Recently I got my monthly reminder to send the monthly recap as December came to a close. But it’s the 1st of January so then I thought, well maybe I should do a year review.

But it’s actually much bigger than that.

My Google Adsense check, otherwise known as THE Check, was issued September of 2005. 

Yup. I started making my first dollar 10 years ago this year.  My Adwords account was created January 15th 2005.  

I remember the first time I made a dollar in a day. I was so excited to show my wife. It evolved slowly and didn’t do much for a bit.  I actually took it off if my site cause I thought it was too distracting and misleading. 

I focused instead on making my ringtone site awesome.  Then I got fired from my day job and filed for unemployment. I wasn’t in the best shape financially at the time. My girlfriend was in medical school and we were planning a big giant wedding that we were funding ourselves with money we didn’t have. 

So there I was.  Lots of payments and a huge amount of credit card debt. No job. 420 lbs. 

Well at-least I get my $350 a week unemployment check!!

My fiancé encouraged me to work on my website and start working for myself. I had zero confidence this would work. 

With my site my priorities were 99% building a cool site and 1% making money.  Even in the financial position I was in.

Ironically, at the same time, I got a call from a Google Adsense Rep who said she noticed I had a lot of mobile traffic (the site was now doing 100k uniques a day) and that I had a Google Adsense account but wasn’t using it.  She asked if I had any questions or problems and how she can help me get it reimplemented. I told her I honestly didn’t like it cause I thought the ads were a bit misleading and made for a bad user experience.

She said they had a program for people with my concerns and it paid out significantly more. She also said it gave me much more flexibility with the way I wanted to present the ads.  

She was a bit relentless and after analyzing my stats she said she would guarantee that I would be making a minimum $300 a day if what I told her was accurate. 

I was like, ya right, but she was like gimme 10 mins and I’ll walk you through making the ad. She said all i needed was to have access to the server and a little bit of html knowledge or her developer would be available to help and the ad campaign would be up and going in no time.

Here is the funny thing, her remark asking me if I had basic html knowledge motivated me. I was gonna show this chick who she was dealing with and get it up and running on my site in no time.

After a couple of hours of implementing it I was blown away.  In the first 12 hours I had made more money than I ever made in a month working my ass off for “the man”. 

Less than 2 months after implementing, the big check for 132k was produced. 

In those first couple months with Google Adsense I had made more than 2x what I had made my entire life combined. 

How fucked up is that.  Literally a side effect of my hobby, and passion project,  in a couple months made me 2x more money than what I had made in my entire life. 

Obviously, I was completely blown away by this.  But I was confident it wasn’t going to last.  I don’t remember the exact date or time but I put printed out a number in huge font on paper and pinned these around my house.


This number was the exact dollar amount that I needed to make everyday in order to make a million dollars in a year. 

Making money was my new hobby.  I was fascinated by it.  Screw Google Adsense, I was making much more doing direct advertising deals with Sprint and Nextel. I implemented a subscription paid forum, started selling phone accessories and even got money for donations. 

By the end of first quarter in 2006, I had a new number pinned around my house. 


That’s what I needed to make everyday to hit a million a month (in profit before taxes).

Not counting selling a company or website I have never hit that number (a million in one month in profit). Till this day, I still have that number pinned.

In the last decade, I think my best month ever was about 750k in profit and that was produced in really about 20 days.

The past decade has been a crazy roller coaster.  CRAZY.

Looking back though it seems to have always been the same recipe.  Whether it was my ringtone site NextPimp, AuctionAds,  ShoeMoney Tools,  ShoeMoney System, Link Control, etc etc all of these were items I built because they were fun and I gave them away for free.  In the case of my blog I turned down advertising for many years until almost 2008.

BUT the biggest thing is once I started monetizing each of these, they all changed.  All of them in different ways of course.

With my ringtone site I totally stopped focusing on the user community and was squeezing out every dime.  Over many years traffic kept falling off and eventually it went to nil until a company bought it because of its SEO rankings.

For AuctionAds, it didn’t affect it really because I sold the company before it was profitable.  I was only 4 months into it and I had a lot of initial expenses and because of the model it wasn’t producing revenue.  I didn’t really care though because I had so much income coming in from doing PPC, affiliate stuff, and from residual income from my ringtone site.  I can’t disclose what it sold for but I can tell you each employee of the company received millions of dollars.

With ShoeMoney Tools as soon as I started charging to use the tools, stopped development and maintenance of them, and solely focused on getting more users subscriptions the tools itself started to fail. Revenue went from 300k/month to 30k/month in about a year and a half.

And the story goes on and on…

I have been writing month to month about the drastic transition this year has been for myself and my company. I turned 40 and started to figure out what I want to do.

Taking all this into account and analyzing my biggest strength and weakness I discovered I CAN do everything and often times I take over items when I shouldn’t. Which really leads to nothing being accomplished really well.

For the first time publicly I will reveal my partners in my newest company.  Bryan Zimmerman, CEO of the largest affiliate network, Chuck Mullaney who has an extensive amount of experience owning his own email marketing company as well as experience in internet marketing, and another person who still doesn’t want to be named (you wouldn’t know him anyway but he’s our CTO and he has built applications that are unparalleled to anything out there).

