Have you been assaulted by people slinging this Body By Vi diet? I first heard about it from my wife who was like “Wow this diet looks pretty good my friend X lost X pounds so far! Check out her site it looks really professional.”

When I went to the site it was hername.bodybyvi.com

Any internet marketer should notice this as some sort of affiliate. While my wife kept reading and being in awe of all the testimonials, I made a mental note to research how this site was making money.

After about the 10th person hit me up, I posted on Facebook about how annoyed I was. I am such a hypocrite =P. It started a shit storm.

Now of course half of this comes from the hater in me. As I have posted before the weightloss business is brilliant. See any NEGATIVE reviews of body by vi ? Of course not. If it didn’t work for you it’s your own fault you lazy fatass!

But wait THIS IS THE MAGIC BULLET!!! Ok I am starting to digress…. back on point!

Now, I have been hit up in the past for this kind of stuff, but it’s here or there. Buy my Cutco knives. By my Mona Vi drink. Blah Blah.

This is something else. I have never seen an army of sales people like this and it’s not unemployed retards either.

Ok so time to research.

Smart thing #1 to get you to sell it to your friends – refer 3 friends and your shakes are free!!

Become a distributor – for only $499 you can start your own distributorship and your OWN BUSINESS!!!!

Giving away BMW’s OMG THEY ARE GIVING AWAY 10 BMW’s A DAY!!!!!!!

Check out this video, amazing speakers pitching from the stage… Wow what an opportunity !!!!


This is my favorite part. They do a great selling trick of making you picture your “Brand New Black BMW”… actually lemme quote cause I love it.

As long as its a BMW and it’s black we will pay for it. If you don’t like black and get a white BMW that’s fine we will give you a $300 a month bonus.

O SHIT lemme signup right now cause man I want a black one!!! I don’t like white anyway!!!

But wait what was that small part about paying $600 a month for your payment.? OH damnit. Why let facts get in the way of a good sales pitch.

You see they only give you $600 a month (to pay for your black beamer or *ahem* 300 if you like white) when you hit $25,000.00 a month in sales!!!

What happens when you don’t hit your quota to have them reimburse you for your BMW payment (up to $600)? Oh, you get to pay for it and you also get to get raped on that 10 year loan you signed up for to make sure you got under the $600 payments.

In the end there is a lot of take aways.

  • Create a product that will never have refunds or a bad testimonial
  • Refer friends and get your products for free
  • Sell our shit and get a BMW (almost).


If I sound like a hater it’s just cause I didn’t think of it =(

BTW This post has come with some hate as you can Imagine. Kelley Feest of San Diego who makes a great living from home but has zero affiliation with Body By Vi had this to say:

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

191 thoughts on “This Body By VI cult is something else”
  1. hahha, you do sound like a hater. The million dollar question. Did your wife end up buying it?

    You know about Marketing and thats why you sound like a hater, cause you know the facts, but for someone who dosent know the online industry will fall for this…

  2. Funny, but that’s how the whole mlm community feels about it too.

    Jay NaPier

  3. lol’ed so hard at the thread, keeping up that stat message and people commenting on it only keeps the keywords alive lol

    and yeah, Dan’s friend request

  4. A friend of mine is selling this stuff. I’ve known her for 20 years so I have to trust her when she tells me that this has helped her lose weight. But I’m not buying it. And I’m starting to resent her spamming me on Facebook about the products.

    1. When people spam me on my Facebook I throw them under the bus in the comments!

  5. I’m not a Vi fan but I am a huge fan of the company Beachbody. The biggest difference is Beachbody is a whole body change with nutrition and exercise.

    Is Vi have much nutrition? I don’t know but to me that would be more of a selling point then a BMW and getting it free after 3 friends blow $499 + buy it every month.

    1. I have a full time 9 to 5er J.O.B. & my wife is a promoter of ViSalus. You can promote it for $49 if you want & her $700 extra income per month is great on pating some bills. BMW don’t have to be Black anymore and to qualify it’s only $15,000 in sales which is very easy to hit every month. Get Facts before shoving foot in mouth!

      1. It’s a great solution for those looking to generate an extra income. The products do work and very affordable, although we recommend meeting the minimum requirement of 1200 calories. BTW, to qualify for the BMW Bonus (Regional Director) it requires $12,500 in group volume 😉

      2. There are several people that have gone bust because of the BMW thing. There are several people that have had health issues by taking their product. Keep digging and you will see…Body by Vi is no bueno.

    2. I second your comment about Beachbody. Great company, life changing programs and products and NOT a pyramid scheme.

      1. If u work a regular 9-5 job, u r also in a pyramid “scheme” u have a boss and they hv a boss and so on. And who says bbvi is no bueno? Just cuz a few ppl hater blog about it doesnt mean its no bueno. Have u ever seen med commercials on tv, how they help with one thing but cause tons of other symptoms? That is what our docs r giving us instead of telling us to eat clean and healthy. Why? Oh well so they can make a butt load of money. At our expense. If bbvi helps ppl lose weight, hv energy to work out and the motivation to workout well i think its what we need instead of popping pills for every single health problem we get on the count of docs making $. I have personally, lost weight, was able to hv kids naturally after doc told me i couldnt unless i took fertility meds an hv gotten off my diabetes meds. Dont knock it til u try it.

  6. I just read your bio about you being a fan of MMA. I am as well, and I train BJJ regularly. Lots of BJJ/MMA guys are hawking this GARBAGE as well. Brandon Vera, Mike Fowler, etc. I bet we see it on Cruz in his Faber fight.


  7. haahahah! this post was soo funny, but yeah the company is totally killing it!

  8. The reason why no one ever has anything negative to say about the program is because most users have also been sold on the “financial opportunity”; the money they can earn by making referrals to friends, family, collegues and so on.

    That’s the thing about products sold via MLM or independent distrbutors; every single person involved has a financial conflict of interest. They can’t say the product doesn’t work, or didn’t live up to their expectations or whatever, because if they do, they won’t make any money. Or they’ll look like idiots for reversing their stand on something they were so positive about previously.

    Does Body By Vi work? Sure it will; if you replace high calories meals with low calorie, protein rich nutritious ones, you will lose weight, have more productive workouts, etc. But this is not because of any miracle formulation; it’s simple calorie restriction/reduction.

    The additional problem is this; anytime you pay numerous levels of commissions to sales staff (in addition to obtaining the company’s margin of profit) you create a product line that is artificially expensive compared to readily available commercial products.

    Anyone who is hoping to earn an income from this program or any other needs to do themselves a favor and read this article…


    The MLM/independent distributor model is destined for failure.

  9. I’ve never been a fan of make money programs and businesses that rely on referring friends and family and making money off them… just seems so sleezy.

    On another note I have seen a ton of content writing jobs and postings for people looking to expand their Body By Vi web sites, article marketing and promotions.

    Plenty of money to be made from both sides (members and non-members).

  10. If I would start up a program like that here in the netherlands, they would track me down immediately and fuck my life up.. if I understand it right, it´s Multi Level Marketing, which is forbidden here. I understand why, it´s just crap

  11. This Body By ViVi La Vi shit and other crap MLM’s like Advocare really piss me off! There are trainers at my local gym selling and pushing this shit to plp who are bustin their asses at the gym and who struggle with their weight! Its just unethical!! How is the $#@& can you tell an active woman or man who has a significant amout of weight to lose, that its “healthy” to drink 2 shakes, have a snack and a sensible dinner and expect them to maintain that lose over years?!? So sick of plp who know NOTHING about nutrition making a dime off of plp who are trusting what they say! It’s so wrong on so many levels! I asked the group X instructor how she could do this and she said she wanted profit, and trusted “results!” I felt like slapping her and I replied, “Gastic Bypass gives results, Lap Band gives results, but does it equal HEALTHY? People PLEASE wake up!

  12. The only mlm, that I know that works if you work it, is Amway. Been around since 1959, they own the Orlando Magic. Number 1 health and beauty website for the let 9 years, they sponsor the miss America pageant. It’s difficult but doable. Legal and credible

  13. Hate hearing about Body By Vi! I saw one facebook friend post about it and I was curious, I’m always up for some new diet tricks. Then I checked out her site and thought to myself holy crap this is a cult and I’m not getting sucked into this madness. Now half of my facebook friends are doing this and each post makes me ill. The one girl even got the BMW! I’m curious how this will all end because none of these people were successful in business or weight loss before this magical powder came into play. If this lasts I’m proud of them but I’m pretty sure they’ll end up broke and fat…not to wish bad things on anyone..but that is what you get for blowin up my news feed with this CRAZY bullshit!

