Jeremy is out on vacation this week, so I thought I would jump in and share 2 big “Ah-ha moments” with you that helped me go from “down and broke” to having a very successful 6 figure online business…

These were a few of the “eye-openers” that I was always missing out on, but once I realized them, a lot of stuff changed for me…

1.  Your traffic methods have to be congruent with your goals…

If your goal is to make $1 million this year, then article marketing and blogging are probably not going to get you there.

However, if your goal is to make an extra $1000 per month on the side, then both of those methods will definitely work.

If you want to do a high volume of revenue, you’re going to need to do one of the folowing…

  • PPC
  • Facebook ads
  • Media buying (online & offline)
  • Direct mail
  • SEO

Now, you might be thinking “Shoe makes a ton of money off his blog”.  And that’s definitely true… but it’s WAYYY down on the profit scale for him in terms of the time he puts into it.

I don’t have a clue how much Shoe makes a year from all of his businesses, but I’m willing to bet the revenue they bring in from the blog is equal to less than one month’s revenue from all of his other sites.

What you need to realize is, there are certain traffic sources and certain strategies that you need to be doing to hit your financial goals.  Make sure they’re in line with each other…

2.  Being busy isn’t the same thing as being productive…

Truthfully, writing on Shoe’s blog is not really the most efficient use of my time.  However, I enjoy helping people and it helps me to pick up affiliates for our product…

You really have to FIGHT to make sure the time you are spending on your websites is actually productive and the highest value of your time.

So for example, I used to always edit blog posts for my site, make banners, install new WordPress updates etc…

Basically a bunch of stuff that had to be done, but it DID NOT have to be done by me.  If I know my average hour of productive work is worth $400, then doing stuff like designing banners and changing the WordPress theme are a waste of my time.

This is a big problem I used to have (and still do once and a while).  A lot of this stuff is more emotional than anything – most entrepreneurs are scared to give up control of the business.  They feel like they have to always have control over every aspect of what’s going on…

This is a fatal mistake.

In the beginning when you don’t have any money, you’ll still have to do the “busy work” type jobs.  But as you make more money, you need to find a way to outsource those, and always focus on the 1-3 things that directly make you the most money.

This is so simple, yet most people NEVER do it.  It’s one of the most crucial parts of running a successful business.

Let me know some of the big “ah-ha moments” you’ve had with your business – leave me a comment below…

– Justin



By Justin Goff

Justin sells the highest paying fat loss product on Clickbank called the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure. Get more info on being an affiliate here or check out the best damn podcast about the crazy world of Internet Marketing

49 thoughts on “2 “Ah-Ha Moments” That Boosted My Business Past $100k”
  1. “Being busy isn’t the same thing as being productive” – No doubt… somedays I have to do a million tasks… and nothing happen….

  2. Justin – on the outsourcing side – I am still researching this. Got any good places where you start researching?

    1. I use Craigslist and find people locally. The truth is you can train someone to do most of what you need

  3. There’s a motto that I use, “make sure you are working ON your blog, not IN your blog”. Anything ‘IN’ can be outsourced. 😉 <–of course, its easier said then done (I can work for hours fixing little css stuff, moving banners around, etc… lol)

    While I use Elance, I'd be interested in the answer to Patrick's question, above. I know there is VirtualZeta and ODesk.

  4. ” To outsource ” is easier said then done. Its very difficult to find people who really understand what you want and can deliver that consistently. It took me 2 weeks to find some one who would do the work and not give up on me midway saying he is sick , his mother died or his wife is pregnant.

    As far as the first point goes… yes you need to see where you are getting to with what you are doing and the scope of scalability of the project. If you want to be a big fish , you sooner or later have to resort to those streams which you suggested above.

