My history with Twitter has been this:

I started thinking about Twitter this morning and I could not help but see the parallels between it and MySpace:

  • Both grew very very fast.
  • Both became a pissing contest about getting the most friends (or followers).
  • Both allowed people to be anonymous.
  • Both allowed people to customize their page.

Now I am seeing a new commonality.  The demographic of its users.

As MySpace became riddled with annoying profiles of people with blaring music and animations that would induce seizers,  it lost its biggest asset – users with money.

If you have watched MySpace’s Quantcast numbers over the years you will see primary growing demographic of MySpace demographic is age 13 to 17 and incomes of less than 30k/yr.

MySpace’s financial situation is much worse.  A couple years ago the company was valued at over 20 billion dollars.  Now its valuation is around 30 million dollars.
While the traffic as a whole has declined on MySpace dramatically the valuation has dropped at more then 20x the rate.

I believe MySpaces biggest reason for such a huge drop in revenue is because of the demographic switch of their users.  As people who can afford to purchase items that companies are advertising are leaving,  the people coming in are giving advertisers next to zero return on their investments.

Lets not forget about the anonymous annoyance problem.  I am guessing for every real profile there is 100 fake ones on Twitter.  Probably more.  Most of these accounts are created purely for to annoy other users or to spam people.  For me the spam problem makes Twitter almost unusable.
For a while we used legal resources to take down imposter ShoeMoney accounts but there are more created then we can keep up with.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t fault affiliates for spamming Twitter… much like they exploited MySpace.  Some of the techniques they use a ingenious.  With MySpace, some affiliates were sued and lost Millions of dollars for spamming.  But those affiliates told me they still made out
like a bandit even after the judgements and settlement penalties set them back a bit.

But I digress.

I believe Twitter will suffer a similar fate as MySpace.

It has ALL of the items are in place to drive away quality users just like with MySpace and much more.

The real value of Twitter always came from people with great opinions instantly chiming in.  The quality of “Real Users” is nil compared to what it was a year ago.

Seen trending topics lately?  Seen the spam to real user ratio?

Here are the exact trending topics right now (9am 7/13/2011):

  • #stuffblackpeoplehate
  • #youngkidsshouldbebannedfrom
  •  #sorry4thewait
  • #been
  • #youmommasofat

I used to use Twitter religiously.  When a topic hit trending I wanted to see why.  It was addicting for me.

I rarely anymore see a trending topic that I want to find out why its trending.  But even if there is something… again its 99% people spamming taking advantage of the trending topic traffic.

I think quality users are starting to leave in droves and Twitter is appealing now to the same demographic that led to MySpaces demise.

Like MySpace it will take time for advertisers and people licensing Twitter’s data to see this. Probably years.

I have made over a hundred thousand dollars from advertisers paying me to do tweets in the last couple years… but that has definitely hit its peak and those have decreased to maybe $400 a week now or so.

I have very openly admitted that the majority of my Twitter followers are of little value.  I don’t think I am alone.  I am on the board  of advisors (and part owner) of the biggest Twitter advertising network and… while I can’t give any specific numbers lets just say I am not nearly excited about it as I was 2 years ago.

Besides the facts this is my opinion on Twitter’s future based on my personal experience.   What say you?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

121 thoughts on “Twitter will be as worthless as MySpace shortly”
  1. A trenchant analysis, Jeremy, and the similarities are overwhelming. Without changes, you may very well be right. But given the lesson of MySpace that Twitter’s management is no doubt aware of, I think they may take (or at least try to take) effective steps to combat the spam/fake user issue. If they can be successful, they can probably avoid MySpace’s fate. And as Pete mentioned, the integration with iOS5 will give them a big boost, at least in the short term. Still, changes are probably necessary…

    1. Damn, I was just about to follow Shoe on Twitter!

      I have to admit that I still use it to drive traffic to my site. For example, today I posted about how I increased my Adsense income by 35% with a few tweaks. I then tweated the post, and got a traffic spike. When that stops, I will stop using it, I guess.

    2. I have to disagree. Twitter for me is the #1 place for news, articles, an information. Unless someone creates an easier way for me to access all that, I would hate to see it go.

