Ah, Rand.  I started off a blog post like this over a year ago, and the same phrase fits with the latest Moz scandal that hit last week, one that brought Matt Cutts out of the woodwork to publicly debunk it on Hacker News.  So I guess it shows that Rand and his newly renamed Moz company is popular enough to warrant Matt specifically calling out the Moz theory – well, not that they’re calling it a “theory”, they are calling it a correlation – that Google +1s are not only a strong ranking factor in the Google algorithm, it is also the number one factor in ranking.

Now, incase you were on holidays last week, first, the article with the simply amazingly egotistical title: Amazing Correlation Between Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings  Then the Matt Cutts’ debunking on Hacker News.

Now, even without Matt’s public comments calling out the Moz +1 “theory”, a lot of us were calling bullshit.


Sure, SEOs aren’t discounting the fact that +1s are something to take the consideration and something that, yes, should be sought. But we all think it is pretty freaking ridiculous that it is the number one ranking factor. If that was true, I could go out there and create a bunch of fake Google+ accounts to +1 up all kinds of spam sites, if anything would rank number one if I threw enough +1s at it.  And the thing is, there are SEOs testing this.  And don’t you think of it actually was working, and was the number one factor that the search would be littered with payday loans and mesothelioma?

Not only is Matt debunking the Google+ thing, he also brings up that Rand did the exact same thing two years ago when he said that there was a high correlation between Facebook shares and Google US search position. But apparently being called out by Matt once for nearly the identical thing wasn’t good enough for Moz, they had to go and try it again to see if they could get away with saying it, without raising the ire of Matt (mission: unsuccessful).


And I suspect it won’t be another two years before Matt has to go and publicly debunk something the Moz machine is churning out.  After all, they love the attention, and it Rand has always seemed to subscribe to the theory that all publicity is good publicity, even when we’re calling him out for shit.  And Moz has always been about being attention whores, back when Rand was the King of Link Bait, which was the only reason he had successful clients back then, he was fairly decent at link baiting for clients before everyone started to do it.moz3

But if you notice in the addition to the end of the blog post, he makes reference to the posts that Matt has made on Hacker News but then he is still trying to argue that he’s right by trying to say that +1 still are the way to rank, but he argues that “the evidence seems to suggest Google+ posts do pass other SEO benefits not found easily in other social platforms”.  But I guess Moz is going to do whatever they have to do try to save face for when they have the web spam guru at Google calling them out for being wrong.


It reminds me of the case of the bird eating the frog while the frog has its hand wrapped around the bird’s neck. Sure doesn’t do much for business when you have Matt Cutts publicly saying you’re wrong, but then Moz does have more than it’s fare share of fan boys and fan girls.

It also doesn’t help the situation when you have the Moz’ “Director of Community” making comments like this, while not even giving the time of day to legitimate  concerns people had about what this blog post was saying, until she’d been tweeted out many times.


Sometimes Moz needs to learn they aren’t God’s gift to SEO, and it would  have gone a long way if she is simply tweeted something along the lines of ” had a great comments  on our newest blog post, lots of different opinions and we’re reading them all and the author is addressing them as we speak.”  It would have gotten a little bit more publicity, probably a bunch of retweets from people  who were following the breaking scandal, and it would’ve shown that even if they didn’t agree with what Matt Cutts said in the end, they were listening at least.  But no, she goes and makes fun of their potential clients who are gravely concerned about this claim they are making, by accusing them of all having their panties in the pitch.  Nice one Moz.

It is also worth noting that Matt Cutts debunked it on hacker news, not on Moz.com, nor did he give a statement or anything to Search Engine Land, which could show that Danny and Matt are still on the outs from his whole anti-Google bend he has been on.

However, a day later Moz was still reminding us all about how awesome they supposedly are, by showing how well their post was, ironically, doing on Google+.


I do wonder how much longer  it will be before the masses completely discredit Moz blog posts as being  fiction or an SEO’s wet dream.   None of the top SEOs give the vast majority of anything posted on Moz the time of day because it’s fluff it best or completely wrong at worst.