  5. Hi Justin,

    I have enjoyed your posts over the last few months and read up on you and your fitness site. It is nice to have a guy that is on the way up; easier to relate to than 7 figure Marketers like the Master Shoe.
    I have a few questions Justin:

    1. What is the breakdown of your business relationship with Vic Magary? How does it all work? You provide the Internet marketing and he provides the content for the product? Do you split profits or did you pay him to produce the content (one off fee)? It looks like he has a reputation the fitness/health and weight loss niche (his blog gets good organic search, I have come across it on first page of google). Good Marketer + Good Content Producer = $$??

    2. On CB, you look like you around 80-100 gravity (over 6 weeks) what would that translate to in sales/week? 100 Copies? (no need to answer if you don’t want to or can’t)…but it would be nice to know:)

    3. Have you always had a video sales letter for 31datfatlosscure? Have you tested a text letter? (I see most of the top fitness/diet) E-Books on CB have video (apart from Turbulence Training and Fat loss for idiots – 190+gravity for the latter)

    4. What are your favorite Copy writing for the web resources?



    1. 1. Hes my employee, and is paid a flat fee each month.

      2. Id rather not comment on that.

      3. the VSL does much better than the long text letter.

      4. Just study copywriting in general. No need to do just for the web. Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy and Joe Sugarman are the best out there

  6. I’m waaayyy too much of a control freak, but I know what you are saying is true.

    If years of my hard work went down the tubes because of some idiot I would never forgive myself.

    I have trust issues.

    For me I think the answer is to start new projects and outsource them.
    If they fail,

  7. It’s really true “Being busy isn’t the same thing as being productive”

    I have been used PPC and SEO for gain more traffic, is there any suggestions for direct mail?

  8. Trust is a big issue for business owners, and hiring people that they have faith in can address this concern. However, when things go wrong, there’s always the option of severing ties with people who messed things up.

  9. Awesome post! I love the information you just shared, I will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing

  10. My big Ah-ha moment? The moment I stopped believing most of what’s told about Google SEO.
    It’s the same as paying your taxes, sometimes you have to cheat just a little bit to make extra money.

  11. My ah-ha moment for past couple of weeks is not to fix a solid working model! Of course I only realize that after tooling around.

  12. Good post Justin. I thought blogging could make anyone rich but you don’t become rich by blogging unless it’s really a huge one and generates a lot of traffic. 🙂

  13. Thanks for sharing the tips Justin! It’s nice when the pros share a little so that the newbs (like myself) can get a little skrilla!!!!

  14. Being busy isn’t always the key. I say that because my kids are always busy, just not always productive.

    Good post – thanks,


  15. Being in control does not mean you do everyaspect of the business To really be in control you must delegate certain duties to others to free you up for the heavy lifting. thanks for letting me comment Bill

  16. It’s good that you can write on Jeremy’s blog for us even though it’s a bad use of your time, so first I should thank you about that one.

    Also, I want to say to you that really i can only focus on one thing at a time, so I don’t know about when you told us to focus on the “1-3” things that make us money if it’s bad that I can’t focus on all 3 of them – plus one other problem is that I’m not making any money so now I can’t figure out what to focus on at all if I’m only supposed to focus on the things that make us money.

  17. YEAH ITS true but media buying and PPC need money and its scary to invest without being sure.

  18. When starting out, before one can outsource some of the smaller tasks, or hire a VA as well, I think people need to focus on their debts first. Forget any investments. Just put about 60% of your income (after taxes) into paying down your debts, cut up the credit cards, renegotiate (and be hardball) with your lenders, and so on. Do the Dave Ramsey Snowball system, for instance — whatever it takes, really. When you are finally able to save money, or have your spouse bring in about 90% of the necessary income, that’s a good time to begin to look at what things can be outsourced so that you can “scale yourself” in order to make more income.

  19. Once again it seems like you are talking directly to me. I have had huge issues trying to scale my blogging business past the 10 000 dollars a month mark.

    I have had days were I’ve made over 1500 dollars but then some days that have been slower.

    I kind of like feel that I can’t do it all by myself but letting go of the control is scary. Also, taking employees incurs a hefty fixed monthly cost and man, I hate fixed costs.