    1. What most people never grasp is sure you might lose weight with this or any other diet plan but if it doesn’t become your way of life after the 60 days or 90 days then you risk gaining it back plus more. You don’t need a shake to lose weight. All you need is to exercise and learn portion control. Personally I don’t feel you should have to cut things out of your diet completely as if you keep yourself away from the foods you love completely then your setting yourself up for failure because at some point down the road you will crave it and most likely since you’ve kept yourself away from it you will over indulge. Just my 2 cents worth..

      1. Spud you are absolutely correct. Having said that, many fitness trainers cannot control what their clients eat and find that referring the Body by Vi shakes is an easy way to get their clients to “stick with the program” and the the results speak for themselves so their clients are happy and everyone wins. Nothing wrong with that.

        Oh, and @Jeremy, the BMW bonus is paid out at $12.5k in sales, not $25 like you wrote in your post…I bet you “hate” them even more now, huh.

      2. See Ive been going to the gym 5 days a week, lifting three of those days and jogging and running every 5 of those days for 45 minutes on the nose.

        Ive lost 25lbs in two months, i was 210 and im 185. All from cutting back calories and eating properly… The good old fashioned way. I have never cut out foods that i shouldnt eat, i only eat smaller portions of them, like a smaller slice of cake or smaller scoops of ice cream. It hasnt effected my weight or body, im still losing fat and gaining muscle!

  14. I tried to sell Avon, Advocare, Scentsy, its all “touchy feel good” bull. The only one I keep up with is Scentsy and I keep the catalogs at my mom’s so my family can purchase flame-free atmosphere enhancers. These MLM’s are not for busy parents, they’re for those people who want to sell their soul to the devil, and go all-in.

    1. Melissa—-GOOD for you! You figured it out! I’ve got somewhat deep in to Advocare as an Advisor. It felt sooooo wrong. It really felt like a cult. I just wanted to tell you that your comment, “for those people who want to sell their would to the devil”…..you said that perfectly. I OUT of it! I’ve told some Adovcare friends (in a kind and caring way)–and they didn’t agree. Also, two deleted me on facebook….guess they weren’t true friends.

  15. What does your body look like? Are you in shape? Maybe a round fluffy shape. If so this product is for you.. It’s for you because You can’t get off the couch.. Because you loooooove fast food.. Replace those meals with shakes and sit on the couch.. Your body will look and feel better because of nutrients you are putting in instead of the fatty fat fat.. I don’t promote to make money, I promote to change lives.. My mother is lazy and over wieght, so I found something that can change that.. She is getting older and has high blood pressure and is at risk of a heart attack if she doesn’t change her ways. I do this because I want my friends, family, coworkers and anyone who wants to be healthier.. Haters can hate but look in the mirror first and see if that’s the way you want to look?

    1. ha. This absolutely sounds sarcastic. I honestly thought your comment was joke before I read the last line. You wanna know the secret to stop being fat and lazy? You stop being fat and lazy. Replacing your moms fast food burgers with bullshit ingredient aspartame laden shakes isn’t going to change her from being fat and lazy. She took the easy way getting fat and lazy but it doesn’t work both ways, she has to take the hard way to get fit and healthy. America will never understand this. “why do it the hard way when there’s a pill for it!” because the results are as sweet or permanent doing it the quick and easy route. Eat REAL food and get your lazy butt off the couch! That’s the only way to be healthy. But it’s ok, I’m absolutely sure I wi be seeing those shark-lawyer type commercials for a class action lawsuit for their awful cancer causing ingredient list. Sure you’ll be skinny, you have cancer, but you’ll be skinny. AMERICA, FUCK YEA!

      1. But you forgot… they WON’T be skinny. They’ll reach their goal weight, stop drinking the shakes, and go immediately back to their starting weight or more. They won’t have learned portion control, clean eating, or good nutrition: they’ll just have learned, “Oh, when I paid lots of money for shakes, I lost weight.” Yeah, 180 calories breakfast and lunch of tons of chemicals? People lost lots of muscle and water that way ;]

        I totes agree with you, second Anon… I just like to point out that, more likely than not, they won’t be skinny. They’ll just be out more money than they needed to be (particularly since “fat and lazy mom” will still be fat and lazy.) That mom could probably lose a few pounds still eating fast food if she GOT OFF THE COUCH.

  16. MLM’s are, have always, and probably will continue to be a conflicted way of doing business. I joined one a few years ago – same business concept but different product. I was drawn to try working an MLM because of the business books (ie: rich dad poor dad author) who explained the +’s and -‘s of MLM’s. In the end, I had more negatives and I stopped. But I don’t regret the experience because I stayed true to myself and didn’t fall into the “cult-like” atmosphere that seems to result from all these MLM’s. I guess it comes across as cult-like because everyone’s reciting the same pitches, the same stories, and they’re all so excited about it they begin “harassing” their friends.

    I like to cook, eat balanced and exercise so I personally wouldn’t get the Body by Vi shakes. But for overweight people who need a shortcut to eating healthy, It seems like a great idea! I can see this product being a gateway to being healthy. Some people just don’t have the strength to just eat less calories on their own so I’m happy that this MLM is doing well, at least its beneficial. And if you lose money, who cares if you lost pounds too.

  17. Body by Vi is Beach Body. THey got bought out and revamped it. I’m a distributor, but I actually think the products are all crap. You can go to vitamin shop and get better presupplements and proteins for cheaper. I’m a personal trainer and nutritionist so I have a lot of experience with supplements from personal experience. I actually continue to buy the shakes because they’re my favorite but I stopped distributing for them because it’s annoying and mainstream. And you’re right, unemployed dummies don’t sell it. Legitimate business owners, promoters, and respected people in my community are doing it. I bought into it before even trying the products because the marketing was so well done and as a marketing major, I immediately recognized that. Nonethless, timing is important and it is too saturated to make money now. I actually switched over to Nuskin another annoying MLM co.

    1. Body By Vi is not Beachbody. They’re competitors. Body By Vi is all about money, they just use the shake as a product to base it around. That’s why their shakes are less nutritious than what you get at Sam’s club. Beachbody is actually based on nutrition and fitness. They sell through their TV commercials but also have MLM home business as well.

      1. Body by vi is all about money?? So all the other companies out there aren’t??? No matter what the product, companies are out for one thing and that’s to MAKE MONEY! If this product helps people lose weight or make money more power to em! How do you make your money everyday?

  18. btw… I know some people who were waiting at bars making $50-$150 a night in tips. Their pay checks were $35k last mo. and they’ve been doing it for 8 months. Timing is key. Getting in at the right time and knowing a lot of people. He worked at a bar and knew everybody and got in. Sucks, I meant to get in at that time. All the heavy hitters I hit up were taken by him by the time I got in. I could’ve been making $35k a mo. I hate to say it is a good product, you get it for free, and you make money if you’re good at it. There a lots of reputable MLM companies. I do Nuskin now. MY sister use to be in corporate. I really do think Amway is crap. Someone tried to get me into it. I didn’t like the products, and they end up being more expensive, so I didn’t see value or uniqueness in their products.

  19. That stuff is crap. I tried to sell it at my gym. Should have known better. The people there know the only true way to lose weight, keep it off and look great is through dedication to diet and exercise. Nothing is easy you have to work at it. My mom took the 90 day challenge and sure she lost 20 lbs. As soon as she stopped it all came back.

  20. Recently i was hit up (harassed) by an old friend (who happens to be an ex) that i havent spoken to in forever. Her husband is even trying to be my friend and chat it up about sports to build a likeability factor. Im sorry guy, but I used to have sex with this girl and you want to be my friend? No, you want to recruit a puppet. If you didnt have to recruit people for this, my phone would have never rang with your number on the caller id. My problem is this; they’re very religious and have even used the whole “I did it because this is what God wanted me to do” thing……..SERIOUSLY?! This is a pyramid scheme, and you used God, along with a BMW to make it sound good? Wow. To be honest it all sounded great until i was told i needed to refer at least 3 people with $500 each. So think…if i never make a penny, if my 3 friends never make a penny, at 500 each, we just paid this company $2,000 for the hell of it…so they will get their money. Then set an unrealistic goal to reach to have an expensive car funded. I’d have very few issues with becoming a distributor of the product but once you have to recruit other people for the business instead of building customer clientel, thats what seems fishy. Thank you all for your comments because this research just helped me stay away from a scam.