All of us have put away a lot of cash over the last decade and are ready to build our legacy.  We also raised an initial seed fund from a private investor for $650,000.00.

We are all in agreement that our primary focus is to build the most innovative email marketing platform the world has ever seen.  We already had a lot of the core components from the PAR Program but all are in agreement we will be relentless in innovation to truly create the next evolution of email marketing.

We call it Market Notify.   We just opened up the beta application page here.  You will notice it’s not just a “sign up to be notified when the beta launches” type of thing.  We ask you for information about your list, how many people you have, and other information.  We will be inviting people as we grow and are positive we can accept the volume of new users.  Beta users must agree to give us feedback.

For this when you are accepted into the beta program we will give you a 50% discount for life.  You will also have first access to our affiliate program. With our affiliate program we are planning to beat every other email platform’s commission by double (or more).

All of us, as owners, are all in agreement our primary focus is not to make money but rather to build our legacy with an amazing email marketing platform that will truly change email marketing as you know it.  We are focused on having a great community of users and building the application to be extremely user friendly.

I believe this is what I was meant to build. It all circles back, as I am now back to being in my basement doing what I love… building cool & innovative shit.

I couldn’t be more excited.  If you haven’t already, fill out the beta application and be part of it.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. Very well written and impressive post. It’s always a nice feel to go through the complete insight.Loved it.

  2. Very insightful! Thanks for sharing such an inspiring blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. Nice post!
    In my opinion the most important is to write really useful and interesting content, so the visitors will return on the blog again and again.

    1. Its somewhat of a hybrid. Will have the same core features (to start) but without the agency side where we do all the work for clients and also dedicated ips and whitelabels (that will be a upgrade). Eventually we will merge the 2 into the same platform and what the PAR Program is now will be the enterprise level account on Market Notify. That is the plan anyway =)

  4. I’m curious, if you were unemployed and only making $300 from unemployment, how did you manage to pay for a server that could host a site getting 100K uniques per day back in 2005?

    1. Probably bought on credit because he wrote: “Lots of payments and a huge amount of credit card debt”. 🙂

      1. That must have been a monster server to keep a site with such traffic volume running. What were the server specs?

      2. I was about to ask the same question as Chozen. Cool , one of the benefits of working at an ISP. Thanks for sharing this post, Jeremy. I really enjoyed reading it. I look forward to reading your other posts!

  5. Jeremy, I’ve been in online marketing for a few years now…. and I only just found this site now?! Where have I been? Funny thing, I think I remember using nextpimp when I had my nextel… haha. Great blog!

  6. Their a little bit of any a mix of both. Can have the identical key features (to start out) yet with no agency facet where we all do everything with regard to consumers as well as devoted ips and tricks and also whitelabels (which will be any up grade). Sooner or later we’ll mix the 2 in to the same system along with what your PAR Program has become could be the venture level accounts about Market Inform. That’s the plan at any rate.

  7. Inspiring, I’d love to hear you talk about the importance of not acting like a millionaire even when you are one because it might not last. Even if we all had a million in our banks right now that is no longer enough to live out your life at a middle class level, let alone a rich one. Not getting caught in a money burn is harder than it seems.

  8. Hi Jeremy, Great post as always.

    I just read your top 10 worst ideas to make money post from 2006 –

    The funny thing is about baby cal – I now own that domain (bought it list year) and if found your 10 worst ideas post in the referrer traffic to my site (although there is no link anywhere)..

    It’s very sad that your friend had a miscarriage – i’m sorry.

    But now 8 years later i want to make this site work. How did you plan to monetize it back then?
    Also you mention that you have developed the backend for the site – do you still have it? Would you mind sharing it?

    Happy New Year – Leo

  9. Very nice and interesting post. I do really enjoy reading and learning from your article. Great job Bro keep it up!

  10. Dude, how did you get 100k uniques a day without a massive amount of advertising? Your saying this was all from Seo? So your saying this site was getting three million visits a month? Also, gets about 25k visits a month not hundreds of thousands like you claim. Also what woman would marry a broke 450 pound guy and tell him it’s ok to stay home and make their ringtone site cool instead of getting a job? You accused Markus friend of lying back in the day it seems like you tok a page out of his playbook, fake it till you make it. The check was most likely the result of those Adsense arbitrage shit pages that would redirect traffic that Google banned years ago and only from putting up probably five figures to get it. Nothing you say adds up.

  11. I use to follow you all the time and I am kicking myself in the rear for what I am about to say… A few years ago, like 5, I was real big into blogging but then I joined the US Army and gave it up. I am now in college, still in the army reserves, and busting my butt to make a living. I often wonder what would have happened if I would have stuck with it like the rest of you guys. Thank you for showing us that you really can make money doing something that you love to do.

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  14. Hey Jeremy what’s going on?
    The last time we communicated you had bought a domain from me – that was years back (back when DP was the place to be for IM’ers).
    Anyhow, just dropped in to your blog as I haven’t visited in a while. Your story still gets me pumped up. Great to see that you’re doing better than ever!

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