spammerGoogle has made lots of changes in the past couple years, designed to improve transparency for webmasters. True, the so-called good webmasters are getting some of the tools they need to succeed better in SEO.  But on the flipside, Google is handing up all the tools spammers need on a silver platter.

Got bad back links?  There’s a tool for that. Need to see if your site has been caught up in a spam filter? Well there’s a tool for that too.  Did you dial the spam back attached that you think it might squeak through the algorithm? You guessed it, there’s tools that.

The thing is, spammers are always going to be two (or five) steps ahead of Google. It is been happening since the first Google dance, and the first big spam updates. Spammers get banned?  That’s when the sites many spammers create are called churn and burn, because for everyone to get spammed you already have 10 more ready to take its place.  And yes, the best spammers are already working on the spam technique that will still work five updates for now, but maybe not the sixth.

So what about the link disavow tool? Spammers have been using it as a tool to figure out just what links they can get away with what links they can’t. It is nothing for spammers to create 1000 different sites across a wide variety of markets, throw 1000 variations of back links at them, see what sticks and what doesn’t, disavow the doesn’t for all thousand sites and bingo, you have an entire spam network ranking. Tada!

The latest tool that has spammers flipping out with how excited they are is Google’s new “let’s see if your site is really banned or not” tool. Well, it’s a quick and dirty way to figure out your sites are banned or not, which ones you should continue to push, and which ones you need to completely recycle or burn.  True, you need to login webmaster tools to check and see, but it’s pretty darn easy for spammers to create a ton of different logins and use proxies to check, if they even care that is.  Brings churn and burn to a new level.

True, it’s great for legitimate webmasters to get access to these kinds of tools to help troubleshoot their sites that have somehow been caught up in one of the spam updates. Unfortunately, it’s having a negative impact on the quality of search – unless you are one of those spammers getting all your shit to rank!

And just for the record, yes I do know some of the spam techniques that are working today, and the ones that will be working in the months to come.  Spamming is pretty much a cycle of new techniques for when the old ones get trashed in Google’s updates. And you know what? These tools are doing nothing but helping spammers succeed in making sure you see their spam before anything truly legitimate.

Some hardcore affiliate spammers are saying that it is easier to spam in Google today than it was a year or two ago, especially in some of the competitive markets the traditionally been a little bit harder to crack like payday loans where Google tends to keep a closer eye on it. In other words, enjoy your mesothelioma, payday loan, free porn search results, because spammers are certainly making sure you’re going to see them, compliments of Google’s webmaster tools.

Oh, and if you think spammers aren’t winning, just take a gander through “payday loans” or “free credit checks” results in Google and see.  And I am sure you can add your own to that list, but I don’t want to out all the spammier keyword phrases that are making good money but aren’t as closely watched by Matt’s minions in the Google spam team 🙂

By seobitch

Seobitch is a pen name for a well known female expert in the SEO industry that most of you likely already follow. She has more than a dozen years experience and is a very respected expert in the field. Seobitch can be controversial but writes about issues that most people are afraid to talk about due to their employers, clients or friends. She also loves to tackle industry issues from a different point of view than what you normally see the "complainers" of the industry complaining about. She is also open to suggestions for future topics you would like to see the SEObitch tackle.

20 thoughts on “Is Google making it too easy for spammers to win?”
  1. Yeah it would seem that there has been a big resurgence of spam recently, makes you wonder what’s actually going on over at Google.

    Glen at ViperChill done a really good post on it recently and showed exactly how the spammers are doing it, was a great read.

  2. Uhg it seems like there is never an escape from the slew of spam. Filters can never be strong enough to keep that crap out.

  3. What I see, is what I understand…

    Yes, Google makes it easy for anyone who knows SEO to control their rankings as much as they can… it’s like Google invites anyone to rank, maybe they want to learn more about how SEOs operate nowadays (they’re always on the look out on how spammers and black hat strategists adjust their methods, is it)?

  4. I’m waiting for the day that mail/email becomes sentient and starts showing up on my door step, ringing my bell and yelling at me about “OFFERS TOO GOOD NOT TO MISS OUT ON! BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!!!”

  5. Lately it seems like Google is making it harder for us legitimate websites and easier for the spam sites. How is that right?

  6. I understand spammers get my Email address and spam me about selling something, one thing I don’t understand is how do they get access to my mobile number. I have tried my spam filters and none has been proven to work cent percent.

  7. It seems to me that if these spammer devote as much time to developing an honest online business, instead of trying to spam, they could succeed with flying colors. They obviously have the intelligence to succeed online, one way or another. If they can be successful doing it the wrong way, can’t they also be successful doing it the right way?

  8. Wherever there are rules to try to be fair to all, and prevent a few gaining any unfair advantage; those few will be always a few steps ahead.

    In any corporate/government/big organisation who has policies and people to move, they will always struggle against highly motivated individuals/small groups.

    The topics discussed in this article are the same that I was dealing with, around me, learning about, trying to do! back in the late nineties/early naughties. However they were in gophers, altavista and the like.

    It is a tech arms race. And it seems in the last few years the ‘good intentions’ [pains me to say it] of organisations like Google who are baiting the advanced few, are actually hurting a growing (and naive) group who are embracing the web and search. This will only ever build more resentment and the rule of the internet seems to be. Grow, grow, grow then implod! I don’t think that day is too far off.

  9. Very well said, Google is making it far too easy for people who have been pushing the envelope and beyond it, while paying little heed to webmasters who have been honestly working on improving their websites for visitors, rather than spoon feeding search engines.

  10. Interesting article, yes I think spammers will always be around which will always be a problem for Google. I have found that just by writing good content is the best thing you can do for your blog or site.

  11. Can anyone share how to find/use these tools?

    I’ve looked in webmaster tools – and it’s just the usual links for me – no new tools.


  12. Interesting article by SEO Bitch. Care to share what’s the easiest way to spam, where everyone can do it easily? I really thinking of creating some sites like blogger and spam the hell out of it.

  13. Great article. Google has failed to stop spammers. There are lot of amazon and clickbank affiliates ranking for their affiliate link. that’s crazy?


  14. Your Post is veary nice. thanks for information Google has failed to stop spammers.yes I think spammers will always be around which will always be a problem for Google. I have found that just by writing good content is the best thing you can do for your blog or site.

  15. Rand is good people for the most part. Met him once at a conference and he helped me out with some basic stuff.

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