    1. …when all the trending topics are dominated by black people, it’s time to go. I have nothing against people who have dark skin, but when they act like their stereotype, it’s annoying and brings down the value of everything around them.

      1. Is making damaging blanket statements about other people’s culture one of your “guest blogging tips”

  2. I definitely agree. I used to use twitter just to expand my fan base for my websites, since I am not doing much of that anymore, I am not using twitter anymore either. It has become…boring?

  3. For over a year I have watched more people burn out than join up. There are few real conversations in an ocean of links and automated posts. It is difficult to track conversations or topics. But while Twitter is no longer a rising star I don’t think it’s a dead horse either. I think it will justr keep puttering down the road.

  4. I think I understand you as saying – you have been through the life cycle of the product once novelty has worn a curiosity seeker will crave something new, some people settle in communities others keep on exploring, forums for example aren’t dead, they just don’t have the spotlight on them. Blogs aren’t dead because of twitter, all these things are just mediums/tools for sharing and communicating, so what do you think is next ? I haven’t got into googleplus yet as I’ve only just got around to using hashtags on twitter, family and many still think twitter is for geeks, I’m the only person with a tablet I know off line, another couple years b4 joe public uses twitter regularly to chat out of cities.

  5. Wrong. iOS 5 deeply integrating Twitter will help it grow even faster… watch Android and Windows Mobile follow.

    “I think quality users are starting to leave in droves” what evidence do you have to support this? Just because there are more spam accounts does not mean users are leaving in droves.

    I follow quality users that tweet quality thoughts. I had to un-follow you, shoemoney, because your tweets became redundant and offered nothing new.

    1. I can’t agree with you more Pete. People using it purely for marketing are kind of what drove quality users away, or at least to hit unfollow/block religiously.

  6. I must say that I agree with you. Twitter traffic does seem to be falling, but they have time to filter out some of the spam. They will probably add chatting a video so they can keep up with Facebook and Google+. I also plan to add some of those types of features to my site.

  7. Dude twitter sucks. Never got into it when it was worth it. So I was way behind and now you can see why I hate it lol! Still you get a little leverage when doing guest posts and other stuff. So I guess if you can get a ton of friends great lol!

  8. Jeremy, I agree. Most of my followers are worthless as prospects for my business. Anonymity should be banned immediately!

  9. Twitter now resembles being stuck on an elevator with hundreds of severe cases of ADHD. I actually have fairly few followers, of relatively high quality, because I occasionally go in and delete the ones that are posting noise. I’m guessing I won’t put up with that for much longer, and will probably just allow my account to go dormant.

  10. Good write up, but the stupid pop ups on your site are as annoying as fuck. Probably as much as your tweeted ad space.

  11. Twitter holds no value for the majority of people on it. In fact, maybe 10% of people get something out of it that’s valuable. A guess, no hard stats I’m pulling from. Compare twitter with facebook and where would you rather spend time? No contest. Facebook should add something Twitterish and Twitter will just go away. it’s a ridiculous platform.

  12. What you said is 100% true. There is a fierce competition and the number of spams and complaints are increasing day by day. There is an anti-technology for all the recent tools and techniques.

  13. Yeah this article is very true when we are seeing the growth of the Myspace s well as Twitter for few years. Twitter performs best when comparing with some Myspace.

  14. One thing is very clear that like Myspace twitter also facing some serious problems and if they won’t solve it means it will lead to strong profit loss in future. But most of us addicted also true.

  15. Just like you, I too have heard a lot of talks about Twitter following the path of MySpace. But I don’t expect it to end up like MySpace because the popularity of twitter is rising day after day.

  16. You pretty sum it up. The noise is killing twitter. They must find a way to kill that noise before it’s too late. They have plenty of cash to find a solution. Something interesting though, almost every twitter founders left twitter…. Jack Dorsey is working on something more useful with Square…

    1. I’m always amused by people talking about “the noise” on Twitter. You do realize that you have ultimate control over said noise? If people are noisy, simply unfollow them. Trim your list down to only the people of value *for you*.

      Sure, there are noisy people and perhaps trending topics are mostly ridiculous and riddled with grammatical errors; but again, you have control. Follow the streams you want to follow. Done.

  17. I agree. twitter is alot like myspace i think, which is why i dont use twitter at all. i stopped using myspace years ago and have never made a twitter account, nor do i plan to.

