Hit up any search industry or affiliate conference and you can’t walk more than two steps without someone complaining about Google. Whether it’s “not provided” data missing from Google Analytics, the demise of the public AdWords keyword tool, getting hit with the ban hammer, or a suspended AdWords or Adsense account, there is always something for people to bitch about.

Then think about this. What benefit does bitching or being pissed off at Google actually do?  Bitching probably won’t make you any money – Google probably already took that away if you are pissed at them.  But if people took 1% of the energy they spent being mad at Google and put it into something constructive, like say creating original content or strategizing out a new website or brand, they would be more successful and make more money.

It is not news that Danny Sullivan spends an awful lot of time complaining about Google this and Google that. Heck, he even reported Google to the FTC over the disclosure between paid and free search listings. Looking over anything Danny has written Google related at Search Engine Land, you can see that while he likes to be the celebrity Google expert of the industry (and he certainly is the foremost expert on all things Google search, make no mistake about that), he is definitely spending an awful lot of time bitching about all things Google. In fact, he has made out like a bandit on traffic with his series of “25 Things I Hate About Google” – although it is amusing that some of that traffic is going to his former home, Search Engine Watch.  And if you think that’s just Danny’s online persona for traffic and page views, then you obviously haven’t been around him in the bar at SMX, at least when there aren’t any Googlers hanging around.

Hit up the Webmaster World forums, and there are pages and pages and posts and posts from people who have nothing better to do with their time than complain about Google. Even over at the official Google webmaster help forums, it is littered with people complaining about how they hate Google because they dared to penalize their site in the search listings.  Well, if you fuck up and try to fuck Google in the name of higher rankings, you pay a price.

Threadwatch.org, which recently was resurrected, used to be a big circle jerk of fairly well-known SEOs who would bitch and pick apart every little thing they possibly could about Google. Funny how some of those SEOs are no longer working for themselves, but have a good old 9-to-5 job instead.  A fair number are not even working in the search industry any longer.  Could some of that time and energy have been put to better use years ago? You betcha.  While Danny Sullivan likes to soapbox about Google, at least he is making money off of it, something all those editors at Threadwatch never did.

So next time you are focusing so much energy on being pissed off at Google, think about putting the energy into something useful and hey, profitable.  Or, write something is actually constructive about why you are mad at Google, turn it to case study, point out possible solutions Google could do that doesn’t involve them waving their magic Google dust over your website so it ranks again, and profit.   There is a reason why all those Panda and Penguin recovery case studies get a shit ton of traffic. But you know what else all those case studies have in common? You guessed it, they turned that energy of being mad at Google into fixing the problem – something that a lot of those people bitching don’t do.

Whether you love or hate Google, Google is going to be the one that will make you the money in SEO, so deal with it and instead of dwelling on the negatives, turn it into a positive.   So make like Danny Sullivan and either turn that Google bitching into a money maker, or turn that energy into something constructive.

By seobitch

Seobitch is a pen name for a well known female expert in the SEO industry that most of you likely already follow. She has more than a dozen years experience and is a very respected expert in the field. Seobitch can be controversial but writes about issues that most people are afraid to talk about due to their employers, clients or friends. She also loves to tackle industry issues from a different point of view than what you normally see the "complainers" of the industry complaining about. She is also open to suggestions for future topics you would like to see the SEObitch tackle.

24 thoughts on “Why are you spending so much time being pissed off at Google?”
  1. I don’t see what’s so bad about bitching every once and while if you don’t bitch Google won’t realize you’re angry and will continue doing what they are doing except make it worse and worse if they think they are getting away with it.

  2. I give it 6 years and Google will no longer be the powerhouse. Something bigger and better will come along.

    1. 6? That has already came and went something better has already replaced Google. It goes by the name of Facebook. Facebook gets more traffic then google search. More people are finding websites via Facebook then google right now. Heck you ask some of them if they Google the stuff they are posting on there timeline they will tell you no one google’s anymore.

  3. It does no harm to have a moan about Google every now and then. I started a bit late to get hot under the collar about the SEO crackdown, Panda etc. though it seems a lot of lazy crap sites were hit, which must be a good thing? I am only at the start of my online journey, but what annoyed me was the scrapping of Google reader, yes it was easy to transfer, it just seemed a bit mean of Google to scrap it.

  4. Good read, yeah no point in wasting time whining about it. People should use that time to figure out what they need to do in order to rank higher.

  5. your post is so informative. Now a days, not easy task to get ranking in google. really if you will do great and quality work then you can get positive result. but forget spamming ……

  6. OK that’s quite cool post. I took a lot of time to understand that it’s not fair to blame Google every now and then. Building quality links is the only way to get a good search engine ranking. Great post!
    Cheers 🙂

  7. If you really hate google, block google from spidering your site. If you dont want to do that then STFU.

    Welcome back SEO Bitch

  8. Nice post… very interesting. You have a point, and I definitely agree with you. Although I have issues too about Google I won’t waist my time bitching… it won’t do me good. I agree with Abaz Khan it’s not fair to blame Google all the time, in fact we can benefit with Google.

  9. Great post! I think you make a great post and it can be applied to anything, you can bitch about it or you can use it to make money. Though sometimes you just got to bitch before you can do anything constructive.

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  11. hello sir , even iam victim of google policies n new updates …. i left blogging after they ban my adsense account and blogs in google search telling reason as spam …. i want to re-enter back into blogging …. is wordpress still best cms platform ??? any tips for me who are going to reenter after 6 yrs (6 yrs i completely forgot blogging) .. sorry for my bad english

  12. great post. there are reason to hate Google. but they are making us money!

  13. I hate google so much and SEO as well. There are so many ads and useless results on google today.

  14. The site is not meant to be used to get the game for free forever,
    just to try it out before you buy.

  15. Just a FYI, while SEO is best because Google is the biggest when it comes to organic search results… i think it’s encouraged that we scope out other distribution channels eg. facebook, twitter, bing etc… because it creates diversity and at the end if we’re really promoting great products, its not all about SEO but having a wide reach for a wider audience. So making an effort not to just advertise on google but also other marketing methods

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