question…. And while I was not lazy I also could have given 2 craps about working for someone else.

Now my wife is different. She is a security person. She sees the end goal then does everything to reach that end goal. She went to school forever then on to medical school then even on to a long residency in anesthesia all of this for security. While she will probably never pull down revenues that I do she has nothing to worry about with her job. She loves working for her private practice group and she is happy with her vote on things even though she does not have any authority to make a final decision.

But here is the kicker. Its her security job that allows me to do my freedom job. In the end we have both worlds with the financial power of freedom mixed with the security that comes from her job as a anesthesiologist.

I was talking to a friend who owns several local businesses the other day about this very thing. We both kind of agreed its a awesome thing that there are so many security people out there who are satisfied to work 9-5 and make their owners (or stockholders) rich.

So are you a freedom or security person?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. FREEDOOMMMM is my call also. It would be SOOOOOOooooo tough if i ever had to go back to 9to5.

  2. Freedom. However the wife is a security person and since she stays at home with our 6 mo old it can make things hectic if my income drops even slightly. I know that my income will fluctuate so I try to keep the details from her. She gets her security from me saying “Business is Good” =P

  3. I’m an australian who packed up everything, quit his job and moved to thailand to live fulltime… i’ve been here about 6 months now, i’d never go back to work fulltime, i’ve never been a good employee, and when i was i had lots of freedom (almost my own hours, manager of a department).

    still, nothing beats working for yourself, i’ve just started a business and marketing blog, going to share my knowledge and see if i can build some wealth from some online streams 🙂

  4. I agree, it would be really bad to have to go back to 9 to 5. I’m working 9 to midnight for myself though..still, you can’t have it all!

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  6. I’m definitely a freedom person, I think you have to be to make any serious money in this field. If you’re not willing to work hard for yourself and prefer guidance you’ll never get that far.

  7. I am still in the middle, I like to be directed by someone but on the other hand I like to do thing my way and often in my job I talk back finding better ways to do the job to save my energy:)
    When I have freedom than I cant push myself to work hard. So I need kind of both 🙂

  8. I am a freedom person that will be going back to work to provide the security our family needs so my wife can cut work hours back to be with our daughter. It pains me to have to go back to 9-5 but it will be doing something I love (web dev) for a local college (hopefully). I am keeping my freedom hope alive with the apartments and a developing hauling biz and affiliate marketing.

  9. Freedom all the way baby! Though I can definitely agree with you on how a Freedom/Security relationship works. Making money online is the best job ever… but constantly changing… you may never know where and how much your next check just might be? Luckily for the big players in the market, they get a little bit of both.

  10. I’m a freedom person trapped in a security mindset. I have a goal of realizing that freedom mindset, but need the ideas and initial bankroll to get started. My wife is well on her way, in her security job, to give me the opportunity.
    btw. . . My favorite line from the movie: “The good lord says he can get me out of this mess, but he’s pretty sure you’re foooked”.

  11. I have my feet on both lines right now. Working from security to major freedom in my spare time. Great post!

  12. Good post! I’m in the transition at the moment… I really wanna have the freedom, but reality is that I might have to get a job for security for now 🙁 (gotta eat & pay rent) – but I’ll still continue to go for freeeeeeeeedom!!

  13. very good post!!!

    i’ve worked a couple of years for my security and now i’ll try the freedom.

  14. I definitely fall in the freedom category. I held a job for a whopping 9 months before I quit to do affiliate marketing full time. My wife falls into the security category, she’s going to school to learn how to do optometry. Although I’m slowing convincing her how awesome freedom really is! 🙂

    We’re supporting ourselves fulling on my affiliate income, not dependent on “the man” for anything. GREAT feeling!

  15. Freedom but I need still need the security of my 9-5 to pay the bills. Which brings up another question i’ve been struggling with:

    If I were to quit my 9-5, I’d spend all my time on my business. Would I then make it work? I think so…


  16. Freedom is the best of course but, the right ingredients need to be in place for this to occur. Having a spouse with a steady income, being reasonably young, having great ideas, be proactive…

    Its not that easy but its achievable if you really work hard for it.