  18. Spamming is the biggest problem on twitter, more than half of the accounts are fake. Anyone can create any number of fake accounts here, which seriously affects the prospects of affiliate marketers.

  19. You’ve great point here Jeremy. Twitter is going exceedingly out of the box. The admin crew should restrategize if they want to still retain their reputation. I’m glad I’m not a twitter freak anymore. I’m busy investing my time with JV networking. Thanks for making out time to share – I really gained a lot!

  20. I used to automatically set up a Twitter account for any new site or project I created. I’d then use one of the auto tweet programs to slam all of my new stuff into Twitter. Now, I don’t even bother with it. It’s pretty much useless anymore and I don’t see it being relevant for very much longer. But as long as douchebag hollywood stars continue to Tweet random crap, I guess there will be people using it.

    1. It’s useless because all you did was post stupid shit! Aren’t you part of the problem?

  21. I really think people got annoyed with myspace because of all the spamming, soon it will probably also happen to twitter. You yourself are contributing to this by doing your sponsored tweeting.

  22. The author has analyzed the future of Twitter from his point of view. He has not put the source of his data from which I can conclude any opinion. Therefore, I differ with the author.

  23. Jeremy, your astitute yet simple observations could be bundled and sold for a lot of money. This little blog post outlines the multiple-million dollar strategies of giant publishing houses like Agora, most major MLM companies, and half the investment banking firms on Wall Street. Agora told everyone to buy gold in 2001 when most were praying for their Nortel shares to recover. 93% of MLM millionaires join their company in the first 24 months of launch. And on Wall Street the smart money always gets positioned before the hot money piles in then the dumb money.

    Momentum is a magical force that even Yoda would endorse. The pollution of neighborhoods like MySpace is no different than the lawsuits that uptight home owners associations are having about front yard gardens and dog poop. No one wants their neighbor to build a shack attached to their home to let the step-grandmother and eight half cousins to live in and cook meth. We love the excitement of momentum on the way up, but on the way down everyone seems to judge their neighbor as unworthy to be here.

    I predict you’ll be writing a similar pre-epitaph for Zuckerbrod’s clan in 36 months as Sergy and friends rolls over Zuck’s parade and his 48 months of momentum are over. The one thing to take heart in and some optimism is the Phase II story over at MySpace. If a company is lucky enough to survive the downside of Phase I and get fresh energy, the second phase can occasionally surpass the first. Look at the Bee-Gees. A stale 60’s boy band they defined an era with disco and Staying Alive.

    Keep leading Jeremy!

    Written on my IPad at The Yorkshire Arms

  24. You are absolutely right. Trending topics have become so senseless, quality users are leaving. If twitter doesn’t learn from myspace or friendster’s mistake, they’ll go down to the same path of demise

  25. Seems like they should just get a slicker verification system in place.. Maybe require cell-phone verification to post and then if you don’t have a cell phone, then all you can do is follow people (no posting). Seems like an easy way to clean-up accounts.

  26. Since you’ve based everything on similarities between myspace and twitter, I must point out one big difference. Twitter became huge in the era of social networks, not in socnet beginnings.

  27. Totally disagree. It’s all about curating the list of people you’re interested in following. There’s a bunch of great people still tweeting. The trending topics is a bit of a strawman, it’s never been interesting and it still isn’t. What the twittersphere or society in general is talking about is rarely interesting.

  28. The functionality of Twitter is in part diluted by people using it to make a quick buck for themselves rather than as a social connectivity forum. Sadly this leads to the trend of change of use here.

  29. Since everyone has automated all of their blog posts to hit Twitter, it’s like a rolling infomercial. It seems like everyone is tweeting and very few are listening.

  30. The attempt to monetise a social network changes it and as such it seems inevitable that as more people flock to a lucrative customer base so those customers will move on and others will colonise.

  31. I never really saw the point in twitter and still don’t. We did try advertising there for a while though, just never gained any traction.

  32. Yup, if Twitter is dying, then I know who to blame. Profiteers, spambots, and empty cranks–like you. Go away. We’ll be here talking.

