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$7.49 .com – Special Offer for ShoeMoney Users

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

84 thoughts on “The Next Big Thing – Shoemoney ?s Ep. 12”
  1. I’ve enjoyed all the Shoemoney questions so far but this gets me excited. I wonder what it is? I really need to attend one of these summits…

    1. That it would level the playing field for small players to compete with the big guys makes it a definite must-have. I can’t wait to hear more about this project!

    2. I’m not sure yet if I’ll be able to attend the Affiliate Summit. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open though on news about your project’s launch. If I can afford it, I just might give it a try. Good luck!

      1. Alright, Shoe. Worst case scenario. What if I couldn’t make it to ASW next year and I can’t avail your free next big thing? The big question here is how much?

      2. I only got a silver pass for the event. That means I only have admission to Meet Market and Exhibit Hall, Keynotes, including access to the Affiliate Summit Social Network. By the way, is that Amy Winehouse in the Fans and Friends section?

    3. I was thinking about going but this somehow seals the deal for me. I hope there are still slots for the session.

      1. The Diamond Pass includes:

        Breakfast and Lunch on Monday and Tuesday

        Admission to Meet Market, Exhibit Hall, Keynote, all educational sessions on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

        Participation in the Newcomer program; access to all recorded session videos

        PowerPoint presentations; Affiliate Summit Social Network, your company logo on your name badge, and Express Checkin at the conference.

        ALSO: DVDs of all all recorded session videos.

        Can cost you $2,749 when you’ll register onsite.

        1. Please note that the organizers explicitly advised that if you have been provided a discount code by an exhibitor, sponsor or marketing partner, it must be used at the time of registration. Discounts will not be honored retroactively.

        2. Couldn’t they have at least a Bronze Pass for us eking out on a very tight budget? What do you think, Shoe?

    1. Is it just me or does anybody else think that the video post for today seemed a bit hurried and not that cool? Don’t get me wrong, Jeremy. I love your videos but at least show a bit of effort when producing them.

      1. You could have just added a Christmasy theme or whatnot just to take your clip up a notch, buddy. Kudos for the lowdown on your new product though. Hope to catch you at the ASW at the Wynn.

      1. Gold Pass: Admission to Meet Market, Exhibit Hall, Keynotes, Sunday educational sessions (except the Monetize Summit track); access to all recorded session videos; PowerPoint presentations; and Affiliate Summit Social Network. This pass does not include Monday and Tuesday sessions. (I think the ASW organizers already know about Shoe’s unveiling.)

    1. This will be my very first summit. Looking forward to it, and try to network as much as possible — and not party too hard by it being in Vegas.

      1. You’ll learn fast, Marnie, we know how to party well wherever we are! Amazingly, a lot of networking takes place at those parties. Just be prepared to go 5 days without sleep and you’ll be fine.

      2. The only complaint my 10 year old son had was the pool was too warm — it was 4 feet deep — and too chlorinated. I agree kids say the darnedest things but they’re customers, too, you know.

    1. I’d love to attend ASW but I’ll still be out of the country then. It’s a shame that I’m going to miss out on the free account.

    2. Looks like I will be missing it, too. I can’t miss my sister’s wedding this coming January. Anyway, I’m so glad that Shoe has a new product that will definitely give us little guys a boost.

    1. I’ll be attending the Affiliate Summit for the first time next year. I’m really looking forward to it especially after watching your video.

    2. Does the previous pricing lists still into play? Diamond Pass ($1,879), Platinum Pass ($879), Gold Pass ($279), Silver Pass ($99)? Kindly confirm this one, Jeremy.

      1. Here’s the ASW 2011 pricing I got from their site. Diamond Pass ($2,249), Platinum Pass ($1249), Gold Pass ($549), Silver Pass ($249). It’s more expensive if you buy onsite.

    1. I registered for a Gold pass a few weeks back. I won’t be able to attend the Monetize Summit. I’ll just watch the video of your presentation.

      1. Yay! I’m going to the Wynn! Looks like another 10 days in Vegas for me in 2011 (CES and ASW11). Thanks Shawn and Missy for moving the show to such a glorious location!

      2. Nice! I should have reserved a room earlier cause I know there’ll be nothing left at the Wynn. What’s another good place to stay?

  2. That sure was a great way of whetting our curiosity. Whatever that is, it sounds like it’s going to be something big.

      1. And how exactly can you determine the value of a free account for life of something you know nothing about?

        Whatever the hype is working all the fish are biting.

    1. Anybody else interested in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is taking place on January 6-9, 2011? CES with ASW2011 is definitely going to be pretty cool.

    2. The affiliate summit really is a unifier. It brings people together who later open channels of communication that they might not have otherwise.

