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Hi, my name’s Tory, and I’m a fitnessaholic. I love working out, eating healthy and all that ultra-boring stuff.

I also happen to enjoy internet marketing.  On the cover, these two hobbies of mine seem to have no correlation, but if we take a closer look we will find a few similarities. And if we take an even closer look we will see how the fitness industries latest innovation, The Shake Weight, is pretty much exactly like internet marketing!

Scientifically Proven Results

The Shake Weight is scientifically proven to increase muscle activity by 300% compared to a standard dumbbell!  Now, do you think they accidently stumbled upon this revolutionary new way to increase muscle activity?

Absolutely not!  I envision the fitness industries greatest minds came together and through trial and error developed this fascinating product.

This is extremely important for IM’ers like us! In order to be successful you don’t need to bring a dream team of engineers on board, but through trial and error, a little tweaking and carefully measuring results you can achieve success!

You’ve heard the saying before – test, test and test again!

Shape And Tone Your Arms, Shoulders And Chest

The Shake Weight is a convenient exercise device that works multiple muscle groups in one erotic simple back and forth motion.

This is key!  If The Shake Weight only toned your shoulders do you think it would be as successful as it is today? Probably not.

Now, ask yourself “Is it better to concentrate on only one area of internet marketing or multiple areas?”

Of course, you will want to diversify your portfolio and work multiple areas.  Shoe, for example, runs his blog, sold a “make money online” course and sells Shoemoney shirts amongst many other things. He doesn’t rely on just one stream of income which has helped contribute to his success.

Get Incredible Results In 6 Minutes A Day

A great workout in as little as 6 minutes is very alluring!  Honestly, you can’t beat that!  I mean, there is that 5 minute abs product, but that’s obviously a scam right?!

There’s an important takeaway here, however, which is the allure of internet marketing that you can work just an hour a day and make a full time income and be free to do whatever you wish with your life!

Just as in the fitness industry, results are not typical with internet marketing, meaning just because Shoe is a gajillionaire doesn’t mean you can throw up a blog and be rich tomorrow morning with little effort.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet that while Shoe’s job has many perks…playboy mansion parties, swimming pool with his logo in it, 100k adsense checks…wait where was I going with this…oh yea, just because his job has many perks doesn’t mean he doesn’t work extremely HARD!

If you’re looking for an easy way to make money then internet marketing isn’t for you!

Be Unique

OK, let’s be serious for a second…The Shake Weight?! Sure it’s good for a laugh or two, but it’s a unique product in an otherwise over-crowded industry…

And its success is undeniable!

So, what are you doing to be truly unique in your niche? What differentiates you from your competitors? If you can answer these questions you’re headed down the right path!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

26 thoughts on “Why Internet Marketing Is Like The Shake Weight”
      1. Well said tory… I found it interesting. thanks for the share.

  1. And just like the Shake Weight it looks like you’re totally ‘whacking it’ when you tell people you work online all day.

  2. Good thought on this. Shake weight. You made me smile. Love it. :p

    1. Most definitely. Like Shoe said, when you are passionate about something you can see analogies to it in a lot of things.

  3. It is very good example and comparison as shake weight gives the right increase in muscle activity, internet marketing is used to gain the popularity of the site and the ROI which is the most beneficial thing in it.

  4. Aside from the fact that I think the Shake Weight Commercials are incredibly geared towards the creators sexual fantasies more so than actually being good for the body… I think your analogy was solid…

    Internet Marketing is EVERYTHING… and EVERYWHERE… so it isn’t hard to find really strong ties with it and other things that get mass exposure.

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  6. I have read about a formula for social networking posts for businesses
    and wanted an expert opinion on it. Product or service + benefit + call
    to action = Higher click throughs. Would you consider this valid?

  7. Its funny how it may appear that the inventors of the shake weight went through tons of testing to reach the final product but my guess is that they just figured what would be the craziest thing to sell to people and then they went with it.

    Kinda of like the crazy, ridiculous internet marketers who just put up the wildest claims like: “how to make a million dollars in one day reading emails” Buy this easy to follow step by step course today for just a one-time payment of $97 dollars, hurry while supplies last!

  8. By giving unique information to the visitors, we can get a unique brand name in the internet marketing.

  9. Tremendously educational bless you, I’m sure your current subscribers may want a great deal more content of this nature keep up the great hard work.

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