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$7.49 .com – Special Offer for ShoeMoney Users

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

65 thoughts on “Starting A Business – Shoemoney ?s Ep. 13”
  1. Taking that first step is difficult sometimes. Responsability however is a good motivation to work and to be productive.

    1. Chris, wow, godaddy must have raised their .net prices because they used to be cheaper than .com’s but now they are more. .org’s are cheaper than .com (in most instances) which is why there probably isn’t a discount offered. Regardless, you can find godaddy coupon codes online to make the .net or .org around $7…just look around. I get coupon code emails from them all the time with 25-30% off. If you are not already a customer, try signing up to get their offers.

  2. “Like I need to tell you that” — haha… gotta love the intros you do.

    Congrats on locking in GoDaddy as a permanent sponsor. 😉

    1. I use GoDaddy as my primary registrar for over a year now. I manage a site for my business as well as two personal sites. I haven’t tried to register to a different service provider so I wouldn’t have a point of comparison. I’m generally happy with their service so I don’t find the need to check out the others.

      1. I heard that the basic web hosting plan has limited features. I’m still undecided between them and another hosting service that I’m checking out. I’ll sign up for the one that adds value for my money.

      2. The set up process is pretty much straightforward so that’s a big plus. But it’s the price that really decided it for me.

    2. “i wouldn’t worry about the big picture too much, I would just get started.” – Good advice. I’m guilty of overthinking things, which often ends up in delays in following-through with plans.

      1. I agree. It’s good to look at the big picture but to obsess about it would just be a waste of time. No need to dissect since it’ll just use up the time which should otherwise be spent in working on your business plans.

    3. Nice one! LOL By the way, I hope you can expound on this. A few tips can be useful to those who are currently on the lookout for office space rentals.

  3. While it’s great run a business from home, having an office space is a practical idea. It can be less distracting and a perfect way to work closely with your employees.

      1. If you are in the stages of planning to add to your time and take on at least a couple more people other than yourself, you will most definitely want to get a bigger office not located inside your house.

    1. I outsource most of the jobs required to run my business so I haven’t really considered leasing an office. But the business is growing so who knows, I just might go down that road in the near future.

    2. You know your business is growing if you start thinking about office space rentals. Looking forward to the day I’d be checking out spaces for my business.

    3. Well, if your family or family life is starting to interfere with how well and efficiently you do your job from home, that it is definitely time to switch the location of your office.

  4. I’m setting up a small business with my college friends. Right now we work from our own homes. At some point in the future though we’re looking at leasing an office space.

    1. The location and price of an office space actually go hand in hand. In real estate, the rule is: the higher the floor, the higher the value. You are paying for the view, hence the cost.

  5. I’ve only recently started working at home after years of being part of a big company. I have everything I need at home to do the job so renting an office isn’t something I’ve considered yet.

    1. It all depends on the needs of your business. If you can do all the work at home then there’s no need to spend on rental and other miscellaneous fees.

      1. If you don’t have a dedicated work space at home as well as it is too noisy or has too many distractions for you to get your work accomplished then it’s definitely time to move out.

    2. As a newbie web marketer, I only have one question when the office topic comes into discussion: Does your business require constant communication with clients and suppliers? Answer: Better look for an office that already has installed amenities such as phone and Internet lines, so you won’t have to invest for setup.

      1. I am just getting started as a freelancer and not ready to commit to renting an office space. I do find the tips Shoe shared really useful.

  6. Looking for an office space can be a long and drawn out process. But it’s worth all the effort especially if you find one that best suits your business’ needs.

    1. When you find yourself running out of room to accommodate the things you need in your office to do your job well, you may want to consider moving to a different location.

      1. I totally agree. Just like what Shoe emphasized in the video post. I’d just like to add one more idea. One of the biggest signs that you are ready to seek an office location outside of your home is when you realize that you can more than afford to do so.

    2. You won’t go wrong with an owner or developer that has a proven track record. Also, find out who manages the said building. Having the same company develop as well as run the property is ideal.

  7. The $7.49 is for .com transfers only, right? Is there a discount for ShoeMoney readers who’ll avail of their new .com services?

    1. Still sounds a bit costly for me. Although I have three kids that I sometimes find distracting when I’m working at home, I still can’t afford to rent an office space.

      1. Well, if you’ve got the cash (like Shoe obviously does) you can go ahead and get an office space that suits your web business. However, if you’re just starting out as a noob like the most of us here, it’s better to stick with a home office.

  8. Working at home is nice but sometimes I wish I have an office elsewhere. It must be really nice to have your own office space.

  9. If your business is already doing well then the cost of rental and insurance shouldn’t be a problem. But for those of us who are still starting out, a home office or garage would be the best option.

      1. If all of your clients are long-distance and you never have face-to-face meetings with clients, I don’t think it would be a good idea to get an office.


    Renting “one office” that includes all the things you mentioned is called an Executive Suite. Just google the term followed by your city to find locations in your area. One thing you should also consider is a virtual office ( example: ).

