Everyday we get several people who contact us with their big idea for a product. Honestly a lot of the time the ideas are really good… but they have no clue what to do going forward.

  • Where do they go to get it developed?
  • Where do they go to figure out how to launch it?
  • Who do they hire to build the site so that it sells?
  • Where do they get a merchant account to process their own credit cards?
  • How do they monetize partial data?
  • How do they handle customer support?
  • How do they do drop shipping?
  • Now do they get their product in CPA networks?
  • Did you know there are companies out there that will fund all of your advertising and product for you for a percentage?

So ya… When it comes down to it ideas are easy. The model is something that takes many years to figure out. Since we started selling our own products a couple years ago its sure been a learning experience for me.

So where can you turn if you have a good idea and need help from a company that has a proven track record?

My man Rich Gorman over at Direct Response is about as smart as anyone in this field. He has helped me a lot with our backend on our products and made introductions that were priceless.

Yesterday, after looking at the sheer volume of questions, I thought I would ask Rich to do a webinar with me to address any of your most common questions and also answer questions live that you might have.

Go here to register for the webinar.  It will be LIVE at 2pm CST tomorrow.

If you have not been reading the Direct Response blog you are really missing out. There are some really gem’s on there.

Check out some of my favorites:

So don’t miss the live webinar with my and Mr “Direct Response” Rich Gorman.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

143 thoughts on “Everyone has a great idea”
  1. Informative. At the point to launch a new service that is related to Google rankings! Have something to read 🙂

    1. I love the book list! I’m happy to find a few I’ve already read. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those I haven’t read yet. 🙂

    2. Good luck with the launch! Is it an SEO related service? How is it different from existing services?

      1. Seems like there’s a new product or service being launched every few minutes. I could hardly keep up. But I guess that’s a good thing. Indicative of the industry’s continuous growth.

      1. I was about to ask the same thing. Isn’t it supposed to be today’s post? Are you still going to continue with it, Jeremy?

  2. I’ve been in the game for a while, and seriously this is gonna come off like an ass kissing comment but those who know me, know I’m not an ass kisser or a bullshitter. But I can say this with 100% confidence. I learned more from 2 phone calls with Rich than I have in MONTHS reading blogs, IMing friends, and researching on my own.

    He’s been my yoda this past month, and not just in the specifics like use this vendor or try this method, but without even seemingly trying to motivate (or is he?) he gave me deadlines like “Set up this processor and hit me up when it’s done at the end of the week”. I was embarrassed it took me longer to get it all done, but with no boss, and nobody to report to, I felt OBLIGATED to bust my ass to get my product to market just from the way he guides me.

    It’s easy to see why this guy has such a handle on Product Development, Advertising, Marketing,and all things related to running a business. I’m friends with some smart people, really smart people, but none have showed me as much as Rich has in such a short time.

    I can’t recommend Rich highly enough but I can say this. Those who know me know I’m not full of shit. Rich is the man, and that’s no bullshit. If you wanna step your game up, start with the webinar, and then hit up his blog and follow this guy like a stalker.

    1. will heed your advice and follow him like a stalker as you suggested. 😉 but seriously, I think his website is awesome.

  3. This is bound to be well worth showing up for. I have worked with Rich Gorman before, and I’ll be the first to say that this is one savvy businessmen. He’s a good idea machine, and he brings the same shrewdness to basically any endeavor he touches. His Direct Response blog is a must-visit, daily read for this very reason.

  4. Great idea! Can’t wait for the webinar! I love the Direct Response blog– looking forward to what Rich has to say.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to do a webinar about this. I know a lot of people end up in the same boat just wondering “where the hell do I go next?”. That can be so frustrating for anyone who is just starting out.

    1. “In direct response marketing, perceived value is more important than actual value.” – I couldn’t agree more. First impressions do matter. How potential customers see a process is critical since it contributes to the decision to purchase or not.

      1. It helps if you give people the opportunity to experience products or services you’re offering. Even if they’re not ready to buy at that moment, they’ll at least remember you. That’s a great way of building your database.

