Confused Content - Ronn Torossian on how to write good content


Ronn Torossian reveals 3 reasons no one read your post and explains how to change that

Ronn Torossian is the founder and CEO of 5W Public Relations and a noted PR guru with offices in NYC and Los Angeles.

You worked hard, researched well and edited pristinely. In fact, you checked that baby twice and were CERTAIN it was an epic entry into the web pantheon of excellent blogdom. Five minutes after you post it, you click over eagerly. One snarky comment from your brother or your college roommate. Otherwise, bupkis.

No worries, you think, it’s only been a couple minutes. I’ll come back. An hour later you click over and still nothing. In fact, you think you may have seen a tumbleweed bounce across the screen. What gives! That was some seriously awesome content!

Well, here are three reasons why no one read your post…and how you can keep that from happening again.

#1 – Wrong Timing

Confused Content - Ronn Torossian on how to write good content
Chances are, if the entire population of the Interwebs is jawing about one particular topic, and you bust out with mad wisdom regarding something totally unrelated, you will hear nothing but a great sucking sound where your clicks should be. There may be nothing inherently wrong with your piece, but – and hopefully this is not news to you – the web is search-based. People are looking for what they are looking for. Step one in getting clicks and reads and buy-ins is this: “Know what people are looking for.” Even Ronn Torossian cannot write you a stellar enough release to overcome no initial interest. So do your homework. Find out what people are after, grab a niche to dominate and get posting, my friends.

#2 – Bad headline

Search engine results give you a headline and not much else. If your headline doesn’t stand out, you will get stepped over. Think about it. We’ve all done it. You see a list of search results and breeze right by a couple looking for the one that grabs you the most. Guess what, intrepid Internet entrepreneur, everyone else is doing that too. Seriously. Everyone. So give the masses what they want – attention-grabbing headlines. Then, once you have their attention, deliver the good and get them hooked on the content you bring to the table. Speaking of content…

#3 – Confused content

Confused Content - Ronn Torossian on how to write good content

Double facepalm inducing frustration. That’s the only way to politely describe the feeling you get when you land on a page and it is NOTHING like what you expected. The headline doesn’t match the content and…even worse…the content doesn’t seem to match the content. The points don’t correlate and the logic (if there is any) doesn’t flow. Worse, you can’t apply any of it. And this last is key. To be good, your content must be useful. You need to give people something they can use right now. After all, they put a certain series of words in a search engine LOOKING for something specific. They NEED your help…give it to them already. Stick with relevant, actionable content. Don’t get cute.

And, if your content is hyper specific, do your reader a favor. Link to other more general stories or content related to that topic. That way, they can read your content and see if, perhaps, there is more information to help them with their specific issue elsewhere.

Internet marketing may be a science, but it is not rocket surgery. Give good out and you will get good back. Fail to do so and you risk crickets.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. Good information.Recently I started a blog on internet marketing and I am getting few traffic.I shall try to follow these things to increase my traffic.thanks.

  2. I learned about timing the hard way. I had some blog posts scheduled to go out two weeks at a time, and one of which happened to be about guns…and then there was that colorado theatre shooting. I have so many negative comments that I’m STILL apologizing to people.

  3. Even with these tips, when applied, you can’t guarantee that you’ll get readers and comments. Hell look at the shoemoney blog, I know that there are thousands of people reading this site, but not everyone comments. The just take it and digest it.

  4. I agree that you need to know your audience. I mean you can post content that relates to your own life, but if you’re writting about the lastest kitty litter and your blog is primarily about cooking or electonics… people are going to look at you funny and wonder if you’re relevant any more.

  5. Headlines, keywords and metatags are a must have/pay attention to deal. I can’t believe how many people skip right over that.

  6. I can’t tell you how much I hate it when a blogger gets off track. It’s ok to have a minor sidebar, but stick to the main point of your post. It gets confusing and frustrating when people get off track.

  7. While he’s right, there’s no magic formula. I do think that headlines are vital – more important than what is actually written in the pieces.

  8. very good articles published on this site, they are all clear and objective good, goes straight on point. congratulations

  9. Above are some really great tips to bag on. Well I have a blog created too and this blog is simply not read as I have not promoted it the way you have mentioned above.

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