      1. Jeremy,

        I know a Shoemaker in Germany LOVE this thread I think its called not a regular Blog reader stumbled upon it doing background on Vitology what online businesses do you run? My friend in Germany was a Computer repair guy and thought it would be ironic if this is he.

        I plan to read more of your stuff do you have anything on AMWAY? LOL if so please send me a link thx God Bless and Happy 2013

    1. Dude, you are talking to the wrong people. Good promoters LOVE customers! 97% of my commissions come from customer sales.

      There is no “requirement” to recruit in this Direct Sales business. The people who tell you that are shysters. Call them out.

  21. This crap has amphetamines in it- no wonder it works! People are seeing results from speed! After their bodies get adjusted to the amount of drug being ingested daily, give or take 3 to 4 weeks, they plateau and stop seeing results. When they stop the program this is why a lot of people put the weight back on. They are looking for that fast fix, that miracle weight loss pill that just doesnt exist. Get up and get moving!

  22. There are NO amphetamines in the shakes. You have to have a prescription to buy amphetamines. Good god. Do any of you think before you open your mouth? I’ve tasted this shale and it’s good. Now it isn’t a dairy queen blizzard but if it were then ai would be 100% sold! Tastes pretty good though. I had a friend lose 111 pounds in 90 days and keep it off two years. Just excited that there are some pork chops out there looking to get healthy! What question their motive?

      1. I took Visalus and one of the main ingredients if DMAE which happens to be the coating for tylenol! Should probably do some research on the product. I took Visalus thinking “Oh yay! a way to lose weight and help me get nutrition as I work and go to school and have no time for real food yippee!” Yeah, hell no. I’m sorry but 2 months after being on the shakes my body went completely numb on my left side. I was rushed from work to the emergency because they thought I was having a stroke. As The doctors and nurses rapidly started helping me, they realised that I was frail, tired, hungry and sick. They hooked me up to an IV and I was force fed through an IV. After this happened, I was given x-rays, I had a fractured knee cap, and a sliver from the bone had poked a vein. I was told that if it would have hit a main artery and got as infected as it did from malnourishment I probably would have died within minutes of being rushed to a hospital. When the doctor asked me what I had been eating he then told me there were at least 3 other cases that month with the same problem with Body by Vi and basically told me ” If you don’t want to die you’ll stop taking the product”. I thought Vi was fabulous and I will not argue that it makes you lose weight because it does, but you aren’t being properly nourished PERIOD. Remember this product has not been endorced by any heatlh community in all of Canada, I’ve now lost more weight eating heathly and exercising than I did on Vi because I’m not sitting on my couch letting shakes magically take all the weight away while I’m still lazy as hell. Ya Visalus works, but only for retards who want to walk around like half starving morons with no self control.

    1. I am a distributor for VI…there are alot of bad things out in this world and if this gets someone off the couch they are living life making better choices in their diet, self development getting healthy, and can stay healthy with the right mentorship, my plan is to really take this to other levels and really coach these people, affordable way to start a business..yes its MLM but you know what people carelessly spend money everyday getting fast food restaurants rich etc…coffee shops etc…and they are spending alot more money there, so when they switch it out to VI they are saving money if they are replacing habits, nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with being social and if you dont want blasted on FB etc then take them off the list and hmmm if most people are doing that and you are just complaining about everyone’s excitement about living life! Oh and this post is for the one who started it! not the one I am replying to.

    2. Pork chop? Fuck you.

      If people like you are selling this stuff, there’s no way in HELL you will get any of my money.

      Nor will anybody else in your company.

      I know, I know…I’m just one person. Nobody cares. Well, here’s the fun part…you’re a douchecanoe. I’ve actually lost 10 lbs in the past week just by making some minor changes to my diet. So you, Dr. T, are simply a piece of crap. But that doesn’t matter, since I’m not one of your elite, non-porkchop types. Nope. I’m not cool enough to get away from your name calling, even though I work hard, make money, have a rock band, etc. That doesn’t matter because I’m fatter than YOU think I should be.

      I hope you get fat. 😀

      In short, fuck you scrawny toothpick. 😀

  23. I am using Body By Vi…I HAVE NO DESIRE to promote. I do have 4 people who saw my results so I got them signed up through the lady I went through under me so MY Body by Vi system is free-I like this perk I didn’t go buy this stuff they approached me–BUT like I said I AM NOT promoting and selling but enjoying the product. I only wanted to loose a little baby weight and I did and I continue using the drink cause #1 it taste good and it is a healthy alternative for me.
    I do see the Marketing ploy but that is business let em keep going I’ll just enjoy my shake in private..i don’t even know my website to get others to sign up to be honest

    1. Wouldn’t you rather just use a different supplement that tastes just as good and costs less? Go to Walmart or your local health/vitamin store and you’ll find one.

      That’s why I don’t buy any of this.

  24. Every time I want to find a reason to be a ShoeMoney hater, you go and pull something like this. Dude. Seriously. Props for the straight-up truth on this one.

  25. One thing that sold me on the product is that it is a pharmaceutical quality product. The amount of protein and nutrition in one shake would cost you a phenomenal amount and to consume that many calories, you would be as big as a horse. It is heart healthy and diabetic friendly. The people that I know of who have used it have done so for the health benefits and feel great for taking it. People who do not like taking meds, take it because it has made them healthy enough to get off their meds. As for cost, it is cheaper than the meals/snacks it replaces. So, it literally is just taken out of the grocery bill and restaurant bills. It saves money! Also, the $499.00 is not the price of the shakes. It is the price of a the weight loss package for people needing to lose lots of weight plus the start up distributors package. If your spouse also orders just the weight loss package, he/she is the first customer making the second kit free. And…the kit includes much more than just the shakes to support a healthy weight loss. In addition if you are anything like me, I don’t have time for breakfast or lunch. So, having a healthy alternative that costs about 1/3 of the cost of a regular lunch plus all the health benefits, who can afford not to buy it?

    1. You can buy in at 49.00 to start promoting it as well…499 is the second option or you can buy in at 999….

    2. If you have ever noticed, for the amount of food it’s supposed to replace you’d have to have about 1900 scoops to get the same nutrition all those fruits and veggies have, 15 slices of bread = 30 scoops of shakes, that’s a lie how you do get 12% protein from a shake that in a single serving alone does not even cover the nutrients from eggs, you silly people that is deceitful, they lie, as if a shake replaces all that food, I know some people aren’t chemists but if your stupid even to believe the “value” you are wrong and the product isn’t even endorced by any health companies in the world, some people and their lack of knowledge.

  26. Body by VI….hmmm…replace a meal with a shake….hmmm…..sounds exactly like SLIMFAST!

    1. Slimfast was better I am trying to get my wife off this sh*t but all her friends like it so she wants to like it to. Just got another box in the mail today, I might just trash it and see what happens. Typical pyramid scheme to get the people who started it richer and the rest broke.

  27. Thanks for breaking everything down !! They make it seem like you basically get a free BMW for drinking shakes && posting links ! i knew it was BULL !

  28. Herbalife and forever living is the same Multi Level Marketing stuff…be careful.

  29. Wow i am really happy that you guys get off on minimizing people’s efforts to make something of themselves. So what if diet and exercise work just as well. I am a nurse work 56 hrs a week with 2 kids. 4 days a week i work 13 hours with nothing to eat at all. So healthy eating is not an option when i go to work at 4am, don’t get home until 8pm. So if i want to keep some protein and nutrients in my body without going into starvation mode and gaining more weight- a damn shake might just help me out. So don’t think everyone has $ or time to get to the gym or even go for a walk everyday. Cause 2 days a week i get to walk around a parking lot for exercise cause that is the only free time i have. Not to mention i don’t have $ for a gym or personal trainer, or to cut my hours so i could lose weight or maintain help the NATURAL way. Don’t be a hater cause other people are trying to do something. Just hide them on your facebook and move on

    1. I’m a nurse too. Seriously – you work 4 days a week, 13 hours a day, with nothing to eat at all…..

    2. If this is how you treat your own body how do you expect to promote health in others. You do have a choice.

  30. Come on seriously? its actually a Black, silver or Visalus Green BMW and you get the 600 for it after reaching 12.5 in sales…. Not sure where your numbers come from but none the less…Im one of those testimonials that lost over 100 pounds…I tried everything and although many things worked none of it encouraged me to stay with it…I no longer suffer from health issues such as diabetes etc. I know there are many companies that say one thing and do another, however this company is on the up & up…I have been taking body by vi for 2 years now…I lost all of my weight within the first year and have kept it off now for a year. I do one shake a day to maintain & get the nutrition that My body needs…. I only started being a promoter 2 months ago and as of this month will hit Regional director which means I will be having my silver BMW paid for…You dont have to believe anything that you see or read, but please take the time to respect those of us who have had a life changing experience with this product & company! My before & after pics are on my site…

    1. Do you have any idea what those Artificial Sweeteners are doing to your digestive system? Do you have any idea the strain your body is going through trying to process those sweeteners and the poor proteins that are in these shakes? You didn’t think about the long term effects on your body did you? You should be slapped in the face so you can wake up and see that this company is nothing but a marketing Scam! A good one but non the less a Scam! Soy is another reason you should be slapped. Look at the side effects of soy. Your not very smart are you? Any one person that lowers their calorie intake can lose weight and keep it off. It doesn’t mean that they are healthy. Let me know how you feel in 10 years wise guy.