      2. I usually end up buying products that 1) have a well-designed and expensive-looking packaging, 2) provides strong guarantees, and sometimes those that are sold at a higher price than competitors’ versions. So, yes, I guess perceived value is indeed more important than actual value if you want to attract buyers. But at the end of the day, you want customers to come back and buy more. So it’s better to match perceived value with actual value.

      3. True. But it’s better if you can deliver both. That improves the chances of establishing a solid base of loyal customers.

  6. Uh, Shoe. I think the link for DirectResponse.net is messed up. Please do check it out.

  7. Rich Gorman is a big time name in the world of direct response marketing. His tricks of the trade have been featured by soome of the industry’s insiders like CopyBlogger, Zac Johnson, John Chow, Jon Volk, Rick Del Rio, Chris Brogan, Seth Godin and of course, you, Jeremy. Hope to catch another post highlighting DirectResponse.net sooner or later.

    1. Did you know that Gorman and his insiders have built DirectResponse to contribute their information and advice to those that are in need? Man, it offers no nonsense advice to those looking to making it in the direct response marketing world and is giving millions in free advice just to help out others! Two thumbs up 😀

      1. I’ve already picked some really great ideas just by reading some of the links Jeremy shared. I’m sure there’s a lot more to be found at the site.

  8. It’s not exactly easy to make money online despite what some of the gurus might tell you. Arming yourself with the right information and expertise still remains to be the best formula to enjoy any kind of real success. I think I’ve got another (second) favorite blog, Shoe! 😛

  9. I’ve stumbled upon Rich Gorman’s site before and I believe that the question “How do you generate sales in direct response marketing if you don’t have credentials?” is undoubtedly his piece de resistance. (By the way, got any updates on this year’s Humongo Nation tour?)

  10. Strengths Finder 2.0 is a very useful book. It helped me play with my strengths and focus on things I’m good at. It is indeed better to “know thyself” first before venturing into important decisions especially in business.

    1. I agree! I bought that book after a friend recommended it to me. Took the online test and was surprised to discover some of the strengths that I didn’t know I have.

  11. Direct response marketing zen by Rich Gorman:

    1. Fulfillment is automated.

    2. Traffic is constant / high quality.

    3. Landing pages that convert.

    4. Unlimited merchant processing.

    5. No overhead.

    6. 24/7 online and offline customer care.

    7. Everything is automated


  12. If my memory serves me right, I think Rich was mentioned in a webinar I’ve attended a couple of years back. He was described as an industry pro with more than ten years of experience in the field of direct response marketing and a universally recognized industry leader known for his innovation as well as his great success.

  13. Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams is an interesting read as well. It’s about openness, peering, sharing, and acting globally. Pretty much relevant in the Internet landscape although I’m not sure how the industry sees the openness, peering, and sharing part.

  14. The blog “provides free access to the ways online direct response marketers make millions on the Internet.” I don’t mean to be pessimistic but isn’t that what all other similar blogs say, too?

    1. You have a point. However, it’s not just about generating cash. It also about making it big in the business smoothly. Gorman put together a list of scenarios where this type of marketing could be used like a negative posting by a customer, a competitor spreading bad rumors about you, a misunderstanding of your companies business practices, or if you just need a second chance for a first impression. An online reputation that a company has spent many years and time on building can be instantly destroyed with any of the given scenarios.

  15. DResponse sets out to add value to other’s businesses and tackle their problems head on. The information on the blog is helpful to up and coming professionals because it discloses top traffic sources, designers, CRMs, merchant processors, and other tools that are required to make it in this business. Something the industry needs a lot these days.

    1. I agree. It has pretty good content. Rich Gorman is sure going to help a lot of people struggling with making real money online. Keep up the good work, brother!

  16. Is it just me or does anybody else here think that the name Rich Gorman sounds like an alias for a German opera singer? 😛

  17. Targeting the right audience is critical to direct response marketing. The immediate, measurable feedback is always relevant to a business.