  3. I heard from a friend who recently registered that only Platinum and Diamond pass holders are allowed access to certain sessions. Does that include your session, Jeremy?

    1. I checked the registration fees at the ASW website. If you want to attend the sessions covered by the Monetize Summit then you’ll have to make sure that you get either a Platinum or Diamond badge.

    2. Here’s a description of ShoeMoney’s session. Lifted it from the Affiliate Summit West website.

      “Beginner’s Course on Blog Monetization

      This 2-hour session is designed with the novice in mind and will provide the fundamental knowledge needed to implement affiliate marketing into your blog monetization plan while keeping your audience happy. You will learn how to select and apply to programs; implement best practices while continuing to create your compelling content and incorporate tools designed to entice prospective customers and drive traffic to your website.”

      1. “He has proven his skills online in the PPC community, time and again in affiliate marketing, and is legendary for his $133,000 Google AdSense check. In 2007 Jeremy launched the AuctionAds advertising network and added more than 25,000 affiliates in a mere 4 months of operation who generated millions a month in revenue.” Loved your description in the ASW website. Keep up the good work, Shoe!

    1. Hard to guess what it would be. But its good to hear that it’s going to be something that could help those starting out a competitive edge.

  4. Dude Your aweber email subscruption service thingy took like 3 minute sot just load up .i a lmost gave up subscribing


  5. If I remember correctly, your session at ASW has something to do with blog monetization. Is your project related to that?

    1. My number ASW advice? Never say free martinis at an affiliate summit (they ran out in 15 minutes).

  6. Nice video! A lot said without actually saying anything about your project. Seems huge though. I guess we’ll just have to wait a few more weeks to find out what it’s all about.

    1. Did you know that this will be the 16th Affiliate Summit and it is expected to be the largest Affiliate Summit to date? Should be a lot of fun and certainly looking forward to it. Hopefully the Wynn will offer some decent deals on rooms.

    1. Jeremy’s skills have led him on a wild ride swinging from unemployment to an 8 figure income in only a few years. Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker is one of the most successful internet marketers of our time. Need to say more, heckler?

    1. Looks like we should be at the event to find out. I am looking forward to this event and the networking parties, as always!

  7. Thanks for the heads up, Shoe. I appreciate that you’re doing so much for us little guys. One quick query though: how much will I dish out if I can’t come to the Affiliate Summit?

  8. Affiliate Summit West 2011 is taking place January 9-11, 2011 in Las Vegas. This three day conference includes an exhibit hall with affiliate merchants, vendors, and networks, as well as multiple tracks of educational sessions covering the latest trends and information from affiliate marketing experts. Of course, I’m also looking forward to getting my hands on Shoe’s free stuff! 😛

    1. Can I still register at the venue? I’ll have to fix my schedule first and see if I can travel to LV for the summit. I really wish that I could.

  9. You mentioned that for those who’ll be in the audience it’s going to be a “free service up to some extent”. What does that mean? Are there going to be some features or functionalities not covered by the free account?

    1. I’m definitely ready to collect a handful of business cards from some wonderful affiliates next year at the ASW. 🙂

  10. Anyone who is serious about making money online should attend the summit. I was able to attend a few months back and it was well-worth the price of the pass.

  11. A room’s going to $229 a night plus a couple of complimentary buffet passes. Looks like I am absolutely good to go. ASW 2011, here I come!

  12. One thing you shouldn’t miss when you’re attending Affiliate Summit is their Meet Market. The event venue was packed with people the first time I attended it. What I like about Meet Market most though is that it allows for more intimacy than having a full fledged booth.

  13. We felt as though we were arriving at a private estate the first time I arrived at Wynn. I would love to relive that experience next year, too. 😉

    1. ** The place to be next year! **

      Where: Wynn Las Vegas

      When: January 9-11, 2011

      Pricing: Diamond Pass ($2,249), Platinum Pass ($1249), Gold Pass ($549), Silver Pass ($249)

  14. This sounds interesting. I hear it’s something similar to Bevo Media’s platform. Bevo really has done a good job distinguishing themselves in the space. Seems to be dominating the competition thus far too. Will wait and see!

  15. Whatever this new system is i am very egar to try it out. I have been looking and searching for good ways to make money in affiliate commission and Jeremey has really been the only helpful advice. If anyone else could help me out that would be great. but im looking forward to see what you have coming jeremey

  16. Be very wary. Shoemoney has already agreed to give all your info to Google so they can take over the world using Terminator-style robots in 10 years. It is his secret plan to secure the world for his puppy-only empire.

  17. Thank you for that post, i liked reading through it. I do not agree with it all however it was a good post.

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