    2. Im wanting to try vi, not be a distributor but by it for myself to lose weight & get rid of diabetes. How do I buy it?

  31. I have to tell you, I felt exactly the same way as you. I have a couple of friends, husband and wife that started on me about this stuff. I poo-pooed the whole idea and guess what? They got the damn BMW! I have photos of them holding up signs that said “I told you so”. I still want to cram that crap down their throats…but, oh well.

  32. Qivana blows all of them out of the water. It is a complete system that addresses the system of your body–a lifestyle, not a diet. I lost 22 pounds to date since April 9, ’12, and its Prime N-O Activator got me completely off blood pressure meds. My 92 year old mother uses it, with noticeable relief of her arthritis. And less expensive than all.
    ‘Nuff said.

    1. Hello i was just lookig at the research on Qivana and wondered what the total cost per month and where i could purchase this product for my wife

  33. Nothinghere (in posts or the comments) is based on any fact all opinions and while people are welcome to give opinions (when it was started with a post of opinion and not fact) what do you think you will get in return?

    Here is a fact… The Body By Vi program is a 90 day Challenge. Wow but wait… they want to scam you so bad that they make you commit to the program for 90 days?!? NO! It’s not only a month to month program where a consumer can cancel at any time they all get an empty package money back guarantee. HMMM, woooowwwwww. Really? Some idiot said it was $499.00… The kits range in price from $49, $99, $199, $249 & $299.

    You DO NOT have to become a distributor.

    The program has 10x more customers than distributors to throw out a fact. Many satisfied customers do become promoters because they see the value not because they were pressured.

    The BMW program is not limited to just black. Its other colors as well. IF You help enough people see success (even with the 30 day money back guarantee option giving them time to backout at their own will) and you become BMW qualified for $12,500 in sales then you can either elect a $300/mo cash monus OR a BMW its up to you. Nobody is forced into buying a BMW as it can be new or used, a lease or a purchase.

    Idiots that dont know the facts and start blogs based on opinions are fools.

    It doesnt matter what your product or business is, few give a full 30 days to try their product or service and return an empty package for a full refund unless they are reputable.

    Oh, by the way… the developer of the product sits on the board of doctors for preventative medicine for the entire US so take that and stick it in your tail pipe!

    1. Thanks Charles!

      Ok and what diet can you go on…lose weight…get off of…go back to your old habits and NOT gain the weight back? Of course if you stop it and go back to your old eating habits you will gain the weight back!

      It’s a start! It’s motivation! So many I have talked to have lost the weight, had great motivation, and it has changed their lives! They started eating healthier outside of their shakes, exercising, etc. This stuff really works to help you lose weight, so what’s the problem with it?

      Oh yeah..the cost. Nope that’s not it. It’s cheaper than McDonalds!

      The referral program, yeah that’s horrible. If you don’t like paying under $2 a meal you can get it for free by getting friends signed up! Yeah that’s terrible of them!

      What do you have to lose…WEIGHT.

      You don’t HAVE to sign up to sell, you don’t HAVE to buy the expensive plans. You can if you want to and really be silly NOT to if you are the first in your area! Or chose NOT to sell and buy the $49 package and lose weight for that month and then STOP.

      You don’t have to do all the rest, if you do it’s your choice! Or miss out and don’t buy any at all – its your choice. But it’s a big hit because it WORKS!

    2. Wow! In none of your rant did you say anything that had to do with how Horrible this Product is. People are seeing results simply because they are lowering their calorie intake. Anybody can do that. You can find the ingredients anywhere on their website. They say the shakes are 100% natural but contain Artificial Sweeteners. This company is a Scam! All your buying into is a Marketing Program! The at least they could is tell people what is in the shake.

      1. That’s because “natural” doesn’t mean shit. Organic is what you should look for, but they can’t put “organic” because it’s really not an organic product. Vi is a piece of shit chemical shit storm of a product and the reason why people are obese and fat. They’ll only eat what tastes good to them and doing this through any shake does not help at all. IT makes it worse. It teaches your body that its okay to eat sweet tasting food and changes your taste pallette and screws it all up. I wouldnt be suprised if this had MSG in it like alot of other supplement products out there. It’s just as good as anything you get at GNC. The reason this product is deemed the most “successful” is because of HOW they market it. ITs got nothing to do with the product itself. The supplement is bull shit. People are forgetting what supplements are. You take them because you literlaly have no time in your life to make food. And what does this product have that you can’t get from food besides un needed chemicals and bull shit? Do you eat meat? Are you a vegan? This is what people should ask themselves:
        What’s this have that you cant get from regular food? Do you really need all the garbage chemicals and toxins in your body that come with that junk? Are you exercising? It really baffles me that people think this is some miracle drug that will make you lose weight without any exercise. I advise a personal trainer that knows what he’s doing , not this crap. And as for children they NEED to eat, they are GROWING. Starving them ofRealfoodIsMessingWithTheirHoromones!

    3. basic blah blah blah from a robot wanna be rich dist.
      dont’ you see they are changing the rules everyday to get more and more people in as this thing is getting harder and hard to make the numbers work for the advancement of the next rich person. the middle and upper people will never see any big money. it use to be 499 and now it is 29 bucks? seems like interest is slowing. even going global this company is doomed. make all the money you can. it will diminish to almost nothing. you know all the changes they have made lately, are to extend the certainty that it is a mlm built on false promises, money not shakes, lies, fake it til you make it attitude, false free bmw’s. ( you pay revenue on that 600 bmw payment?) sounds like a raise not a free car. typical customer gets out after only 3 months. the numbers will collapse this mlm soon. too fast, too many lies, and too much money at top.

      1. let me guess, every level you advace only means one thing. more time trying to get to the next level but you are still just as broke as you were the lever before. enough said.

  34. First off lets say.. Does Blue Cross and Blue Shield reimburse any other MLM or nutrition company?? they have with Body By Vi.. Also have doctors writting prescription to Body BY Vi not slimfast OR shakology!
    And FYI its only $12,500 in volume to EARN your BMW. And its now black, silver, or green! But thats ok.. we love people like all of you! Look at the company growth! by the time you join and will be a struglle for you cause you were busy hating on this amazing product and business plan that you are now just goin to barely qualify for your bmw while i just made my 6 figure income.. Thanks to all!! :))

      1. This company is a joke. All they can talk about is a BMW. Who gives a crap about the car. The need to stop feeding all these people full of lies saying their shake is 100% natural when in fact it is not. To quote one of the smartest men I know “The fastest way to kill a bad business is with Great Marketing” this will happen to BBV.

        1. Yet, here they are helping over 180,000 people every month to lose weight, they are recommended by doctors, chiropractors, and nutritionists, AND they are now the fastest growing weight loss company in North America.

  35. Yeah, it’s fairly obvious that none of this “article” or many of the comments following actually did any research on the subject. Many of the things stated here are either lies, because you think your readers are as dumb as you think people who like Body By Vi are, or you didn’t really do your research and are as dumb as you think they are.

  36. I didn’t like the shit… Man plenty of ppl get offended when u say body by vi is no good… That’s cause it marketed do good.. When ur pockets get low then what? I don’t have 60 bucks to keep giving these folks when all I have to do is push away from the table!!! Yeah.. Those body by vi folks stick together!! Y’all can keep drinking that baby milk!!

  37. You obviously did no research on this product. Saying you pay 499$ a month to be a distribor is just a lie. And that youre required to take over BMW payments if you don’t hit the sales quota? Really now? These shakes have LOTS of nutrients and vitamins in them, making them a safe meal replacement. And no shit the only true way to be healthy is to eat like a rabbit and work out everyday. But If you simply don’t have time, fall of the wagon sometimes, or are too lazy to make a real breakfast ( lunch of dessert) this is a great option. Oh and detoxs and juice fasts aren’t good for you too, but talk to the people who use them and you’ll consider trying them at least once.