But with that, I will leave you with an amusing image posted on Twitter during the latest Moz scandal.


Tweets compliments of @davenaylor, @skitzzo, @jennita, @brant.

By seobitch

Seobitch is a pen name for a well known female expert in the SEO industry that most of you likely already follow. She has more than a dozen years experience and is a very respected expert in the field. Seobitch can be controversial but writes about issues that most people are afraid to talk about due to their employers, clients or friends. She also loves to tackle industry issues from a different point of view than what you normally see the "complainers" of the industry complaining about. She is also open to suggestions for future topics you would like to see the SEObitch tackle.

26 thoughts on “When will Rand from @Moz learn his lesson to not piss of Matt Cutts with false SEO claims?”
  1. To me this seems like a lame attempt to slam someone else. Matt sure did jump on debunking immediately! Wonder why that is?

    What exactly does attacking people achieve beyond making you, and Shoe, look like an asshole?

  2. I don’t think Matt was pissed off but I am surprised he gets so involved in stuff regarding Rand and the crew.

    I’ve written a ton of posts on how freshness is being abused but there’s zero chance I would get feedback on that (not that it really matters).

    It was one of the stranger posts that has came out of Moz over the last few years, but I don’t think anyone can deny that for the most part they bring a lot of value to the industry, and more importantly the people that read blogs and follow it.

    I would rather your general mom and pop business go their info from there over Search Engine Journal or similar.

  3. Great blog. Moz isn’t reliable on all their metrics. SEO keeps changing rapidly.

    A Patel
    Forex Training Coach

  4. I don’t believe what the big G, Matt, Moz and any other SEO specialist claim…

    Haven’t you seen that only building a site and personally testing new and old techniques will prove some results, or not… that’s how you learn about SEO, not by listening what G wants from us, or what Matt thinks…

    Do a G search now on any term you want, try search for one term in 3 different industries, and you’ll see how scrambled the results look…

    It’s either fresh results (updated sites), made for adsense/poor content pages, or non related sites…

    Where are the good sites? On page 2 or 3…

  5. I never understood why we as SEO’s and IM’s ever believe anything that Cutt’s says?

    His entire purpose is to derail any attempts to derail or control the algorithm. His job isn’t to be honest. Its to win!

    Whether Rand is correct or not, Matt cant be the one you go to confirm or deny anything that is known to successfully game the system

  6. When Matt Cutts uses you as an example of what not to do you and your company are in trouble.

  7. Rand is a good guy in person but their bait to get attention personally I don’t think is good.

  8. So glad there are people like you publicly bringing shaddy asshole our into the light for others to see.

  9. LOL what is going to happen when Matt bans MOZ and its clients like it did that other SEO company.

  10. Rand and (seo) MOZ have been like this for a very long time… Wonder why so many still take time to read their nonsense… I removed them off my reader and have not gone that side for a year now…

  11. Here is the main rub with Moz. Even after the SEO community took issue with the article, Moz only made a few clarifications in the article. The crappy and misleading title was left intact. I have seen this article shared since Matt made his debunk statement. I have also seen a few posts now stating the same garbage since then. Rand was asked point blank on twitter about the post being debunked and he stated the post was not, and sadly that answer was accepted. Don’t even get me started on the feminist community manager. Why is a feminists always throwing around the word “panties.” She has to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong on constant basis. Say something bad about inbound and she pops up to get involved, and why? Its not her’s. Moz has been debunked alot for their articles and findings and they will continue to post up crap. The constantly misuse correlation and causation. They don’t care as long as you keep sending them money. Their Facebook like post is still live after 2 years, why? That was post was debunked too. Moz is pure nonsense and preying on people that don’t know any better.

  12. That whole post and the “entertainment” that followed was nothing more than that – entertainment. Put that same post on any other under-the-radar seo blog and Cutts wouldn’t have paid an ounce of attention to it. Wish Cutts would start “debunking” over in the Warrior Forum or others – THAT would be fun.

  13. OK, and what is the idea of that “war”. Sure they are laughing on all these stories while having lunch. 🙂

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