  33. I think that your perspective is skewed based on the world which you live in which is the world of affiliate marketing. This is not representative of what the average person’s experience within the Twitter eco-system is like. For most people they use Twitter to follow others that they find to be of interest to them (ie Ashton Kutcher, Oprah, Kim Kardashian, CNN, Anderson Cooper etc).

    I’m not sure how spammers affect your experience on Twitter. Are you following spammers? Is your stream being filled with spam? If I’m following Gary Vaynerchuk and Darren Rowse I don’t need to worry about spam, because they don’t put out any spam. If you are one of these users who auto-follows everyone who follows you then I could see how that becomes a problem, but you’re not. You’re only following 51 people as I write this. I actually don’t see the value of Twitter to spammers as it’s difficult to get people to take action on what you’re trying to sell, because you need people to follow you first.

    I would add that I think your comparison of Twitter to MySpace is somewhat irrelevant. MySpace was meant to be a social network, but it failed at doing that because it didn’t act as a utility, whereas Facebook did. Twitter is a different model. YouTube follows many of the same criteria that you listed there as well (fast growth, anonymous and page customization), but I don’t think you could argue YouTube is on the decline.

    Twitter hasn’t even begun to tap into the value of what they can offer yet. The value for them is in the data they can provide, and currently that is not being used as an offering. If Twitter had an analytics program where you could keep track of who’s retweeting what etc that would be very compelling for the bigger power users. Whether they can figure out how to tap into this value or not is another question.

    I personally believe that Twitter’s biggest challenge is going to be in accurately capturing the value they create as revenue. Other companies in their eco-system are making money off of them and they are alienating developers using their API because they’re getting annoyed that they can’t make that money themselves.

  34. I use software to find the true people and interact with them.
    I skip the fakes and anonymous people all together (for the most part).

    But It won’t die, I mean people still log into Second Life….
    Perhaps it will be a smaller base and something new will follow.

    Facebook / LinkedIn better options?

  35. You should have thrown StumbleUpon into that shit pile too. I do get traffic from them, but it’s worthless.

    1. I could not agree more. The traffic from stumbleupon is complete crap and no matter what you try with your landing page, they just are not willing to be on your site. Yet to see anybody from the blogosphere has any major success with SU Traffic.

  36. Wow. Just when I thought that twitter was becoming more than just the “heartbeat of the planet”… Oh wait, it is!

    Sorry about the sarcasm, but I don’t think you’re right. Twitter is a great tool and they are showing nothing but growth.

  37. Very rightly said, Twitter has done alot of mistakes, specially not verifying everyone..

  38. If this is the way, Twitter is going, I am sure it will fail the same way Myspace did.. Thanks for sharing this article, it was indeed informative and atleast made me aware about these things..

  39. Its fact. Really twitter is influencing large number of people and they are using twitter every day. We cant say what gonna happen in the future. well till then use it and take all the advantage of it

  40. Sounds like your on the board of directors for Google… And everything you mentioned was figured out by the Google + gods. The game has changed.

    Add me to your circle.

  41. Good morning. I want to keep my message positive. My passtion is First Impression. My passion is changing people lives for the better. Am really surprised that i don’t get better fed-back for the positive messages i send daily. A year 1/2 ago i did get response’s, none ? Things have changed. If anyone can advise what i can do, to get v

  42. Whilst I agree that Twitter is overrun with rubbish, surely there is another large factor not being taken into consideration?

    MySpace suffered due to a superior competitor – Facebook. Twitter is currently peerless.

    Twitter must recognise the spam problem and will surely be working agressively to solve it. If they can sort this out before a competitor arises then I see no reason why they won’t continue. Although I don’t really get Twitter, many people seem to love the general concept.

  43. Agreed. Never once have I gotten anything of value out of Twitter, even when I tried to curate my lists, even when I tried to use it for business, even when I tried to make money using it. The absolute highlight in two years was getting marketing giants Guy Kawasaki and Joel Comm to respond to a tweet, landing our name in front of hundreds of thousands of people and….nothing. Maybe five new followers that were all trying to sell us something, just like we were trying to do to them. Boring!

  44. I agree with Shoe, but I think it goes beyond just twitter … I think the entire online universe is so congested that getting any message through is like (to quote the marketing author Harry Beckwith) whispering into a hurricane.

    twitter was fun at the outset, but in addition to the junk that’s tweeted now, it was also ruined by software that responds with a tweet to just about any keyword … ugg.