  38. 1. I wouldn’t want to go to an event for my company and go through a mass opportunity meeting.

    2. Shakeology tastes awful.

    3. I don’t like hype.

    1. Visalus is not a pyramid scheme. A person under their upline can make more than their upline. Besides, the distributors are promoting a challenge not selling the product.

      1. Life is a Pyramid scheme. And yes it is a Pyramid scheme. Church is a Pyramid scheme. They are every where. BBV is just a crappy company. NO ingredients listed anywhere and contains artificial sweeteners. Thats like telling someone Diet soda is better for you than regular. What a bunch of Tools these BBV people are.

        1. Ingredients are on the Bag… and you can search Google for “vi-shake ingredients” . And comparing Diet Soda versus Regular is like asking which is better, hitting your head with a hammer, or a rock? Better to skip both.

  39. The Body BiVi is not just to loose weight sure most people try and sell it that way but its really not! The shakes make you feel really good if you EXERCISE AND EAT A HEALTHY meal sure you might loose some weight. Unless your 300 pounds and taking in 2 shakes a day your not gonna loose much weight. And no idea where you got the lie about spending 600$ a month?? UHH no you dont. So try again. you pay 500$ to start promoting it which you make back your 1st month with little to no effort and you also start getting all your monthly supplies for free. SO WHY NOT SELL IT?? Duhhh If you can rant so can I….. SHA ZAM!! now we all know you have a fat wife… LMAO

  40. I started off at 250 pounds in April i have lost 50 pounds in 3 months…. I dont sell this product i just use it. I am off all medications for various things I was on before… So i dont know why you would shoot down a product you havent tried!! VERY rude of you….

  41. I am in love with this author! You are so brilliant… not much into the hating part of you but this article is just spot on. Thank you. I was being roped into it. Have you noticed that people like Judi Russ (check her out on youtube) keeps posting videos about how transformed she is. It shows videos a year apart, saying she lost 100 pounds but there is no way. She looks 250 pounds in the first video and all the others she looks 250 pounds dressed a little different with a different hairstyle. Why isn’t she dropping weight and showing a transformation but apparently she has her bmw. wow.

    1. you are uneducated, and uninformed…. They didnt become the #2 weightloss company in the world selling crap that doesnt work… do your homework.

  42. I have tons of friends doing Body by Vi. I have checked it out a couple of times and the product does look interesting. I have done a coulple MLM company’s, Arbonne and Amway. But none of them really worked for me and for my schedule. I started Passion Parties this Jan, and it has been a blast. The money is great and the products are fun :-), and the poeple are amazing.. MLM do work, but you just have to find the one that works for you and you have to like the product and be able to stand behind it.

    1. And is going to Hell for selling a BS product to good people. I bet she doesn’t mention to her customers that one day the Artificial Sweeteners will contribute to their death. I would be so proud of that 350K! Not! How about she donates that money to someone that will do some good with it like Researching this BS product called BBV. What a Junk product.

  43. NIce SEO rich article. love how you worked in all the bs lines…my fav: This is the Magic Bullet!!!! still ROFLAO over that one. good job. seriously. good article.

    1. I don’t care BMW or whatever. Does it work for losing weight??? That is all I care about.

      1. Im actually a distributor for Herbalife products , I researched several diferent avenues before choosing Herbalife, So I went with the company Because its public on the NYSE , and been in business for over 32yrs! The products worked for me and thats all I needed…. I love your insight about the body by vi, lol ! first real oppinion Ive read on the internet yet! I believe if you retail any product around $25k a month you can buy whatever color car you choose………. lol we do ! Im not here to ask anyone to join me, people just research before you decide to go sale the next magic potion thats too good to be true….

    2. There are currently 3 lawsuits in Canada, the short term of this product “appears” to be harmless, however, long term usage is PROVING to be disastrous to people’s health……….it DOES NOT meet daily nutritional requirements, the soy & sucralose alone have terrible long term consequences not to mention the isoflavins…….know personally several who started out very impressed & yes lost weight however they now are having Major & in one case FATAL consequences from the use of this product!!! Not a hater & don’t want to believe this is being done knowingly, the distributors I know have left the company & the company is treating them horribly!! Please think in of long term effects for anything you decide to do!!

  44. go to Costco, buy Kaizen vanilla protein powder, mix 1 scoop with 1 cup of skim milk, add 1 cup raw oatmeal, 1 small banana, 1 cup of any fruit (I usually use a mix of frozen friut). cheaper, does the same thing for weight loss and oh yah the fruits are naturaL,as are the milk and oatmeal. bonus= no MLM!

  45. I just tried the shake and it was pretty tasty. It’s better than my usual sandwich with mayo but thanks for the info. I have learned if it says free, lock my wallet immediately.

  46. Great post!! Silly how many people get caught up in the hype. After looking at the nutrion content, you can get more vitamins from one daily multi vitamin. A bowl of Total ceral has 3X’s more nutrition than one shake, and I’m certain costs way less per serving.

    What happens when you stop the shakes? Sadly, most people will gain the weight back. There is no magic formula for losing weight. Products like this, may help, but they are over priced, and over hyped.

  47. People that go on this ”challenge” are literly starving themselves.. anyone who starves themselves can lose weight quickly. but its not healthy! do not fall for this SCAM

    1. I don’t give a shit about “being healthy”. I’d rather be hot. And if two shakes a day (from BbV, Beach Body, Slim Fast, wtf ever) instead of chew food, so be it.

  48. I am an Independent Beachbody Coach. And as far as me and my team, we do not approach anyone that does not want to be approached. If we strike up a conversation and happen to mention that we are Beachbody Coaches, we wait for the “nod” or the “tell me more” type of question, then we do our swift little two minute pitch and that’s it. Offer a business card, wait for them to give their contact information and if they don’t, then step off. If the person shows interest, we invite them to a FREE fit group or let them know that we have events several times a year. I, personally, do not like it when people just come up to me and try to get me to buy something…or when I get junk email that I didn’t ask for. So I know how it feels when it appears as if someone is being a pushy salesperson. Me and my team don’t do that and we are having great success. We use our Google+ and Facebook as our soap box, but we do not send out mass FB notes, etc., trying to get people to come here and there, and buy this and that. We advertise, give a website link, and let nature take its course. I’ve had Body By Vi people try to make comments to me about Shakeology, but I always tell them that there is no comparison in either the quality of our product or the price. People watch my postings and “like” them, but I don’t go after them because they did. I let them come to me when they are ready to take that first step in getting healthier and more fit. I have led the proverbial horse to water, now just waiting on it to drink. And while I’m waiting, I’m practicing what I preach, by continuing my healthy lifestyle and showing them that it can be done with accountability, dedication to lifestyle change, and support.

  49. I would like to say a few things, that most people that are posting on this topic will not agree with. I will probably get criticized, flamed, and overall called stupid, however I am willing to take the abuse for the people out there that are being pushed away from a product that might help them become more confident and succesfull in their life, period!
    Now I am not in the buisness side of the product, however my father is and he has the BMW and a great income due to this product. He has worked on it and not been lazy and given up when it got difficult, and then ditched the product and called it BS because he was not able to cut it. If you do not have decent people skills and a good attitude then you will be unable to sustain any relationship much less a buisness relationship.
    I am an extremely obesce 18 year old individul that has tried the product and failed miserabley at first. However that was not because of Visalus it was because I was unable to find the will power and motivation to complete my challenge. This is not a drink the shake and you lose 27 pounds deal, you have to work at it and be willing to devote time and effort to your transformation. I am currently about to undertake another challenge to cut off a fair portion of my excess body fat and put on a portion of that weight in muscle. I am currently 334 pounds and I am 6′ 5″ to give you a decent idea of my build. I was not pushed into this either, I decided to participate and start a challenge again. It is actually the exact oppisite I was told that it would be great if I wanted to but if I did not that they would respect my desicion. I also have great support should I need it, which is a very big part of this. You need to have someone there to be supportive and give you that much needed bump to get you through a particularly difficult streak. I am sick and tired of not being able to do the things that I would like to, and waking up and having no feeling in my hands and feet, and feeling like a 90 year old man. So I am going to put the effort in and finish my challenge so that I can feel like the 18 year old that I could feel like. THAT is my motivation and story thus far and I am proud to say that Visalus is going to help me along the ay to becoming a healthier person.