  17. Now that I’m about to finish university I’ll do 9-5 in the online marketing industry for a few years while growing my own business and the go for freedom 🙂

  18. No one who’s a security person could ever earn his money as an online affiliate. So I don’t think many security people will read your post at all.

    For me: I worked after school one year as an employee (code monkey). Never ever again will I do that. There’s no way to get me to work in a 9-5 job.

  19. Hi Amit,
    yes it truly is Freedom for Men and security for Women
    My Quote
    “Freedom is all I want,
    Freedom is all I shall have.”


  20. I think its like this in most households. Women like security while men like freedom.

  21. “They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety and will lose both”.

    Preach it Ben Franklin.

  22. The morale here would be to marry your opposite, so you maintain some kind of balance.

    I’m more of a freedom person, too. God knows I want security, but not at the cost of sacrificing what I feel is right. Does that even make sense at all?!

  23. I’m a freedom person, but when I reach the numbers that you’re pushing I would definitely work on my management skills so that I won’t have to be the one that gets everything done and make every decision.

    Will my business go down the crapper when I do that, probably 🙂

  24. Great Post!!! Gotta go with Freedom…Though before i was security person though after opening my eyes i would rather have freedom any day…

  25. I think it’s important to note that it doesn’t really matter either way. If you do what you love, being called a person of freedom or security turns into irrevelant gibberash.

    People too often don’t follow their dreams and simply settle for what they have, whether it be a 9-5 job or whatever.

    In the end, it will not matter whether you make $100,000 or $100,000,000 a year. Success isn’t dependent on money, fame, or any other complex too many people have… success is happiness.

    I’ve been on both sides of the game… both poor and rich (to me anyway), both important and unimportant. Neither makes you any more happy.

    Being too freedom oriented will lead to big problems while too much of a security mindset will ultimately lead to stagnation. With everything else, somewhere in the middle is the right place to be.

  26. What about the third category? Lazy… I am definitely a lazy person. I can’t work hard for myself or anyone else.

  27. I’ve always owned my own business. I found out that you not really free even then. There are always city, state, and government rules or taxes as a barrier to small business owners. Or there is some big corporation that will just steal your idea if you have a great one. I do think you (Shoemoney) are at the point where you are almost your own FREE person. I think your ad companies will ultimately give you that ultimate freedom….

  28. Me yes.. I would have never had the balls to go after it without my wife having a secure job with benefits and all that. Now some guys, like John Reese go after it without any security and to them i really give it up.

  29. Jermey,
    From My understanding by reading numerous books on relationships Men prefer Freedom and Women security. This point was very well mentioned in Men are From Mars and Women from Venus, Same in the book 5 Love languages.


  30. I am a freedom person, of course. How could you not be? Speaking of Independence Day (or ‘The Fourth’): That is the great thing about the Declaration of Independence – We have the right to strip from power those who take away our freedom.

    So why are George Bush and his evil gargoyle “Dick the Dick” still in the Whitehouse?

  31. I’m in the same boat as you Shoe, My wife and I left Yale University, she went to Yale Med and now working at one of the best hospitals in the world John Hopkins in “GI”. Michelle is the stable long haul, I’m the freedom ringer!!

    This may change later in life.. for now I love freedom.


  32. Freedom is the key to everything!
    Give me freedom and let me manage the security by myself!

  33. Hmm … I don’t really understand one without the other. I need a solid foundation topped off with a healthy dose of speculation.

    So, freedom or security? I Gotta have both.

  34. I definitely have the freedom mindset; however, I’m still trying to get the freedom part to pay my bills. Until then, my security job is doing that.

  35. I’m definitely a freedom guy, while my wife is also 100% security focused, going to school forever, plus a little more for good measure, then going the “safe” corporate route.