  18. Why is my comment still awaiting moderation? Is is cuz I used swear words to explain how effin bad A Rich is?

  19. I think I met this guy in Ohio University way back when I was still a beer-guzzling sophomore. Religio Doctrina Civilitas, Prae Omnibus Virtus!

  20. I’ve learned from the guy that the true backbone of any trial offer is the merchant processing/customer support. Any fool can go out and make millions of dollars on a free trial offer, but it takes a wise man to keep it. Logically brilliant, don’t you think?

  21. The mastermind behind the Direct Response Web site is Rich Gorman, an industry pro with more than ten years of experience in the field of direct response marketing and a universally recognized industry leader, known for his innovation as well as his great success. At the Direct Response blog Rich Gorman has brought together some of the industry’s top minds, who unite with the shared goal of sharing some of their top secrets and rules of thumb to others in the direct response marketing business.

    1. Directresponse is seasoned in removing negative results from search engines and replacing them with positive results. They can also maintain and monitor positive search results. Anyone can post a complaint against your company, even if they’ve never used your product, that’s why online complaints are the worst kind. Kind of like a magic online crease eraser. Catch my drift?

  22. I just checked out Rich’s blog. It looks like it has some great content. It’s refreshing to hear from a different point of view on such important topics. I might have to contact him to see if he can help me out with some business plans I have.

    1. His blog sure has a lot of good stuff from what I noticed so far. Enjoyed the posts I’ve finished reading.

  23. Competing against other companies can be challenging but these are some helpful tips on ways to stand out. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Is direct response marketing more profitable than network marketing? What’s your take on this, Shoe?

  25. That synergy accompanied with a burning desire to achieve the goals you set for yourself is why people like Rich Gorman will always be at the acme of the social pyramid.

  26. You also need to provide customers reasons to do business with your company because value and niche service. Offering a free product is a great way to open the door. It’s the personal touches that often make me purchase at specialty stores rather than big, popular brands.

    1. Yeah. Definitely one of the edge of small establishments is that they tend to remember their loyal customers. If you’re the customer, you’ll appreciate it when people in a store have a fairly good idea of what you want.

    2. One of the challenges of business growth. The personal touch should be non-negotiable. Though difficult to implement in a business that’s getting bigger and bigger by the minute, it’s still something that shouldn’t be neglected.

  27. “On direct response trial offer campaigns you have 3 seconds to catch the attention of the consumer. If you fail at this, you fail at the campaign. From past experiences, it is futile to attempt to design a landing page unless you have years of experience in direct response.” Kapow! Perhaps the best piece of advice I came across today.

      1. Actually, for many years the accepted figure was only 2 seconds. Test yourself now and you’ll find it’s true. Scan something in front of you and then, afterwards, recall how many thought processess you actually had in only … one second, two seconds, three seconds, four seconds, five seconds. You probably had about 3 to 6 images, dismissals, flashbacks, laughs, etc. Two seconds is really a long time and 5 seconds is a very long time!

  28. The material on the blog is easy to read and follow and provides key tips to anyone starting out. The site even provides visitors with an “arsenal of tools” which includes Google Keyword Analytics, Alexa, Mobile Device Stimulator, Google Placement Tool, ShoeMoney System, Facebook Fan Adder, Get Response and Plasma Business Cards.

    1. From this list, is it safe to presume that Rich Gorman is into SEO as well? What do you think, Shoe?

  29. Did you know Rich dropped out of Harvard? Well, in this day and age it seems that a degree isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. It’s the opportunities and relationships you create after developing a strong business mindset.

    1. I am a bit partial on this one. You still need know-how more than street smarts when it comes to online marketing.

    2. The ranks of Harvard dropouts making it big seem to be increasing. Goes to show that not everyone follows the same path.

  30. One piece of advice I couldn’t forget when we opened a small business is that of growing a database of people interested in our services and developing a relationship with that database. In doing so, we were able to attract loyal customers at less the cost of running ads.