  50. This is the same diet fad that Oprah went on, sure you lose weight when your only drinking shakes, but when your done and start eating you gain it all back and then some! If you want to lose weight try the old fashion way, hard work! Eat right, eat less junk, excercise and then watch the weight come off and stay off.

  51. I also made a comment on my Facebook page, about people selling things, and I might have to hide some…my Cousin who is using and the junk by Vi, immediately gave ME the cold shoulder! I have exercised and maintained my weight all my life. And since she has lost some weight, they are all experts on how great it makes you feel, dulls allergies, gets you off of insulin, and probably cures cancer! SHUT UP!!!!

  52. Nice post. Think this stuff is crap as well. Why can’t people just eat well and workout?! But dude, you should proof read before you post. Spelling errors don’t help your credibility.

  53. My neighbor abruptly moved out of state and this arrived at the door, there’s no forwarding address and her husband is in the military. She said we could have what’s left over, and gave us some boxes of food. I think it was some sort of family emergency. So I opened it (the box, not the pouch) and I read the ingredients and there’s no difference than any other protein shake. It has vitamins, whey, soy, proteins. Etc. It’s a protein shake. If you are fat it’s fine for eating less. I think if you sit at a desk all day it’d be better than eating too much since you aren’t burning much. It’s 90 calories for two heaping scoops. It’s far better than guzzling diet coke and chips. It’s a choice. I don’t see how a typical protein shake is a “scam” however. Most likely sending it back to the company if they pick it up and I don’t have to pay the shipping.

  54. I lost 30 lbs in 2.5 months by eating right and working out the same amount I was before I changed my diet, it didn’t cost me anything.

  55. don’t get me wrong, Ive been there done that with being dragged by friends to the whole mona vi, mary kay, avon, even body by vi meetings to “learn about the product” and being told about “business opportunities” where you can quit your job and work from home!!! lol but I don’t fall victim to any get rich quick scheme. im through with these meetings because i see the same pattern in every single one and the reality that only 1% of people have the time and luck to become a top earner from any of these products. its sad that an actual good product for weight loss becomes overshadowed by these schemes then pushes people away from trying it. body by vi in my opinion is one of the better and healthier weight loss products. and only other product besides slim fast that i have seen first hand work. obviously exercising regularly and eating healthy is the #1 best way to go. but if you try replacing two meals a day with this shake that has virtually no side affects AND workout AND continue eating and snaking healthy i can tell you it works 🙂 . its not an easy or crazyyyy weight loss dream. you still have to eat right and be a strong individual who is determined to loose weight and eat clean. besides that i wouldn’t try to get 3 friends or become a promoter or blah blah blah…ive tried it, it works, if you want to try it and loose weight and feel healthy try it! dont be blinded by the dark side of these schemes

  56. just wanna say i am currently on this body by vi challenge,, and i can honestly say it works!!!!!!!! I came across the site off fb.. Of course i was skeptical too another weight loss program that probably wont work….But i decided to give it a try since ive tried in the past with little or no success . Much to my surprise in the first 9 days of using this product i have lost 5 pounds and many inches i have pics to prove,, and im only on day 11 of this program. This definetly works,,, now i dont care about the selling part of it,, i was just desperate to find something that really worked… My body has transformed already in such a short time,,,, i a very pleased with this program and needless to say its the easiest and most affordable one ive done… Its delicious, satisfying and yessssssss full of vitamins minerals and nutrients,,, its a complete meal in one shake… Thank you Visalus for giving me hope and my life back!!!

    1. Linda, please b very careful as the long term effects of these shakes are causing serious medical problems!!! Some even lethal…….can’t say too much right now but suffice it to say the sh*%#* is about to hit the fan with this company!! Hope it wasn’t known to begin with but company IS aware of problems & batches found with mold & NOT having what it claims to have in the mixes!!!! Look up side effects for sucralose alone & the long term effects of it, it’s just not worth it!! You may lose weight, end up with cancer & the lining of your organs eaten away but skinny…….please be PROACTIVE & check out long term not just immediate effects!!

  57. There is a negative to everything in life if you look hard enough and ask enough people. If it helps even a few people live longer and better lives then who is anyone to judge. There are a million ways to lose weight and not every way works for everyone. Ohhh big surprise the people that made the product want to profit! The companies that make meds to treat cancer, diabetes ect want to profit too!

  58. I am currently working for Zrii.. It’s a lot like body by vi and I am making money but……. I am so sick of selling everyone and pushing them into loving the products. It is a cult. All MLM’s are a cult. My upline calls and text me all the time. Is the money worth it? I really don’t think so. I don’t even care about the money I’m making because I don’t want to become like the fruit baskets who are above me.

    Funny story, I watched one of my upline ladies kids last week and when I left her home, she purposely left her car outside in the driveway and told me Zrii paid for it. If an MLM gave me a car flat out and not just made the payments for me each month, then I would be super excited about that, but all they are doing is putting pressure on you to make sure you keep selling or you will lose your monthly payment. SO DUMB! I can’t wait to tell my upline off. They completely lied to me when I signed up and said they weren’t pushy…. lol.. right!

  59. Well, the BBV I think it going to be short lived. There are new products, like a new “Skinny Whey” that is coming to market that have the same 3=free sort of concept, but shakes that aren’t full of soy and corn filler crap. I don’t think we’ll see it as a sustainable business mainly because the products are just not good for you.

  60. Im actually a distributor for Herbalife products , I researched several diferent avenues before choosing Herbalife, So I went withe the company Because its public on the NYSE , and been in business for over 32yrs! The products worked for me and thats all I needed…. I love your insight about the body by vi, lol ! first real oppinion Ive read on the internet yet! I believe if you retail any product around $25k a month you can buy whatever color car you choose………. lol we do ! Im not here to ask anyone to join me, people just research before you decide to go sale the next magic potion thats too good to be true….

  61. I am currently a distributor for It Works! Body Wraps. Our #1 selling product is a body contouring wrap that tightens, tones and firms in 45 min. Yes, IT WORKS. We also have other health and wellness products. My favorite being our GREENS. 1 tsp of this drink powder (mixed with water, juice, etc) is equal to 8+ servings of fruits and veggies a day. There are over 38 nutrient rich, super foods packed into that little container. The greens help to alkalize and detox your body while reducing your appetite and giving your body the right kind of energy. Truly something HEALTHY, that WORKS. Check out some of our other NATURAL products, too.

    And it’s not fair to bash MLMs. They are not a terrible thing. I actually think that MLM is a better way to promote your product than any other. Why? Because when you’re buying from someone in an MLM, you’re helping to support a local business owner. Imagine if all of the MLM products were sold at *Insert name of Giant Chain Store*. When you buy the products, who are you helping? The clerk who makes $7.25 hour??? No. The big fat geezer who sits behind a desk and just laid of 25,000 employees because his bank account dropped a zero. Did you know most MLMs continue to show growth while the rest of the country is in a recession?? Support your neighbors. Support your country. Support MLM.

    Email me for questions! I love answering questions about our products!! https://KEAD.MYITWORKS.COM

    *And FYI, friends “spamming” you on facebook is no different than *insert name of giant chain store* “spamming” your facebook. It just looks different because one is a paid ad. So next time your neighbor is asking you to try her product, don’t be a hater. Say, sure, why not!!! Most of the time you get something for free out of it.

    1. I agree, eating healthy along with regular exercise is key to managing weight. However, many people lack the discipline to consistently eat well and exercise regularly. For those that fall into this category, body by Vi is a simple, easy to follow diet plan that has proven effective in helping people lose weight. For all you that want to bash body by Vi, it seems your time would be better spent protesting your local fast food restaurants who promote menu items that contribute to obesity and poor health. To each his own, live and let live. If you ate not interested in the product, simply say “no thank you”.

  62. Are you aware that you have a 30day money back guarantee? So if you start promoting at $499 & dont make it back with in 30 days you get it back no questions asked. I made my $499 back in 2 weeks it was more then worth it to me. I was the biggest skeptic it took me forever to even taste it I made my friend that was making 100K plus well both her an her husband both making combined house hold earning of 300K with brand new bimmers send me all that science 65 page long report about the science. You can hate as much as you want but your the one that doesnt have a free BMW and residual income from just telling friend a cheap & easy way to get healthy lose weight & make some extra cash. Sorry for Partying Brother.

