Remember Chitika?  The first “other” place to make money other than with Google AdSense?

Well, recently I have been seeing a lot about them popping up on forums and in blogs.

The most recent thing that came to my attention was from Domenic the owner of  He switched over to Chitika ads in early 2012.

Before he switched to Chitika he was using Google AdSense ONLY.  After adding Chitika and a bit of optimization, he says his revenue increased “well over 30%”.

Domenic says one of the big reasons to his success was adding in the extra add unit:

Many people choose to have 3 AdSense ads on their websites, but if you take out one or two and replace it with a Chitika ad, it creates competition, which is a good thing.  My AdSense revenue remained the same and I was able to earn extra income with my Chitika ads.

Domenic also gave some shout outs to their customer support peeps at Chitika:

Having an account manager is amazing… it’s like having your own team working for you.  They optimize your Chitika ads until you reach the maximum payout without having to deal with the headache that comes with tweaking and testing your ads.

Since I sold off most of my content sites I have not been using Chitika.

But recently I saw a HUGE uptick from people I had referred to Chitika:

The balance is all from referrals!  That rocks!!  Now normally this is only like $1,500 a month so its a nice jump.  Nothing like free money 😉

If you have a content site I strongly recommend you give Chitika a shot.

As for ad units they have as many different types as anyone:

For those of you who are current Chitika publishers please comment below if you are seeing a uptick on your websites.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

29 thoughts on “Chitika publishers report making 20-40% more in last year”
  1. WOW, I did not know you could make so much money off of referrals! Did you just hit up your friends for this or how did you get the word out? How can I get started? Do I just need to contact them directly to get this set-up?

  2. I also have noticed a bump in my Chitika revenue. Its always been a great way to supplement my Adsense income.

  3. I also noticed an increase in my Chitika earnings. Their customer service is exceptional. They really do help you reach your maximum payout.

  4. Its also good to point out that Chitika has a MUCH MORE lapsed policy on content rules and how many ads you can have.

    My site was rejected my Google but Chitika is fine with it.

    Love them!

  5. After a long search to find a viable, user-friendly alternative for AdSense last year, I replaced one of my AdSense ads with a Chitika ad, like Domenic did. It has definitely increased my revenue.
    It’s great to see others benefitting from this awesome company, as well!

    Great post, Shoe!

  6. Last time I tried them, I couldn’t get any ads for anything but tech stuff that my audiences weren’t interested in. Would be happy to know that that has changed.

    1. I agree I had this problem also.

      Chitika has a higher payout but not a lot of inventory. It has gotten a lot better lately BUT the really neat thing you can do is set alternative code if they do not have inventory which is how I have it setup to show adsense if no relevent chitika ads display

  7. Shoe,

    What Website’s do you currently have Chitika installed on and what is the average monthly traffic?

    1. Hi As I was saying I sold most of my content properties I was running it on before. Most of the revenue I get from them now is from referrals

    1. No, Bobby, that’s not accurate at all. There is no monthly commitment (you do need to have accumulated at least $50 to qualify for a check payout, or $10 to qualify for a paypal payout, but that’s not the same thing, and your earnings roll over from month to month until you’re eligible for the payout). I’ll forward that site on to the appropriate people to get the correct information up there.

      Consult this for information on our payment process:

      1. Hi Zachary, I’m wondering about purchasing advertising space on Chitika, not working as a publisher. Do I need to commit to a $50k spend to buy traffic from Chitika?

        1. Ah, sorry. Misread that. To sign up as an advertiser, yes, you would need to commit to $50,000 monthly spend.

  8. I have also changed some of my websites over from adwords.One of them has seen a serious increase but the best results was an old Amazon review site, still testing but triple revenue. Well worth a look.

  9. Jeremy/Domenic + others, thanks for the kind words. @Chitika we are always looking to push the envelope with ad performance/monetization. We are seeing a flood of publishers flocking over to us to assist w/ further monetization. We are here to help grow and diversify your revenue. Cheers.

  10. Wow! I might have to try them again. I think people are tired of Google’s games.

  11. I’m going to have to give Chitika a whirl-sounds like a great outlet for those of us who are looking for Google alternatives. Thanks!

  12. My adsense account was also disabled and I am now looking for alternative on how to monetize my site. I already sign up for chitika and got an approval, now my site was serving chitika ad, I am hoping that it surpass my previous adsense income.

  13. I am also with Chitika since my Adsense account got disable becuase the site was not completly done, but with Chitika I was able to use adds while the site was build. Any ways. currently I have being getting many traffic but not revenew, Chitika support is currently helping me on this issue, I hope they get this fix since I do not want to try any other ads like Adbrite since some of them take long to approve you, not like Chitika.

  14. I have search a few times on the internet about adsense or chitika but maximum time i got the result goes to chitika. Now i’m sure about it and will implement it on my blog.

  15. I have implemented chitika ads recently. But I couldnt understand how it works. Do them pay me for impressions?

  16. I have implemented chitika ads recently. But I cant understand how it works. Do them pay me for impressions?

  17. Hi !
    I Am new Blogger a great post Indeed but I have put Chithika on my blog for last two months
    Just wondering why don’t they show ads on my website

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