    In the 90s, I worked for a large clothing retailer as a store manager, and my district manager told me this –

    “Scott, not only do we want you to NOT ‘think outside the box’ but we wish you would just stay in the damn box!”


    I prefer having the freedom to make my own security, and that’s when I knew I had to go out on my own, (making my wife REALLY nervous) and I’ve never looked back.

  36. Shoe, Would your wife be interested in adopting me?

    I’m a freedom man myself, but I’m open to all possibilities! 😀

  37. As another poster pointed out, freedom can be illusory. If it’s not regulation, it’s the global machinations of megacorporations, G8 functionaries or the plutocrats who toy with both. And security can be illusory for the exact same reasons. The era of the lifetime career with a gold watch and pension at the end is long past.
    The survival traits to counteract such realities are the same as they’ve always been: intelligence, adapability, and innovation, along with a modicum of discretion (Steve Rubell needn’t have told a reporter that only the mafia made more money than Studio 54, after all).

  38. I agree that once you are making more than enough money to “get by” the money starts to not matter as much.

    People without money are more likely to take crappy jobs to make the money they need, while people with money are going to focus more on finding something that they enjoy doing.

    Thanks to the internet there’s those of us who can mess around on their computer all day, something we’d be doing no matter where we were working, and make a living out of it.

  39. Excellent 4th of July post.

    I just quit a cherry high paying job w/ no responsibilities, working 2 days a week, awesome benefits, cool bosses, 5 minute commute, and fun atmosphere.

    Either I really want freedom or I’m retarded.

    There’s a voice telling me I’m just lazy, but I don’t think that’s it. You’re an inspiration Jeremy, thanks for the reminder.

  40. What a great post. Is it always the men that are the ‘freedom’ types. I also left a well paying job at a huge company to start up a local used book shop walking distance from my home. Could only do this as my wife had her security job to pay the bills. Aren’t wives a nifty thing?

  41. WOW!!! So glad to have read your article and these postings, I really needed a comradery boost!

    I just kissed my 10 yr emergency room nursing job good-bye a month ago. Oh yeah!.. I’m a woman & I’m a FREEDOM person!.. Just threw security to the wind because I wasn’t living up to my potential and I was tired of being choked to death by routine, boredom, death, etc… Took my savings and started a corporation with my previous business experience. HOWEVER, my husband-to-be, the Security person, has been a nervous wreck ever since because we can’t survive off of his retirement check, even though I paid all the bills & living expenses for next 3 months!.. Guess he doesn’t realize I’ll always have my nursing license as a cushion if all else fails!.. Think he’ll still marry me?..

    Hope he’ll understand in the long run!.. Gotta breathe!.. Life’s too short!..

    Wishes to all the Freedom riders — health, wealth & happiness… And to the Secured ones — faith, hope, & charity… Win or Lose we all have the right to seek Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness… and for some… by any means necessary!

  42. I am also from Australian and now travelling around Asia – seems like a common theme. I am in Laos now, but will probably go to Thailand next month.

  43. I freaking love the way you put this Shoe, I will take my FREEDOM any day. Sometimes I think to myself if I was stupid for refusing certain job offers that would bring the exact security you are talking about. But then, I would have given up FREEDOM and I would not be able to swim two times a day with my 4 and 7 year old. I will take that life any day of the week!

  44. Probably security, based off what you said above. I pick a goal, and reach that goal. If I have a job where I have to work 12 hrs a day for 7 days a week to provide for my family, that is what will happen. Of course it might be better if I was the owner and could do it all myself and become rich, but the worlds doesn’t always deal you that type of good.

  45. I am a mix between the two.

    Definitely lean on the side of freedom, though. Just have to stay up to speed with technology and you’ll be okay :).

  46. I’ve never thought about this before – but it’s true: You could only be free if there is anybody who cares for you. This could be your parents, your friend, your husband or wife – in my case it’s my wife too and a friend who gave me the freedom to make my business here in germany, even when it’s very small and till now with no chance of paying bills.

