After Barman declined to debate me or back up his words at Affiliate Summit West last year, he resorted to talking smack about how he would rather kick my ass or smack me.

Well since hearing that I have been working to accommodate him on that.

So we can do that too. That would actually be more fun.

So here is my proposal to you, big baller, gangster, and all around tough guy.

We will fight at the Xtreme Couture gym during Affiliate Summit West, under UFC rules (basically anything goes besides strikes to the groin and kicks to the head of a downed opponent) that will be guest referred by UFC Hall Of Famer Randy Couture.

We will each put $10,000 on the line and the loser will donate the $10,000 to Randy Couture’s Wounded Warriors Foundation in the winner’s name.

I will not require Barman to make a certain weight. I am well aware he is much larger than I am.

We will stream the event live on pay per view and all the money will go to the Affiliate Marketers Give Back Foundation.

So say you Barman?

To be clear this event is not endorsed by the Affiliate Summit or the UFC.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

60 thoughts on “ShoeMoney to Fight Barman At ASW for charity?”
  1. Oh, $10,000 is big money, I wish some one will donate for me about $100. hm…

    1. Kind of reminds me off the fights andy kaufman did — as seen on “man on the moon”.

  2. You know they are talking smack over there on WF about your post.
    “im pretty sure shoemoney doesn’t expect barman to accept because he knows barman ‘isnt baller enough’ to just throw out 10k, even if it is for charity. although it would be great publicity for ***.bz if he did accept.”

  3. How about instead of 10 grand..

    if barman loses he can never post a guru-bashing post again

    if shoemoney loses he can never sell or endorse any guru product again

    somehow i doubt shoemoney will go for this since his bread and butter is ripping off newbs with cross sells and crappy “systems”

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  5. LOL – I would LOVE to see this!!

    Hopefully the push ups we got you doing at LeadsCon will increase your chances of winning 😛

  6. If Jon of WF is willing and I could raise money for the LiveStrong foundation I’d love to fight him as an undercard.

  7. Shoemoney! Who is barman? You are giving a big publicity to that guy. But, he does not deserve it.
    You have been helpful to everyone, I learned a lot from your blog and videos without spending any money. Your haters hate you because you are doing what they can NOT do.
    Barman and his peers make their main income unethically by promoting scam ACAI products and trick innocent people to buy them. [Good to see that now FTC has just started hunting down this unethical side of Affiliate marketing]

    Good luck bro! I

    1. dude you realize shoemoney made his money slanging similar crappy products (“free” ringtone CPA offers and God knows what else).

      Why do you think he is squeaky clean?

      1. He is not 100% clean, so are 99.8% of the Affiliate Marketeers. But, Shoe is cleaner than Barman

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  12. Maybe Shoe will let Barman beat on him for about 2 minutes and then pull a hulk hogan and start whoopin some tail.


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  14. There is a line forming to take a shot at the biggest piece of white trash on the planet, DoucheMoney. If he was so arrogant and such a ugly fat load, I would feel bad for his ass. Oh wait, I am sure he is about to tell us how some smoking hot chick from his 8th grade class wants to “get” with him now since he is so in shape and makes tons of cash now. Tons of cash so he is slow paying affiliates now…sweet.

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  16. One of them probaby scams tons of peeps with fake affiliate products, the other one bought a hummer by selling “how to make monies” guides and other basic seo information already available for free on the market to internet tards that have no idea what is a web page and “wanna make monies with interwebs”.

  17. Let’s setup some other fights as well. How about the heads of multiple networks fight too. This could be pretty fucking fun!!!

  18. i like the optimism shoe. Barman has hated on you and you have to fight back man..

    I wouldnt accept someone talking smack like this on me.

  19. This thread is gay…who wants to see a couple of gay ass IM dudes with their shirts off nancying arounda r ing with something to prove?

    Is this the GFC (Geek Fighting Champ.)?

    Gimme a break douche.

  20. In all honestly i think Shoe has the advantage i bet he has been training with Randy and god knows who else for a long time and technique beats out strength any day. However i doubt this will actually go through id love to see it though

  21. There will be a single smack heard over the course of this fight, and it will be Shoemoney’s face on the canvas after Barman hoists Shoemoney’s ass over his head and drives him into the canvas.

    This shit should be on PPV.

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