    Soon the software packages will just be tweeting to each other.

  45. When I joined Twitter in April 2008, I LOVED it! Within 6 months I made it to the top 50 most powerful and influential women in social media. I got 99% of my virtual assistant clients from Twitter as well as many new friends.

    Then the spammers came. And I quit posting quite so much. No longer do I spend time chatting with folks and having conversations with them on Twitter…that happens now on Facebook. I just joined Google+ today and so far I like it. It’s kind of a mix of Twitter/Facebook. But will it last or is it the shiny new social media site?

    Will it too get filled with spammers? I think the one thing about having to approve Facebook friends is you can vet them out. Sure you can vet followers on Twitter and I do, but that’s a task all in itself.

    I guess time will tell what the fate of Google+ will be. And time will tell if Twitter ends up like Myspace.

  46. I couldn’t agree more with you Jeremy. The only real value I see in it for me now is to use it like an RSS feed where I can quickly look for content worth from trusted sources for curating onto one of my blogs.

    As far as communicating or making money goes… it’s hardly worth my time anymore. It’s too bad though.


  47. I agree with the correlations between MySpace and Twitter. In addition, I think Twitter can be compared to Friendster, in a way too. Both have/had crappy uptime. How many other services need a “fail whale”?

    I think Twitter will continue to be a valuable source for traffic in the near future, but the writing is on the wall, esp with following in Google+. The primary value I see right now is to be able to distribute content across multiple platforms. I can send a blog post to Twitter, which will send it to FB, LinkedIn, etc.

    But once something else allows that kind of integration, less spam and better uptime, Twitter is useless.

  48. You know, I left myspace… never really got into twitter.. .and never will. However I am on facebook and Google +

    My problem with the previous two was their user base. As I did music… my group had a myspace page as that was a must have but never anything personal.

  49. I completely agree on what you say. I used to tweet but now it is only feedburner who tweets for me when I make a post on my blogs. Nothing more than that.

  50. Justin Timberlake took ownership stake in Myspace a little over two weeks ago. I wonder what changes he plans on bringing to it, but the site absolutely sucks now.

  51. […] dollar. – Jeremy Schoemaker verwacht dat Twitter weldra even nutteloos als MySpace gaat worden en verklaard waarom – Zoekrobot Baidu sluit partnership met Microsoft Bing – Facebook lanceert Facebook Group Chat en […]

  52. In my opinion it is the affiliate marketers that cause all the problems selling their over-hyped crap. They create most of the spam – yes affiliate marketing stuff is all spam. You all fill up the twitter feeds with “make money easy with no effort I did it – so can you. ”

    The key for the real business people is to block all affiliate marketers and stop buying there stuff.

  53. I’m surprised not more people are talking about Google+ and its effect on Twitter (and possibly helping make your prediction come true). Just from my very short time on Google+, I consider it more similar to Twitter than Facebook, yet more robust (and less anonymous) than Twitter.

    The primary similarity is the followership. While Facebook requires a reciprocal relationship, in Google+ you can add anyone to your circles (and they need not add you back). This is encouraging people to acquire as many circle “memberships” as they can. I see major bloggers plugging their G+ accounts, asking others to add them, and linking Tweets and FB posts to G+.

    With the same ability to converse and provide content, but less anonymity (though as FB has shown, tons of spammers can show up anywhere), I see Google+ as the Twitter killer. I’m not saying it’s a definite, but its plausible. I’m not seeing why people are comparing G+ to Facebook, wondering if it is a Facebook killer, and not to Twitter.

    You didn’t mention Google+ in your post, but do you agree?

    PS. Glad to hear you’re an MMA fan! I’m big fan and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner as well. I actually started my own nonprofit called Tap Out Cancer – – specifically for the BJJ and MMA community.

  54. You nailed it! Twitter is dying because advertisers are throwing less money at you to post sponsored tweets……

    1. I actually almost excluded that part because I knew some people would ignore all the facts and make this into a “shoemoney is bitter cause he makes less money”.

      From my personal experience and data I have access to advertisers are spending less. Period. Maybe you are making more and can share your experience?

