MillikenLegalActionI know a lot of people like to keep up with my adventures in litigation. When I got in from Chicago yesterday this was a interesting one… I love the legal system and will keep you up to date as this progresses.

Oh side note – Slander is spoken. Not sure how you can take legal action against something written as slander but SEO’s are always on the cutting edge so who knows.

From: Gary Henderson
Date: October 15, 2013, 4:13:24 PM CDT
Subject: Todays’ Post

I am writing in reference to

There are several anonymous posts that are slander. I would ask that they are removed immediately. I hope we can remove the comments without having my attorneys involved. All posts from referenced “ex employees” are the ones I am referring to.

Gary Henderson
Office: 843-438-8262
Mobile: 843-267-8405

Interactivity Digital
408 Main Street
Conway, SC 29526

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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23 thoughts on “Interactivity Digital’s Gary Henderson’s Threatens Legal Action Over Comments In Yesterdays Post”
  1. This guy is a fucking joke.
    Liebel is written dumbass. Slander is spoken. You would have to sue for slander.
    Plus you really picked the wrong guy to legally thretin

  2. Yea if this guy wants to take you to court I’ll represent you for free and this guy doesn’t have a leg to stand on with his claims.

  3. So he couldn’t have just asked you nicely rather than pull the old “I’d hate to get the authorities involved” threat? What a total choad. If he’s followed you AT ALL he’d know that you’re not one to back down from idle threats and confrontations. Good luck, Gary! You’re going to need it.

  4. I can see why he would want it taken down. But now he’s just fanning the flames on something that likely would have just gone away under the rug in a few weeks.

  5. I know this may all be getting out of hand, but as one of the ex-employees who posted yesterday, I really would love to see this go further in the legal system. He just really deserves to finally get what he’s had coming to him for so long. I’m not normally one to wish ill on anyone, but if you only knew the damage he has done to so many of us, not only career wise, but emotionally too, it would make sense to you as to why we are all ganging up on him. It’s finally our chance as former employees to let people outside of the Myrtle Beach community know what a horrible man Gary Henderson is.

    1. This absolutely sums up how I feel as well. It definitely feels wrong to beat a dead horse, yet I find myself unable to stop after all the horrible actions and emotional manipulation I’ve experienced first-hand and all the other misdeeds — both personally and professionally — I learned about from other people who have worked for him.

  6. I’m not an ex-employee and I can attest that this dude is a joke. And a douche. And an ass

  7. I happen to be an ex-employee (not one of the many from yesterdays post). He emailed me yesterday with the same threat saying he had proof and sent me a screen shot of the comment and the associated picture (Not even a picture of me) and it was going to his attorneys… The sad part is I didnt even comment yesterday. Haha

  8. I’m not one who agrees with libel or slander laws. I happen to thoroughly agree with freedom of speech. I believe I’m not responsible for what others say about me nor are they responsible for what I say about them. Words written, words spoken are about the speaker alone. They may be true or false, but we must be free to say them. Libel and slander laws work to curb our right to be completely wrong which, as it happens, also curbs our liberty to be correct.

  9. Im just wondering how many prank calls he has gotten since his phone and cell are posted.

    Im sure the late night calls to him this weekend will have their own set of funny sound bites!!

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