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Toddlers aren’t exactly known for their business savvy, , but they can be quite educational to watch. Your typical toddler spends a lot of time exploring and figuring out how to do new things. And crying, especially if they’re really tired because it’s way past naptime. Even so, a lot of what they do can be applied to how you think about your internet marketing business.

1. Tears Don’t Solve Anything, But Expressing Your Frustration Can Help

Toddler tears can be funny things. They can be a tool rather than an expression of hurt or exhaustion. Watch any toddler who doesn’t realize that someone saw them have a minor fall. Many won’t cry, but if they know someone, especially Mommy or Daddy, saw them fall, they’ll start wailing. Toddlers also cry when they’re completely frustrated with something they’re trying to figure out.

Just about any online business owner knows how very frustrating the whole deal can be at times. It’s not easy at all. Expressing your frustration can be a help if it’s done at the right time. Talk it out with someone who wants to see you succeed, and you might get some great help, or at least a sympathetic ear.

2. If It Looks Like Fun, the Other Kids Will Want It Too

Toddlers aren’t that good at sharing. They haven’t had time to develop that skill. That means when one kid sees another one having fun with a toy, they’ll want it too. The toddler rules do say that if they see it, it’s theirs, and it doesn’t matter if another child saw or had it first.

This happens a lot in online business. Sometimes that’s good, if you’re in a business where you can recruit a downline. They see your nice, shiny business and want one of their own or want to buy whatever you’re selling.

It can be a bad thing too. All too often when you have a successful online business going, someone will try to take your idea. This can be as blatant as stealing content directly from your website. They don’t care that it’s your business; they want to make it their own, even if it hurts you.

3. If You Fall Down, Try Again

Toddlers don’t have this whole walking, running, jumping thing down perfectly. Sometimes they fall down for no apparent reason at all. Most times, it’s just what they do. If it wasn’t much of a fall and there’s no one rushing in to soothe their tears (present or not), the toddler may get up quickly and keep on playing.

Running an online business can be much the same. You don’t always know why your idea failed. Dust yourself off and try again, and you’re more likely to succeed the next time. It doesn’t matter whether it was an ad campaign that failed or your entire business. The failure may hurt, but you can always try again, learning from your mistakes.

4. Pay No Attention to the People Who Say It Can’t Be Done

Parenting a toddler is a difficult thing, especially when the child is on the adventurous side. They’re always trying to do things you don’t think they’re capable of doing. Yet sometimes they make it work, despite the parents trying to stop them for their own good.

If you start your own business, you’re going to encounter people who tell you it’s never going to work. Sometimes it will be someone so close to you that it’s hard to ignore what they’re saying. Other times it will be someone you can keep further back from your efforts so that you rarely have to deal with the negativity.

Either way, you can’t let them get you down about your chances of running a successful business. Sure, it might not work on the first try, but if you keep trying and learning, eventually you will make it work.

5. Not Everyone Plays Well With Others

If you get a group of toddlers who have figured out a bit of how to play with other kids, you know that there’s often one who just doesn’t play so well with the other kids as you might hope. I’m talking about the one who is constantly hogging the best toys, knocking over blocks, hitting, screaming, and generally being difficult for the other kids to figure out.

When you have an online business, you’ll meet plenty of that sort too. Some people will say horrible things about your business no matter what you do. Some will expect you to give more than is remotely reasonable. Some may even try to directly harm your business for no reason you can understand.

Be prepared for this, especially as you get more successful. Some people seemingly cannot stand the success of others. Don’t let them bother you much. What matters is how people see your online business overall, not how a few grumps treat it.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

25 thoughts on “5 Things You Can Learn About Internet Marketing From Your Toddler”
  1. This is probably the best one out of this series of posts.

    The rest of them are kind of duds. “5 Reasons Why Internet Marketing Is Like My Leaky Roof”..blah, blah, blah.

  2. These points are very true, I actually smiled as I read number 1 my 3 year old has fake tears on a switch, he will fall look around then decide if it is worth it or not to cry.

  3. Hmm. I think you have had some experience with people who don’t play well with others, right Shoe?

  4. #2 is the most important piece of advice in the post. People steal ideas all the time, it happens even with a 9-5 office job. So if you know you have a potentially brilliant idea, actualize it before other people do. Another thing is to keep building on your business so that, if other people imitate it, you’re never static.

  5. Good info. I also agree with #2 being the most important. I have heard others talk about this and it is sad but you have people that aren’t willing to build their business on their own because it is easier to steal. Unfortunately, I heard that is common more in the online world.

  6. It really comes down to point #3: If You Fall Down, Try Again. If you’re not able to overcome failure in this business (or any for that matter) then failure is inevitable.

  7. I found #3 to be the most relevant to my success online. I have fallen over and over… and yet, there’s something inside that refuses to give up. Maybe it’s all the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese my family ate when we were younger. Maybe it’s refusing to believe that half the derelicts out there making money online are better than me. Maybe it’s knowing that the more shite I throw against the wall – the more that sticks – and the higher the chance that something on the wall becomes a money-maker. Maybe it’s just so I can afford to buy more Beerlao.

  8. Very good article Stephanie, nice piece of information. Thank you for sharing. Your blog is very interesting and read worthy. That’s the reason the readers are increasing incredibly. Keep it up

  9. For me the best one is to keep trying, irrespective of the fact how many times you’ve failed before. It’s all worth it in the end, so I’d definitely recommend anyone to never stop trying in their quest for success.

  10. great lesson to be learned. You wouldnt tell your child to stop trying to walk if they kept falling…i am not a computer person at all but i am learning more and more about seo!!!! ty for the info

  11. After raising 2 girls, now successfully through school and on their own, the falling down and getting up routine until the walking (or running) skill is learned is something that us Internet Marketers should remind ourselves of. How many times have we tried something only to be distracted by that “shiny, new WSO” that promises riches without work? Focus on walking and you learn to walk. Focus on running and you learn to run. Focus on one technique and you learn the technique and the intricacies that make it work.

  12. Interesting perspective to be child-like again 🙂 I’m still in #3 phase, struggling and falling too many times but steadily moving forward. Just like Harshit Singh says, it will be worth it in the end.

  13. This was a fantastic lesson. Thank you so much for the insight. Ya sometimes I act like my grandchildren more than they do. Number 3 really hit home. Thank you again.

  14. Wow that is a really impressive illustration. I like the “tear’s don’t solve anything.” Too many people in internet marketing seem to have this attitude. Learning from mistakes and to keep on trying is key.

  15. This is very true, in relation to taking the time out to actually make the effort first. I know some people find it easier to copy others, but really, only when we are actively being unique, can we stand out and actually make a real difference. I certainly am an advocate of the point that ‘if you fall down, try again”. This is an invaluable part of business and success building, and those that give up miss out on so much, it is incredible. I wish you all to give everything a go, with all your heart. This is the way forward.

  16. Sounds very motivational to me. Never thought of competing in the field of internet marketing because considered myself to be novice compared to the big bulls in the industry. Will definitely give it a try now!

  17. Whether it is offline or online business, the problems are similar. The reason? Well, both are run by people. And human nature like fear, envy and greed stayed the same for centuries. So rest assured it will not change in future. We cannot change others. We only can change ourselves (if we want to). So the lesson here is for us to stay focus to what we are doing right to achieve our dreams.

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