      1. Well, when you used to make $15000/mo. and now it’s $1200, that’s saying something…

      2. When you use Twitter as a marketing tool, then yeah…bottom line is it’s about the money. If you use Twitter as more of a social party, what are the celebs saying tool, then money doesn’t matter.

        Guess it’s really all in the opinion of how the end user is looking at Twitter.

  55. Twitter will probably follow in the footsteps of MySpace, but it still has life in it at the moment. I think in a couple of years we will be talking about how Facebook is dying and how Google+ took over.

  56. I don’t click on trending topics, nor do I ever bother using the web interface to see what they are.

    I get may 1-3 spam replies a day, each of which take five seconds to block.

    How is Twitter worthless again?

  57. Also, people like you (sponsored Tweeters) make the ecosystem much tougher to deal with. Now that you’re not making money, you’re out? That’s just stupid.

  58. Interesting thoughts on Twitter and MySpace. MySpace really did become unbearable with all the spam messages. I don’t use Twitter since I don’t have a strong desire to tweet, however I do know a lot of my peers either use it or follow a lot of things on Twitter. I also know from web communities that I’m a part of there is a strong following for Twitter. If the advertising dollars stop flowing for Twitter will it eventually be replaced by something very similar to Twitter just with a different name? I feel like that was the case with MySpace that Facebook just offered something new and “exciting”. Will Twitter meet the same fate?

  59. I use Twitter strictly for work. As a web developer, I monitor “channels” of large networks of other professional web developers. Twitter has actually been a significant source of new information and new clients for me. I suppose I’m one of very few people who have actually found a useful “utility” in Twitter. Using Twitter for keeping in touch with my high school friends would get old quick.

    I suppose Facebook could replace Twitter for me, but it hasn’t. I have been using Twitter for business and Facebook for personal. I would probably scrap my Facebook account and start over if I were to make the change. It will be interesting to see where Google Plus fits in.

  60. […] Jeremy Schoemaker – perhaps better know as ShoeMoney, his online moniker – wrote in a blog post July 13 that “Twitter will suffer a similar fate as MySpace.” […]

  61. it will distill down to people only following peeps they actually know and care about which is what it should have been all along.

    The links and affiliate stuff will dry up when it doesnt work anymore.

    1. No way… look at email spam. It has a ridiculously low conversion rate but is still raging. In fact, its probably worse now since the spammers have to use volume.

  62. I will sound like a negative mind set jerk… But, I think I will smile a little when I see twitter lose it’s power. I have never understood it- might have put in more effort if I was bringing $$ from it.

    I know a lot of people use it, but we have Google+ now.

  63. I never really liked Twitter. For a few days it was fun but it became overwhelming to try to keep up with everyone’s Tweets so I felt it would be hard for them to keep up with mine as well. Just felt like a waste of time.

  64. It’s always good to discover your insights in things like that.

    Eventhough I don’t have all the specific information you state, I nonetheless truly believe that everything comes and go … MySpace, Twitter, … Facebook soon maybe ?
    The real question is WHEN. So in that matter reading your post is great info ! Thanks !

  65. Good points here. I joined Twitter in 2008 and that’s when I noticed the load of people creating hundreds of accounts just so they can add other people and then earn through twitting to their thousands of followers (many of which are fake profiles). I agree with you on this one, Twitter could very well end up like Myspace.

  66. […] Killer?”, “Is it going to be useful for business?” (to the second question, I happen to agree with Shoemoney, and I think Google + is a big reason […]

  67. Twitter was ALWAYS stupid. I only ever opened a Twitter account because I HAD TO to even look at the site. I used a FAKE name and have never “Twittled” even once for any reason. Twitter is the BS that 99.9% of “real users” avoid at all costs. If you pay anybody to advertise ANYTHING there…HA! you just built your SPAM list ….loser. #twitterisSPAM

  68. […] agree with Shoemoney on where he thinks Twitter is going, the road Myspace […]

  69. Parabéns pelo site, tanto twitter quanto facebook são grandes ferramentas!

  70. […] to customize their page.High amounts of spam, by followers, DM's and trending topicsCheck:…This answer .Please specify the necessary improvements. Edit Link Text Show answer summary […]

  71. Twitter is a spamming tool currently. But that doesn’t the worst yet, what most worst is twitter mostly is tweet, follow and unfollow by software. I believe it become a social media that which play by a robots more than human.
    Poor twitter will step the foot of myspace and friendster.
    Facebooka and Google Plus is the latest social media that people looking forward.