  31. Direct Response helps newcomers tackle the world of marketing by giving away millions of insider secrets for free. The blog gives away a wide array of tools and traffic sources to help just about anyone get started. Just like the Shoemoney blog, too!

  32. Nice article! I’ve read some really informative and helpful comments as well. “See” you at the webinar!

  33. I’ve seen watching a football game with his family a few months back. IMHO, Rich is kinda hot! 😉

    1. Too bad I just read this post. I would have attended if I knew about it earlier. How was it?

  34. Negative status can kill your business online. Directresponse.net is here to help and will increase your sales and profits, will gain you wanted attention and can find you many choices of vendors to work with. No longer will you have potential customers questioning any of your companies’ ability.

    1. I totally agree. Complaints posted online can be seen 24 hours a day, unlike those on TV, radio and the newspaper.

  35. They also offer consulting services. You can hire the team to help with targeted media buys, landing pages, copywriting, legal concerns, and so forth. A one-hour consultation with Rich Gorman will put you back a cool $350.

  36. I couldn’t differentiate direct marketing vs. direct response marketing before. I’m beginning to understand the difference now.

  37. Hi, Jeremy! What advice can you give to someone who’s just about to start on making money online? Is it a good idea to develop a product already at the get-go?

  38. I’m not familiar with direct-response marketing. But I’d like to learn more so count me in!

  39. Ideas are two a penny. It’s making money out of those ideas THAT’s the hard part.

    Leamington Spa, England

  40. Hey Jeremy,

    Great post. You are right on the money about ideas. An idea alone isn’t worth much more than the napkin it is written on. The value is built in how you execute on the idea.

    I ran across Rich’s blog a while back and have become a big fan. Lots of great content. The webinar should be great.

  41. I noticed a lot of interesting posts at the website. Looking forward to checking out more.

    1. Skimmed some of the posts at the site. Insightful was the first word that came to mind after I was done reading. I can’t wait to check out more of the articles. there.

  42. I agree that everyone has a great idea. Not everyone translate those ideas to profitable ventures though. It’s translating ideas to action that’s crucial.

  43. 13 Laws Of Overnight Success is an interesting read. It sort of reminds me of a book by Robert Greene. My key takeaway from the post is that success doesn’t happen overnight. But sustained effort can help you achieve it quicker than everyone else.

    1. The timeline is roughly true 🙂 –> “Overnight success takes about fifteen years…”

      Anyone who expects it to happen overnight is signing up for a huge disappointment. Well, unless he/she wins the lottery of course.

  44. I read that Rich Gorman does not have a facebook, myspace, or linkedin profile. Made me wonder if other equally successful entrepreneurs and business people don’t have those either.

  45. Direct response marketing tends to have a higher conversions especially if you manage to target the right audience. It helped me a lot in my business although I have to admit I still have much to learn about it.

  46. How can I be certain that my idea for a product or service is good? I mean, it’s easy to think that it’s good because it’s mine in the first place. But how do I test it such that I’d know if I push through with it or not.

    1. Good question. I have good ideas most of the time, at least in my own POV. But I don’t want to waste my time pursuing something that’s only good on paper. I guess it would help if you consider the potential impact to your target market.

    2. I read that whenever you have a great idea for a new product, 3 other people are having the same idea as you.

      The successful person is the one who executes on their great idea.

  47. I just have to say that the Direct Response website is quite rock solid. Many thanks for this post and, most especially, the links.

  48. Saw this list of Direct Response marketers from the site. Most of them are exactly the people I follow. Awesome!

    Zac Johnson
    John Chow
    Jon Volk
    Rick Del Rio
    Chris Brogan
    Seth Godin

  49. It would be a waste if good ideas if they don’t get to see the light of day. It’s the execution that’s critical in creating those ideas into tangible results.

