A few years ago I wrote about how the best of the SEO/SEM world were coming together to form the BlueGlass agency.

I did have concerns though… Here is a small excerpt I wrote:

While on paper it looks like a no brainier, I can tell you from my own experience, forming a company with other self-made entrepreneurs can end up a disaster, not only from a company standpoint but a personal one as well.


I have seen a lot of people come and go since I first came into the industry 7 years ago. If they can pull it off, I have no doubt they will dominate the industry. If not, it’s going to be like when your 2 friends (in this case 15) date and then have a bad break up… awkward…

Well its been getting awkward =(.

But its not happened over night. and actually I thought things were straightened out….


Today I started getting emails and texts about “What the hell is going on with BlueGlass”. Now I had not heard about anything so I was as surprised as anyone. Then someone sent me a link to this video… which I am sure you have seen.

I gotta say this video is weird and maybe there is none of the originals left… but I can’t see any of them making a video about how broke the company is…. but how its going to get better.

Who is this video for? I don’t get it… It sure as hell doesn’t seem like Greg Boser, Chris Winfield, or the other people involved in the company (if they are still involved).


I guess this is where the video answer came from, from people’s best guess:


Which that makes more sense if the CEO and CMO have resigned. Maybe these brits are now in charge of things… I know this video isnt the previous exec teams style..

Can you see Greg Boser Or Chris Winfield making a video that just says “Hey we are out of money… but we will figure it out” kind of statement without any rhyme or reason? I can’t.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

33 thoughts on “BlueGlass Wants You To Know Its Out Of Money”
  1. Hey Shoemoney – thanks for posting.

    I’m currently running BlueGlass UK (Patrick runs BG EMEA – both of which are separate companies and unaffected financially), but we are both stepping in to try to recover as much as we can within the US. Whether that’s finding new jobs for US employees, fixing financial issues, finding solutions for clients or keeping the event running.

    The idea behind Patrick’s video was to raise awareness of the fact that BlueGlass is still alive. The main people who have suffered in all of these are the US staff, they’re a great team who unfortunately are now having to look for new jobs. So as I mentioned above, we’re still looking to help them as much as we can.

    As you pointed out with the Facebook comment, one of the biggest things we are looking to save right now is the BlueGlassX conference in LA next month. Again, we’re looking to raise awareness that we do need help on this – and we’d be delighted to have you speak at this event if you can make it? And we’d be extremely grateful for any support you can provide to help us to put on a good show!

  2. BlueGlass has been in a slow death for some time now with everyone leaving. Knowing many, I cannot see much sympathy for the demise of BG either. Winfield had a large dream and expensive taste, people got hurt – truth will come out.

  3. “Which that makes more sense if the CEO and CMO have resigned. Maybe these brits are now in charge of things… I know this video isnt the previous exec teams style..”

    Of course it seems like the previous execs were losing money. 😛

    If the brit division takes over to save the US arm of the company hopefully the business will rise from the ashes.

    I would rather have the honest guy who gives you the truth, than the liar who says everything is great while his business is falling apart.

    1. I hear you. Was just surprised. Since I got out of the SEO conference stuff years ago I haven’t also been in the “gossip” loop which is a good thing I think.

  4. Any company that thinks its a good idea to put THAT video out is doomed. That is just an awful move, I’m all for being open and honest, but who is touching the company after that video?

    The guy looks like he’s been on a 4 day coke bender, and fumbles and stumbles through each word.

  5. This is complete craziness. I mean obviously they were trying to gather money for the event hoping it would bring them out of debt but it probably just created more

  6. Thanks for sharing Shoe… this will be certainly interesting to see how this whole thing pans out to say the least. Watch out gossip girls

  7. WOW… I did not see this coming at all. I mean I know Shoe you kinda predicted this would go one way or another and if definitely went the wrong way. Those poor guys

  8. This was a great conference I always enjoyed networking and just the time in LA was great.

  9. No one likes to see a good company with good people go under. I am sorry to hear about this my thoughts go out to y’all

  10. It is always hard to do business with another person beside your self but to do it with 15 others … wow i feel like that was a huge mistake on their part and look where that got them NEGATIVE PRESS

  11. I really do not have anything to say. This really sucks as that it was a great idea and company.

  12. Winfield….Come Out Come out whereever u r. U Created this Mess. Dont u owe Ure Stockholders, employees, Clients, etc a Statement instead of letting One of your Minions make a Video Statement that resolves nothing ANd Further exemplifies your incompetence…hiding ANd Venting on Facebook is hurtig the People u owe an Explantation to…

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  14. The company was featured in a TBBJ strategies story in March when Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Winfield said the company’s growth was due in part to mergers. The private company is self-funded and profitable, he said in the report.

    On Monday, Patrick C. Price, managing director at Blueglass EMEA posted a video to YouTube to explain.
    “As of right now, the situation is as follows: BlueGlass USA is low on cash and has a high amount of outstanding debt.”


  15. Hi Everyone,
    my name is Marek Syrek, I’m the owner of a contracting development company (http://virtua.com.pl) who worked with Dax Herrera at BG. I’m open to answering questions about the experience if anyone has any, and, because of whole situation, taking on new clients. We are specialized in PHP / Zend Framework / Magento / ExtJs4. We also have some experience with Google Adwords Api, Bing Api, Google Driver APi and Podio Api.

  16. “Victim playing (also known as playing the victim or self-victimization) is the fabrication of victimhood for a variety of reasons such as to justify abuse of others, to manipulate others, a coping strategy or attention seeking.” -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victim_playing

    Sound like anyone we know? Look at the tumblr. I, I, me, me, I times 100. ” I didn’t even want to be paid back for the last $53,000 that my wife and I paid from our personal account to cover a bill.”…dude you are the company, you shouldn’t get paid back! We totally feel so bad for you that you tried to bail out your own company. Boohoo. Its like you had a bunch of kids, realized how expensive they are, and ran off. Man up and pay some damn child support. Its the right thing to do.

    Some advice for the international folks trying to save the “victim”. Put the baby to rest. Don’t salvage a brand that has already been burned to the ground. What would potential future clients see when they Google “Blueglass”? Lots of dirt from this fiasco. Its not like there was much there by way of innovation or technology worth saving anyway. None of the “products” got anywhere. Nobody knew what this company really did except produce some mediocre infographics. Who gives a shit about saving a conference. Its not like you are saving a fire house, puppy, or orphanage. Any money spent on saving the conference is stupid and should be spent repaying debt, clients, severance, etc. Start new domains and or go back to your old company names. At least they are cleaner. I know it sounds nice to tell your friends and family you got acquired, but, in reality, you were just hired with worthless stock and rebranded by a slick talking show”man”. Why should you have to waste any time or energy cleaning up the dirt and mess of an egomaniac playing victim? And Mr. Dick – what do you have to say for yourself? Are you just going to hide in the corner and pretend you never worked there? Man up and apologize.

  17. My only question is were they a good SEO company and by that I mean did they get results for their clients and did clients stay with them. I’m guessing the answer is no or else you wouldn’t have these types of issues. And this saddens me because I read their site and I believe this is the right direction for an SEO company to follow. If they couldn’t survive doing it the right way…

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  19. Chris is an egomaniac and self proclaimed SEO. Truth of the matter is he never did any SEO work. He took credit for the work his employees did. Once he got that Black card it was game over. Only people I feel bad for are the ones who got laid off all because they let an incompitant pathological liar lead the way. Kuddos to Dave for parting ways after Penguine.

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  22. […] the heck Blueglass? Although Shoemoney already tackled this one, Blueglass was supposed to be the best and brightest SEO company that potential […]

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