    So, let’s say you work out of the house but want to appear bigger. You can set up a virtual office and get a receptionist to answer the phone how ever you want and then have the calls patched to your cell phone or home phone. You speak with the receptionist prior to accepting the call so you can take it or send to voice mail. You’ll also get a physical address ( ie: Granite Pkwy Building, Suite 200 ) that looks professional and access to conference rooms should you need a space for meetings. So, checks can come to your business address rather than your home address. Again, just looks more professional.

    Then, when you are ready for a physical location you can lease an office or 2 or 3 from the Executive Suites where you currently have your virtual office.

  11. Thanks, Shoe. I think the background for your video post is just spectacular. In my own perspective, the most common mistake of tenderfoot business owners is that they get offices that are bigger than what they really need, thinking that they will eventually fit into it. There is nothing wrong with this kind of optimism, but getting just enough space for your needs will be surely cheaper.

    1. I think, in fact, the need for an external business space is more important when we
      meet clients/customers. There is also the psychological effect : renting an office space gives certainly a kind of extra motivation and makes the daily work routine maybe more professional for some aspects.

  12. As I see it, for a new business on the stages of growth low expenses is always welcoming. It is both significant in terms of survival and long term profit. Thus, for a new business or a small business — whether online or off — still on the stages on growth a commercial space on rent is always the best option.

    1. You must understand that getting an office alone means that you need to take lots of time off work to check the property yourself, talk to the building managers and ask about the contract and other questions you may have about the property. Any thoughts to add, Shoe?

      1. I have a dedicated workspace at my house, and so I don’t need to rent. But I have considered it for the future.

  13. Most freelancers work from home, like I do, especially when they are just starting out. Using space and equipment that you already have makes sense. Working from home is convenient, and it cuts down on your start up costs.

  14. I knew I just had to get an office when I already have regular face-to-face meetings with clients but no place to hold them. Plus, I also began employing local employees and/or subcontractors that I need to work with often.

  15. Having a physical location projects an image of stability to clients and you can leave your work spread out in the evening and no one will disturb it. Nonetheless, the best factor to consider right here is if your business’s bottom line is healthy and you can afford the added expense of an office.

    1. It all depends how discipline to work at home. There are too many distractions and most people always post pone important things to watch TV or play around.
      I personally don’t like to work from home. I like to be around people, so I can interact and network.

  16. Having an office space with other independent professionals provides you with the opportunity to socialize, as well as brainstorm, with them minus the interruption. And the best thing of all? It gets you out of the house! 😀

    1. Heard about this? I think this is one of the funniest office jokes ever known to man:

      A young businessman had just started his own firm. He rented a beautiful office and had it furnished with antiques.

      Sitting there, he saw a man come into the outer office. Wishing to appear the hot shot, the businessman picked up the phone and started to pretend he had a big deal working.

      He threw huge figures around and made giant commitments. Finally he hung up and asked the visitor, “Can I help you?”

      The man said, “Yeah, I’ve come to activate your phone lines.”

  17. As a stickler for legal matters, I advise that before signing your lease, review your contract really, really well. Consider your budget, your business growth and your other bills. Next to payroll, your rent or lease is next in line in terms of constant business expense. You should be able to comfortably afford the office space. Ask a lawyer to read your contract before signing it.

  18. Here are my guidelines when selecting an office:

    1. What services are included in the monthly rent?
    2. What are the terms of payment?
    3. Who are the other tenants in the building?
    4. How will staff and visitors get to work? How is the traffic going to the said office?
    5. Can the building administration move quickly to accommodate changes in the business?

    1. I am just a bit curious about the insurance policies Jeremy highlighted in the video. How much do you think I’ll be dishing out for a small office space with a bathroom and a kitchen area?

    2. Mine include is the building’s air conditioning system switched off at a certain time? How strict is building security? Can you bring your own furniture in an already furnished office? Who will handle the maintenance? How many parking slots are allocated to a tenant?

  19. Additional factors to consider: 1. Are utilities included in the rental fees? 2. What is the minimum deposit required? 3. What sort of notice do I need to give if I decide to discontinue the lease?

  20. Renting an office space practically anywhere offers you the option of easily relocating to a new place. However, if you purchase a commercial property put up as office space for sale you are under a long term contract and it is pretty complex to relocate instantly. Thus, rented offices are high on demand keeping in view that you can move to a new place whenever the time is right.

    1. Getting a new office is a giant leap. It further asserts your business’s presence. It’s also a good sign that your company is growing. With careful preparation and good business sense, you will find the right office space for you.

  21. I’ve a office-room in my house. So I don’t need to rent an office. No extra bills, too! 😛

  22. I’m staying home for now but when I get a little bit more busy with my freelancing I want to get an office outside my home because if I need to meet with clients I don’t want to ask them to come to my home or set up a meeting on a coffee shop or something. I just don’t like that idea at all, so definitely will want an office sooner or later.

  23. I’d like to have a business big enough to afford office space one day – but with small enough overhead that I don’t actually need to 🙂

    1. There’s no doubt that most freelancers do work from home. However, for a few freelancers or tenderfoot web marketers, renting an office space is the better choice.

  24. Getting my own office space is something to look forward too. Having my own office feels like I’m doing something right or just expanding. I can’t wait to get my own office. There’s too many distraction at my house. Great Tips Mr Shoe!

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