  50. Believe it or not, Internet marketing lures more and more people daily to finally start a business endeavor because of the limitless opportunities therein. One thing not quite emphasized here is having a reliable online network as a foundation. How can you increase visibility on the web if you don’t have one? 😛

  51. I hope I could also come up with a great idea for a product or service. It would be nice to create something from scratch instead of promoting others’ products.

  52. Most e-commerce beginners think that they can gain instant or overnight success through internet marketing because they have read so many Internet gurus claim that they can just push a button and suddenly money comes flowing to their bank accounts.

  53. Is it true that traffic generation a factor connected with web marketing success? Some experts stress that having a strong online network will gather you more traffic for your website and as a result, you would be able to reach a larger number of audiences who would be interested in what you have to offer.

  54. There is no such thing as overnight success in internet marketing. Internet marketing is like many other income opportunities that exist today, it requires hard work and strong determination on your part in order to succeed. That’s why to you have to stick to great role models to make it big.

  55. As I see it, Internet marketing depends upon many things, like, design of your website, an attractive sales page and an Ad Sense account added to it.

  56. E-commerce is not a get rich scheme. You will have to come to other insights soon or you will be wasting your time and money. Right, Shoe?

    1. I totally agree. If you think that Internet marketing is easy you will soon find out it is not.

  57. If someone tells you that they became a millionaire in a month doing web commerce, do not believe him or her. They are saying this because they want to sell you something. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE!

  58. Did you know that Heff tried to blame the sudden attacks of nausea people were experienci­ng at the recent Playboy Mansion soiree on the fact that Joan Rivers was there at the party?

  59. Knowledge is still the best e-commerce advantage. Research will make the marketers know what need is there in the general market and narrow it down, say to women or men or even children and see how they can be able to capitalize on these needs in order to make profits.

  60. Almost everyday, there are new products or courses that claim that they have found the secrets to online riches and so-called “gurus” want to show the secrets to you if you — cough — buy their courses. Guess what? After you buy one product after another, you find yourself back to square one.

  61. I observe that most e-marketing achievers give away a newsletter which they use to sell you products. Your newsletter should do two things: (1) It should give good free information. (2) It should pitch your products.

    1. Success requires hard work, persistence and strong determination. That means that you should not give up even if you are faced with difficult problems or challenges. Successful people don’t give up easily, when they hit with obstacles, they find way to overcome the obstacles.

  62. It is advisable for someone thinking of venturing into this kind of business to seek the services of a professional marketer who is quite a savvy in this field. If the proper strategies are put in place, this kind of business has the potential to grow in leaps and bounds.

  63. Web marketing taboos:

    1. Looking for instant or overnight success.

    2. Lack of focus – buying one product after another.

    3. Give up too quickly.

  64. One cannot try to sell a product or service to a certain target market say, high school teenagers today and change the target market the following day to working class adults without proper planning. Choose an area of specialization.

  65. I can tell you from personal experience that Rich is a great guy, and a very shrewd businessman and marketer.

    When he came to us (Unique Blog Designs) looking for a custom design and WordPress implementation, it was clear that he had a vision and planned on making it happen.

    It is a pleasure working with him, and if you’ve come to the comments looking for personal testimony on his character or business acumen, I can personally assure you that he is top-notch.

  66. Thanks Matt. Our blog would not be where it’s at today without your team – UniqueBlogDesigns.com is second to none!

  67. Jeremy,

    Great informative post! I am not at that point yet, but will definitely keep this site and refer back to it when I am at that point.

    Thanks so much!


  68. Since there was very little notice given on this webinar I missed it like I imagine most did that read your blog. I’m sure someone recorded it, can you make this available online for all of us that missed it?

  69. It’s pretty hard to come up with a brilliant idea but it’s even more difficult to implement that idea. If you are motivated, hardworking and know where to ask for help, you can convert your idea into reality. I say that those with big dreams should never give up and patiently strive to make their dreams come true!

  70. Great stuff from you, man. Ive read your stuff before and youre just too fantastic. I love what youve got here, love what youre saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. I cant wait to read more from you. This is really a great website.

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