    I know I should just roll my sleeves and start freeing up my time by outsourcing 80 % of what I spend my time on but damn this scares the heck out of me.

  20. Very inspiring post but outsourcing as a price and most of the time you pay and you still have to check behind that is why I try to do the work with another person (a friend or my wife) at least it is easier to ask what you want without arguing with freelance that are not always honest with their capabilities.

  21. So true, so true…
    As you pointed out, much depends on where you are in the growth of your business.
    If you are just starting out or still getting established, you should probably stick with being the workhorse for a number or reasons:
    *In order to get familiar with the various aspects of running your business
    *In order to have more flexibility in your budget – which can be used towards things you have to purchase or pay for(things you cannot produce yourself).
    *In order to have full control of your business foundation; your image, quality, etc

    After you become established, then it is certainly advisable to start delegating tasks and focusing on more productive use of your own time.

  22. Definitely outsourcing. Once you set your own hourly rate it makes outsourcing a lot easier because you can compare how much a task is worth if you do it or someone else does.

  23. Another good post Justin. You are right on the money with #2. Being productive is absolutely not the same as being busy. It is super easy to be busy all the time. It is much harder to make sure you are actually focusing on the important and productive activities that will impact your business. Once your business reaches a certain point (making money and showing real growth potential), it becomes very important to outsource tasks that aren’t the most effective use of your time. If you try to retain control of every little detail of your business, you can only grow so much.

    1. I run my own business and take on copywriting clients as well. Im not sure why you think I work for someone else…

  24. It’s really true “Being busy isn’t the same thing as being productive”

    I have been used PPC and SEO for gain more traffic, is there any suggestions for direct mail?

  25. Ahhh yes, the busy vs productive topic is a biggie. I still fall prey to it every now and then, but I’m getting better. I hear so many people say they’re working so hard, with so many hours, yet often don’t have anything productive to show for it.

  26. Wow! What a scammy product you offer. I can’t believe you have the word ‘cure’ in the name of it. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to refer to a diet product as a cure. Someone should report you to the FTC and the FDA too if you’re hawking pills. So you make a lot of money being a flim-flam man. You must be proud.

    1. I think I’d have to agree. I just got 127 clicks on his site as an affiliate and not one sale. D’OH!

      1. Mav0, while you usually will make a sale off that many clicks, you cant take a small sample like that and make a judgement.

        If you want help with your campaign, let me know and Ill be glad to help

        – j

    2. Pills? Shows how much you read the product. We have nothing to do with weight loss pills.

      And btw, we have a 4.5% refund rate which is extremely low for our industry. You can check out our facebook page, and see all the success stories and all the lives we are changing everyday.

      – JUstin

    3. I definitely have no reason to back Justin up because you could call us “competitors” since I sell a fat loss product on clickbank too … but …

      Justin is right.

      His product is legit (I’ve bought it).

      He also has a lot of integrity …

      I’ve met Justin and he’s definitely not the “scammer” type.

      Case In Point: I met Justin in Aff Summit in NYC, then saw him again in Vegas later–that’s where this happened …

      One guy (who will remain unnamed) was pitching Justin about doing a joint venture. The dude was like, “hey what are you doing for affiliate promotions–you should promote my product”

      Justin told him he didn’t know if it was a good fit, he wants to make sure he only recommends stuff that complements his product, offers something else valuable, etc …

      The guy was like “WHY?! Just mail em’! ”

      Bottom line: the guy pitching the JV was all about profits. Saw customers as a number not real people

      Justin stood up for himself, his customers, and refused to promote that guy’s product because he knew it wouldn’t serve his customers in the long run.

      (I know for a fact, the marketer he turned down has built his biz almost entirely off JV’s — he’s not a bad guy per se — but just speaking to the integrity of how Justin conducts his business here.)


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  29. Great information, looks like I am using most of them, so success should be heading towards me:)

  30. This is so true. I have a fear of loosing control of my blog, so I end up doing all the monotonous tasks my self. Such a waste of time.

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