  63. For all who ask “Why Vi?” and “What’s so special about Body by Vi?”…watch this. This guy should be our spokesperson.

    Also for those like me who have immunity and deficiency problems, l have not been sick once since starting these shakes. l love them. l have a very active lifestyle and LOVE to dance. l wasn’t getting the proper nutrition being a typical broke, overworked college student. l won’t shove them on anyone. l’m just so sick and tired of the ones out there who are in it JUST for the money, tainting what Visalus and the Challenge are truly about. Everyone thinks l’m involved with a scam and won’t even give the shakes the benefit of the doubt because of the money hungry scammers out there who really truly don’t care about your health or well being. To them you ARE just a number. Don’t bash the product though and Visalus if you’ve never gone to an event or or even tried the shakes.


  64. I think it is absolutely INSANE how many MORONS fall for a product like this! Oh, that’s right, you can get ALL these FRESH fruits and vegetables in ONE healthy shake!!! Give me freaking break! There are no healthy LIVING enzymes in a packaged shake! Live by the following statement when eating, and you will be healthier than ever, and lose all the weight you can possibly lose…

    “If the food is packaged or canned, then that means it is DEAD, and therefore has very little if any nutritional value at all!”

  65. I’m going to say give it a try, and then if it doesn’t work then you can bash it to hell.

    I was invited by a friend to one of their…. parties? Don’t know what to call it, it was huge event in a major city, so large they needed the stadium for tens of thousands of people. It was nothing short of incredible, I’ve never seen so many young attractive fit people in one place dancing and having fun. It was like…. stepping into MTV Spring Break or something, but 10x the people. Unreal. I think some were probably in their 40s maybe 50s, but since they were skinny they didn’t look that old physically, and even at 1am they were dancing it up with us 20 somethings.

    If this is a cult then sign me up, pass the kool-aid because I want that to be my life.

  66. The things people would do for a BMW 3 series, laughable and quite sad. Told you so cronies coming to a gym near you.

  67. Alright, here is my 2 cents. Although I completely agree the promoting on this product is extreme and very annoying, I really do like the product. For those of you who think you are going to die from artificial sweeteners..come on! First of all they only use like .03 grams per serving with is less than a third of what a diet soda has in it. Sweeteners have such bad press more or less because of the aspartame. Body by vi uses Sucralose, which is a lot more safe. Of course everyone would rather the sweetener be “natural” such as stevia, but it actually causes diahrrea in almost 20% of the population, and it has not been approved anywhere except the US, so thats their reasoning for not using it. There are no other sweeteners that have as much research, taste as good, and have been approved around the world. As for the Soy, no not all soy is good for you, but like the packaging says, this is GMO-free. They also remove the isoflavones, which is why soy gets its bad press. Some are skeptical of this, but id think they couldnt advertise it that way without a big lawsuit on their hands. ???? I took everything to my doctor before starting to drink them, and she said there was absolutely nothing in it that i couldnt have or that wouldnt be safe for my health. I’m doing doing them for weight loss, but im a big snacker so i feel i want to get my nutrition some how 🙂 Some people may not agree that its the healthiest thing, but neither is that cheeseburger or snickers bar you are eating right now!!

    1. actually the snickers bar is just the same … they are both processed and contain chemicals rather than real ingredients. How about working out and eating right instead of relying on a false company.

  68. This product is exactly like Isagenix. Which is pretty much the same deal. Thing is… I was on the program for 3 months, lost 15lbs and felt great! But the crap is expensive and I didn’t want to pay for it anymore. So I stopped taking it and ended up gaining it all back and actually being worse off in the end. Do it the old fashioned way. Eat selectively and clean. And lift some weights. Drive by the Drive-thru’s!

  69. Yeah everybody is out to make money, thats life. Forget about the BMW and about the extra money you can make. What do you have? A program that works. I have lost 1 1\2 inches and 5 pounds, my wife has lost 3 inches and 15 pounds. we feel a lot better and look a lot better.If you can look better feel better do it for free and make some extra cash why not do it. Its not for everyone but those who do it benifit from it.

    1. temporary … go off it and see what happens… as far as your health? I really hope you are as healthy as you seem. Good luck.

  70. I will tell you this, I don’t care what they are giving away for cramming their crap down our throats. The stuff is toxic and dangerous, causing life long health problems and has caused death. They make a bad name for honest businesses out there that do work and know how to help others without spamming and forcing their products. I wouldn’t feel right forcing people to take a product that is dangerous and toxic just to make a quick buck or to get some over priced car. Just saying

  71. Yeah…. I know, and if I had not lost 90 pounds and 39 inches with this product myself, I would probably be spreading untruths and toxic ideas around too. My doctor and his whole staff researched the product before I started due to a liver problem I have due to complications when I had my gallbladder removed. Well, if some of the best doctors in the world actually endorsed me taking the product… Then I’m not sure what is any better proof than that! Dartmouth Hitchcock…. Like I said, best in the world. Take care!

    1. Kinda funny… I doubt you have the best doctors in the world when so many I know that are excellent advise against it.

  72. Why do they always mention a BMW when they defend this product. One thing you have to qualify yourself for a BMW and how many people can actually do that and how many people really want a BMW with a $600 a month payment, do they really think they will be selling it long enough to pay it off, the good news is when these BMW’s start getting reposed other’s will be getting a heck of a deal…on them.

  73. I have a friend that is so hyped on this that he has called me several times trying to “convince” me. These MLM hype shows will always be around because there is always a ton of people that can be convinced that they will become rich for “nothing” Its all about shear numbers just like every other “legitimate” business that uses this model. Like always a few benefit from others stupidity and everyone else just comes and donates and goes.

  74. I like your blog and this post was very, very funny!! And informative. I actually did a search wondering if Body by Vi was effective at all because I too noticed how ridiculously crazed its salespeople are. It reminds me a little of the Amway cult 🙂 Anyhow, I have bookmarked your page and will be back. Oh, and Kelly Feest is an idiot LOL I’m so glad that you post that conversation and didn’t blur out her name! 🙂

  75. I cannot stand the Body by Vi cronies that I used to have on my facebook. I think as a way to draw more people into their scheme, the promoters post pictures of their BMWs, progress, and trips to Miami. I had a girl on my facebook, nice girl, but after a year of her “success pictures”, miami trip photos, stomach shots, constant annoying blogging and recipes, I had to delete her. Most people would not get annoyed by Body by Vi people, but being a ridiculous gym goer for the last seven years, and studying nutrition, I don’t fall for the false advertising and promise of a better life Body by Vi markets to unhealthy, sad, lost people. You want healthy juices or shakes? Start juicing veggies and fruit, but don’t replace meals, your body knows when it is being injected with scientifically altered chemicals and by-product artificial nutrients. The girl on my facebook looked in much worse shape than me, and I consume 1,500 calories a day and work-out properly, no body by vi for me.

  76. I’VE been waiting to gear how to return my product and no one had returned phone calls or my emails. Its BS

  77. This article is WAY out of date. The numbers are triple what you have listed…nice opinion though.

  78. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comment feed. I too came across some harassment from someone I called a true friend, prior roommate. All I did was happily tell him after weeks of trying to shed pounds by working out and eating extremely healthy I finally lost 3 pounds. Explained that I had gained an additional 4 pounds during the first 2 weeks of working out which I have now learned was water weight due to the increase in muscle. You know what this “friend” told me? I quote from my inbox: “It doesn’t sound like your taking your health seriously. Correct me if I’m wrong but it kinda sounds like you don’t mind being overweight and your ok with neglecting your body? Does this sound correct? You told me u lost 3 lbs of the 4lbs gained…your still up 1lb, so do you want me to lie or sugar coat stuff to make u feel better? or would you rather me tell you the truth to have accountability? I do care about your health and want you to be successful but lets be real…how can you be happy losing 3 lbs of the 4 lbs you gained…? I would be disappointed about it myself…thats why I said that because I dont think ur serious…so how serious are you ?” what this tells me is that “my friend” has now gone into his promoter mindset and is basically saying to me you’re fat and you’re not serious about your weight loss and if I had continued to talk to him he probably would have tried to convince me to take his supplements that I would have seen astonishing results on. And only then would I be “serious” about my health. Sorry dude, sorry I hurt your feelings by not wanting to buy your overly expensive product, but I think i’ll do stuff the natural way…sorry to vent on your blog, however I agree with you on everything you have said. Another thing I noticed from the other people who are also promoters, they say “you mad” a lot. I received that in a text “you mad Kasey, I sense a problem” when I told him to bugger off that he didn’t know me. Interesting. Must be a part of their “employee handbook” to put people down in order to hopefully get them to buy into their product.

    1. Kasey,

      Your friend is wrong and you are doing things the right way! Keep up the great work and stay strong!