  72. Strange – my experiences are radically different. I get very little twitter spam. I ham probably not interesting enough to anyone for that. There is a (largeish) group of people with whom I correspond via twitter. All for learning, very little for self promotion. It’s quick and easy to use, has a wealth of valuable content for me.

    I have a googleplus id – but it is just too much like hard work to use it. The genius of twitter is simplicity.

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  75. Thanks for sharing…and that really sucks from a marketing perspective. Twitter is such a great concept, but I totally agree it has taken a downward spiral and is becoming completely overrun with spam and pure crap.

    With that said – I’m still finding value in sharing and following actual people not bots. Of course, this will ultimately change if everyone decides to jump ship for Facebook..

  76. I couldn’t agree with you more. twitter definitely needs to re-evaluate their business practice..and do a better job at keeping the spamming to a minimum. I think they can continue to be a valuable tool if they act quick…

  77. If twitter had more regulation on egg heads or didn’t allow it (fake profiles) all together then maybe quality people would stay. Thanks for the honesty

  78. PREACH! I agree totally. I actually like as it it in my opinion much more relevant to what I do for a living. Once again, a ballsy post bubba. whew. Telling the truth the Shoeman!

  79. Let’s not forget Twitter’s political and social importance several years ago. When major events were occurring in Asian countries, the first word we had here in the West was from tweets coming out of India, Pakistan and I/we were made aware of these events by tweets – even before the mainstream media got their first reports out to the public. It’s just that Twitter’s been taken over by the “wrong crowd” since then.

    1. When you have the networks putting #sotu on during a state of the union address, twitter has already in ways surpassed facebook, google, and many others in it’s relevance. There is crap on twitter, just like there’s crap in New York. Don’t think they’re planning on closing down anytime soon either.

  80. […] it a Twitter Killer?”, “Is it going to be useful for business?” (to the second question, I happen to agree with Shoemoney, and I think Google + is a big reason […]

  81. I don’t agree, I think Twitter will be here for the long haul but probably not the way we see it today. They will be forced to make changes.

  82. And here I’ve been quietly following you on Twitter. I suppose I haven’t contributed to your income. I have bought books several times that people announced via Twitter however.

  83. I don’t see it going away anytime soon. Thing is – if you’re following a bunch of clowns – you’re going to tire of Twitter real fast. If you have a core group of 100 people or so that you enjoy the hell out of – you’ll be loving it in 5 years too.

    Twitter on a mass scale – invites idiocy.

    Twitter on a small scale of friends and people you wished you knew in person – works.

  84. Spot on Vern.
    Twitter is as Twitter does. Anyone looking to use it as a ‘tool’ is as much a tool themselves.

  85. Twitter has become so spammy with all of the #dofollow hash tags and weird spammers. I do think many will continue to use Twitter just for the fascination of following celebrities or favorite sports stars, but for the most part, it does seem to have cheapened over the past year or so. Thanks for a great post!

  86. I’ve felt the same way for a while now, but seems like it keeps chugging away and Twitter keeps trying to “innovate” I think it’s pretty saturated but I’m not sure if it will quite follow myspace. It’s been a little over a year since this post. You still feel the same way about its demise?

  87. I think the biggest problem with twitter is that it offer no solution, basically its down to the micro blogging trend that will not last for ever just like any other trend.

    1. Or perhaps proper grammar and punctuation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?

      I think what matters most is the value of the content.

      Sure, if this was a science, technical, literature, or some other topic where the majority of readers are anal about commas and clauses, having an editor would be important.

      However, the majority of Internet marketers don’t care. If they did care, wouldn’t have over 250,000 subscribers!

      Oh, and about Twitter… I thought it would have fizzled out by now. They’ve grown so much since 2011 that it looks like they won’t go away any time soon.

  88. […] Twitter will be as worthless as MySpace shortly […]

  89. I had far more interaction and engagement from 200 followers two years ago than I do now with 6000+. I run both a business account and a personal account and I can declare that Twitter officially sucks. Real engagement happens on Facebook.

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