    In some way it is combined with a bad feeling – so long your efforts does’nt pay for living on this planet.

  47. Macuglick!

    I am straddling the line myself. I want the freedom, but I cannot let go of the 9-5 until Iam making double my salary. Then I will feel comfortable letting go of this branch – I need my hand firmly gripped onto the next…

  48. Having a foot in both camps is the way I would describe myself too, also leaning more to the freedom side. I left my job of 6 years last month (mainly dut to health reasons), but have nothing definite planned.

    On a bigger scale the recent ‘near terrorist attacks’ in London and Glasgow have brought up questions whether we should give up more of our freedoms to have greater security. I would still lean towards the freedom side.

  49. I would definitely say “freedom”, which gives you the opportunities to be more secure.

  50. I agree… the wife needs more of the security… i think thats when we have to realize that a drop is just a temp or permenant… Temp keep it to yourself… permenant it might be time to tell, or hurry up and fine a new niche or means 🙂 I usually go with the 2nd option.

  51. Hey, he wrote anesthesiologist without an error 🙂

    4th of July != Freedom

  52. Are there any freedom girls here? I am a freedom girl. Since there are so many freedom guys out there (either that or lazy), I haven’t a choice but to make a living for myself. So, I decided to do half/half. I spent about three years doing part-time work and doing my own thing on the side. But, then realized that the part-time job paid less than my own thing and they were a bit disrespectful too, and I quit. It wasn’t really security. Multiple streams of revenue – now, that’s security AND freedom. Why pick just one choice off the buffett table when you can eat all you want? For those people who don’t know what to do with freedom, slowly ween yourself from security-based jobs and then you can see whether it’s right for you or not.


  53. I’m a security guy, for the most part – but that’s supplemented with plenty of freedom 🙂

  54. Not if Shoe can help it LOL. Seriously, from reading these posts, I feel that Mrs. Shoemaker compliments Shoe in every way. They’re the perfect pair, no pun intended.

  55. I wouldn’t say “always the men” because there are some of us women who value freedom more than anything. Free spirits rather than happy-go-lucky, I’d say. As I’m sure there are men who prioritize security over all else.

  56. Very well said, Night Nurse. My mother’s a nurse and has been for 25 years now. I totally understand where you’re coming from. All the best to you…cheers!

  57. I have a hard time understanding why my husband puts up with crap at his job. But he likes the security. I’m the opposite. I need the freedom. We may have fewer arguments now (not that we have that many). Understanding is a great thing, isn’t it?

    And you’re right, I need his security for my freedom.

  58. I’m a freedom person. I got this idea of thinking by reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, if you’ve read it you know what I’m talking about. I don’t like security, I like taking risks.

  59. I was working on a blog entry about a similar topic, “job security”. The sad truth is there are no more “secure” jobs – although your wife’s may be one of the few exceptions, but even the medical profession has its definate drawbacks.
    I noted last week that every type of company, from start ups, to tech, to media to goverment jobs, were recently all posting reductions and layoffs.
    Rather than focus on the myth of security, focus on the truth of “work happiness”. Nearly everything worth doing can be done for revenue.

  60. I don’t think I could ever go back to a 9 to 5 even if I tried. I prefer my 8am to 10pm, LOL. I love the freedom of owning my own business and have never looked back.

  61. i’m a freedom person, and my wife is a security person but likes to spend. go figure… the worst thing is to work for a horrible boss who lacks the qualities needed for the job.

  62. I haven’t worked for anyone else for quite a few years now, and I can’t imagine doing so. If I lost everything tomorrow, I would find a way to get back on my feet instead of getting a job. My husband used to be a security person, but he is now a freedom person. This happened because he used to work for me, and I sold the business he was working in.

    Seriously though – it is difficult for me to see having a JOB as being secure. If you own a business, you’re relying on yourself to make sure they money comes in, but if you have a job, you’re relying on other people not to screw up.