  79. Hey guys, so I have been asked to sell this a few times and I am currently considering selling it. I think it is important to realize that when you watch the adverts they have for people looking JUST TO BUY IT, it is totally different than for salespersons- which is how it should be.

    Second: it’s a commit that you get from it what you put in to it. It’s greatest attribute is that it is a supplement, not replacement, that is supposed to help you meet any fitness goals you have. From weightloss to muscle gain. They are protein and the price increases are based off of volume you need to meet your needs. Whether it is something that helps you lose weight in your work outs, something that replaces your meals (no, I don’t recommend ever doing this) or something that will help you bulk up.

    They have their nutrition information available. I have about four friends who are selling this and have been selling it for over 12 months and still make money. If I do sell, I won’t be investing for the $99+ packages. My friend, when she was off after giving birth, was able to make a full income.

    1. Please don’t buy into this shit product… if you want to make money that way please consider Team Beachbody. We teach people do eat right and exercise. Oh and our supplements are real ingredients… not the falseness of Body By Vi

  80. Yeah a lot of people that get into the network marketing industry treat the business as a cult…They’re missing the point! They need to treat it as a business and need to work it as a business.

  81. I have a few friends who SWEAR by BBV and think thats great that they are happy with their results..but I am still unsure. First and foremost, I am 30yrs old and am a cancer survivor (Oral throat cancer..not a smoker, never was, never will be) and I have been told by my specialist that BBV may work for people BUT that it does have the potential to ’cause cancer’..not like BAM, it gave you cancer..but like ‘some of the arificial ingrediants (cause its not FRESH, LIVING food in those air sealed bags) can help lead you closer to cancer cells malfunctioning and creating problems. Has anyone heard of BBV creating a concern with cancer? Also…Why should I BUY a product (cause I WONT sell it to earn free stuff), plus BUY regular groceries (cause I cant live off shakes) plus BUY a gym membership, when I can just BUY a gym membership (already do) and just make better food choices when buying groceries? (not being rude..just genuinely asking for info 🙂 )

    1. I’m glad you are not buying into body by vi. It will in the long run harm you. And be careful because many of these people selling the shit product steal pictures and information from Beachbody coaches and clients and try to pitch it as Body by Vi.

    1. glad you enjoy easy money over a shitty product that hurts people in the long run….

  82. I started it several months ago. I thought it would be similar to Slimfast, but it was supposed to have so much more nutrition (their websidte shows all the food you would have to eat in order to get all the nutrition in Body By Vi, & the picture shows a butt load of food). This is actually very misleading. There is a review out there on the internet where someone did a lab analysis of this magic weight loss powder. Turns out it is about the same as Slimfast, but you have to supply your own milk, & blender. Not only is it not as convenient as Slimfast, but it is significantly more expensive. And it doesn’t taste near as good as Slimfast. Final insult – I can’t get them to stop sending it to me. Have requested several times to be dropped, but they keep sending it, & they keep debiting my checking account. The lady who sold it to me won’t return my calls or my emails. I have about a 6 month supply that I don’t need. Would be glad to sell it to someone at half price, if you would pay the shipping. I’m going to talk to the bank to have them block Body by Vi from debiting me anymore.

    1. Bill… they stole the commerical for Shakeology. If you research the actual ingredients non of that stuff they show you is in their product.

  83. You are not right about the BMW, that is not on personal sales, it is team sales, and there are various ways of qualifying for it.

  84. Thanks for the info. We hired someone that also sold Body by Vi on the side and refused to stop harassing our employees and clients about his program. Couple girls even ordered it to be stuck now with no refund. Anyway, he now wants unemployment as he scams people and now the state. What a joke! I will be appealing this but they are helping him hide his income from BbV

    1. Bank records can be subpenaed. I’m sure it says Check with the company’s name on it 😉

  85. Interesting post. I try and stay away from the MLM aspect of the Vi Shakes and just order it on amazon. That way you never have to deal with a distributor!

  86. I agree that being blasted by some stranger on Social Media pitching there stuff is annoying.

    Visalus is doing great things helping thousands and thousands of people. Unfortunate that it only takes a few bad eggs to leave a bad impression for the rest.

    We have helped over 500 people earn a BMW, helped thousands lose weight and get fit, and make more money in one month than most people make in one year.

    No longer trading hours for dollars and being a slave to a 40 hr a week pay check and a boss!

    1. Its funny how people need something tangible to lose weight.. Why do people complicate things soo much – basically when one all needs to do is eat non processed foods, eat clean and drink water.. Fresh fruits, veggies, proteins, water… And exercise of any kind!! Marketing has sold america on fast food, shakes, processed everything and now the solution is a shake!!! Why cant people see past ALL the marketing tatics and just accept simplicity.. Well I guess because mentally people get weak and get Convinced on all the impulse marketing and more… And the $$$$ is the goal – THE END!!!

      1. exactly!!!! I drink Shakeology but you should see the list of REAL foods that make it up. Food you can pronounce NOT processed crap you cannot pronounce. Body by Vi is no different than a diet pill.

    2. You product is shit. Do you even know what’s in your own product? You are nothing by a liar and you are harming thousands of people!

  87. I have done Body by Vi for a month now. No weight loss and doctor told me today, after tests were run that there is a possibility the product has messed with my kidney function. Not happy. So disappointed.

  88. Signed up to be a promoter as well as use the product. No different than slim fast and good luck canceling. Sucked money out if my account every month even after several attempts to cancel. Good luck if you decide to try. And customer service person, Melissa was a complete BITCH!!! Buy beware.

  89. Been using body by vi for six months, have not noticed a change in health, although my wife has lost 40 pounds. Spoke to a nutritional expert who is very concerned that the claims of equivalency to a dozen eggs without the bad stuff and all the nutrients are not consistent eith the ingredient make up of the product. He has been researching out of great concern for the health of his patients who seem to be visiting him after being on the product for a while. My wifes blood pressure went down for a short period while on the vi product but seem s to have returned with a vengeance. Concerns are great. Would like to know if this has affected anyone else. I seem to have less energy now than i did before.

    1. Ivan,

      Body by Vi is garbage. Look up the ingredients. Then look up Shakeology’s ingredients. Just compare the two… it’s quite astonishing. I’m not pushing Shakeology but I enjoy it as a breakfast or lunch substitute if I’m busy and on the go. The doctors, dieticians, AND gastrointestinal specialists do NOT recommend Body by Vi. Their claims are false and the product is nothing but chemicals, processed things like orange powder… that is not an orange!

  90. they only people making money is the owners. check out these suckers buying this shit. that right get your friends to and will give you $50 in product.
    it seems like a product you would see on the movie idiocracy.

  91. I quite like reading through an article that can make men and women think.
    Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

  92. Amazing, outstanding blog site structure! How prolonged have you ever been running a blog with regard to? you’re making running a blog start looking straightforward. The actual search of the web site is excellent, not to the information materials!

  93. Body By Vi is garbage. Any REAL doctor or dietician will tell you that. Actually all you have to do is read the ingredients. There is little to no real food.. all chemicals and crap you cannot pronounce. It does NOT teach a healthy life style change aka: diet (eating the right foods not starving yourself) and exercise. I am a coach with Team Beachbody and I have never pushed anyone to buy things from me. I encourage Shakeology but not everyone can afford it. With my company we promote exercise and eating right. Not starving yourself with Shakes and other non-nutritional crap. Sure you may lose weight on Body By Vi… but trust me when I say you body is not healthy and if you stop the regime you will gain the weight back.

  94. For the author:- i pity your poor wife fancy be married to someone like you who can spout such garbage and clearly have too much time on your hands whilst decent hard working people are out their looking after their families.
    As for your followers, you sound like a bunch of know it alls and anyone would be crazy to do business with you when you can put another business down like this. Im new to the network marketing world but if this is what its about with such playgroud attitudes and chips on your shoulders then frankly your giving it a bad persona.
    I wouldnt normally respond to such crap and I got bored half way down from reading the thread, isnt their enough hate in the world without causing more unnecassarily. Some of these people have made better lives for themselves. FFS what do you think Disneys CEO did for a living?
    All i know is that there are 3 entrprenural guys who wnated to make a difference and each have their own personal story they have put a very clever marketing plan together So did coca cola and Mc Donalds but I guess you would happily put tons of that crap in your gobs and when your 60 and obese….well you know what they say….what goes around comes around!

  95. Thank you for sharing your views on Body by Vi. I am a user of this product for 8 weeks now and I’ve dropped 23lbs and have rid the use of many pills that I used to take for high blood pressure. I’m so proud of my achievements and its a beautiful thing to be able to help others too!

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