  63. Hey, Just wanted to say that you have just described my relationship with my girlfriend. I’m very much a freedom person and she’s a security but hand in hand we make a great team that tackle problems together. Just wanted to share our thoughts with you. Thanks

  64. I too believe in having freedom. I was having a well paying teaching job. But I was noy free to teach the way I wanted. I had to follow the guidelines prescribed by the principal. I quit the job. Now I am teaching students at home.

  65. It always seems that every one who is a freedom person needed something to push them away from the security. I think my bills and style of living keep me in the security realm, but my heart of hearts says, FREEEEEEEEEDOM

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  68. I agree with you. Freedom is a kind of person I am. Sometimes security can turn in to much security and freedom, well you can never have enough freedom so the more freedom the better!

  69. May I’m the exception…woman who likes freedom. Pay all my own bills, mortgage, etc but still prefer freedom to security.

  70. If everyone wanted financial freedom OR everyone wanted financial security, it wouldn’t work. Very similarly, Stefan and I were talking about all these shitty track homes, apartments, condos that people are buying. I would never want to own a condo/apt/track home (you don’t own the land and you are at the mercy of a HOA?! And you PAY for that?). But, the people that don’t care, would rather have the HOA mow their lawn or generally don’t know better, are all up on it. Leaving the truely valuable properties to people that know better…;)

  71. My wife and I have the same set up – she does the 9-5 thing, which allows me to play on the internet all day. 😉

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  73. I am a Freedom kind of guy, I don’t give security as much thought as I probably should. When I’m at a job I have the “Couldn’t give a shit” attitude.

  74. I think am also a freedom person, but in Portugal it seems most of the people are Security persons.

    Most of our investitures just invest in safe investments of banks bahh -.-

  75. Amazing, discovered your web page on Ask.Pleased I finally tested it out. Not sure if its my Opera internet browser,however occasionally when I visit your blog, the fonts are very tiny? Nonetheless, appreciate your website and will check back.Bye

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  77. I’m 100% freedom, stubborn as hell, hate doing anything anyone says, do my own thing, blaze my own trail, never give up, in it to win it. I want to do my own thing and build my own business, not someone else’s!

  78. totally about the lifestyle for me so freedom it is
    im done working for others cant believe i did it for so long

  79. Fear is the biggest obstacle in obtaining Freedom. The majority of people are happy with a 9-5 job and enough money to pay the bills, but in order to obtain that freedom you need to take risk and build your business.

  80. I am both. I think the security from owning assets is even better security than having that job.

    I can have assets in pretty much all areas that you can have a job in, right?

    I can have even more assets than that, just owning gold for example. Isn’t that security?

  81. I believe that I am hybrid of both. Something like Soros he was defined by adversities in his childhood so he learned to anticipate and move ahead of the curve. OK I know he does not get good press today for what he do but I was just trying to make a point. I also am defined by war in Bosnia where I grew up. It was shitty time and we were cornered with no food, no money, war and death everywhere for 4 f-ing years. The only thing I could take out of 90’s was what I took in my head. I was studying on my own without electricity. When war was over I did work safe on my University in Sarajevo but I was doing ‘Internet things’ as freelancer then I have created real business out of it then I started making own websites and at some point I quit my job and I still had programmer job and own websites as a passive revenue stream. Finally when I got green card to move to USA I quit my freelance job and we landed to USA soil with wife and 3 little kids and 250 dollars in cash and Amazon and Google AdSense checks that I had to cash in order to pay security deposit and first rent. Even from there our revenue was not so big we could not even buy health insurance first 6 months but we were snowballing and growing up 7 years straight so today we can employ 41 people around the globe and in meanwhile I started another business that is not online business but manufacturing and retail and thinking on offsetting risk diversifying… so it is hard to say am I just freedom guy having in mind I work for myself and reinvent myself so many times but every step on the way was not so risky with some fallback options.

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