Went with my wife this weekend to see the Social Network. While it’s not a official biography of how Zuckerberg started Facebook, it was really cool to see a lot of the stories we have been told over the years actually on the big screen.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone, but if you have seen my Facebook advertising video, I accidentally spoiled the beginning of how Facebook started… oops.

The movie was really motivational for me and I think it will be for most people. Of course, there will always be the haters that will come up with 20 excuses why they are not the youngest billionaire in the world.

I know Mark was really depressed about this movie and how it would make him look.

I came away thinking he was a bad-ass.

What did you think?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

125 thoughts on “The Social Network – Rocked”
  1. I did not get a chance to see it yet but plan to.

    You said it’s not a complete biography but how closely does it relate (you know more about the company than most).

    Thanks Shoe!

      1. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I think that no movie can do a justice to the actual story. Some stories need to be made more interesting but a lot of real stories are stranger than fiction and need to be simplified when made into a movie.

    1. Good question. I was wondering about that myself. I’ve heard a lot of mixed feedbacks of the movie.

      1. I read a David Carr review that said it wasn’t that faithful to how Facebook was actually created? But that it was a “really good movie” anyway.

      2. Like Jeremy said, it’s not an official biography so it’s quite doubtful if it’s accurate. Still, it must be closer to the truth if Mark is affected by how the movie plays him out.

        1. Good point. Mark seems to be too uncomfortable with how he’s portrayed. But what does it matter if people like Jeremy and myself came away thinking he was “badass” anyway? This movie should give him style points.

    2. Have you ever heard the saying “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story” ? Well that’s exactly what the movie has done, truth was not their goal in this movie. If was entertaining but as far as facts are concerned it’s 50% at best.

  2. I also had the chance to see the movie this weekend. It was well done, especially given the task of making a movie around the story of a website. Luckily Facebook has a colorful background and they had plenty of talent willing to work on this film.
    Mark shouldn’t feel bad about this movie because anyone with half a brain who watched it also walked away with a positive impression on Mark himself. I think this is one of those movies that EVERYONE should watch because it depicts such a cornerstone in modern culture and society.


    1. If I were Zuckerberg, I wouldn’t have done things differently. Who cares about the naysayers? I’ll do what I’m brilliant at and let the result speak for itself.

  3. Hey Jeremy – I didn’t have a chance to catch it over the weekend, but saw that all the reviews are stellar. Definitely have to check it out soon.

    1. So far, I’ve read nothing but good reviews about this movie. I can’t wait to watch it.

  4. I saw a piece on Aaron Sorkin (writer) and he said that he sent the script to Facebook and they didn’t change much.

    1. Is the movie based on the book The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal by Ben Mezerich?

      1. Isn’t Sorkin the same guy who wrote The West Wing? Yeah, it seems like they’ve assembled some pretty good talent there, never mind that most of the cast are unknowns.

  5. I saw the trailer for it over the weekend and it’s out in the UK this weekend. It looked cool and this is the type of stuff that motivates and keeps me going!

    Plus I’m secretly addicted to Facebook…….

    1. It was well worth my time. Loved the entire movie. The first scene alone gives you an idea about how good the rest of it will be.

      1. And that scene in which Sean Parker introduces himself to the French major was priceless. Oops, sorry – no spoilers!

      2. You know what web-based movie will come out next? It will be an observation of the web trends for the past 9 years. It’s title? Come Over Myspace and Google My Yahoo! ROFL

  6. I caught the late showing last night, got home around 12 and still couldn’t crash out because the gears were turning.

    It’s a movie so there’s some stretching and some glossing but overall I think it made everyone out to be exactly what they are. Mark def pulled some d!@k moves but i’m still impressed and give the guy the respect he deserves.

    several lines were great but “…fish eat other fish…the marlin and the trout…” and “….the water under the Golden Gate bridge is freezing…” bits killed it.

  7. I really was great. And Shoe’s right, it’s totally motivating. I came out of there itching to get back to it. It also made me think about Facebook in a lot of new ways. Not only how to use it, but really what lessons it can teach any business.

      1. Wasn’t that great for me. Jessie Eisenberg still has a lot of things to learn about acting. Supporting characters Justin Timberlake and Brenda Song did a great job though. Nonetheless, it’s still a winner in my book since it didn’t star a sexually-confused vampire or an exhibitionist werewolf.

  8. Was it really all that good? I saw the trailers, but it didn’t grab me all that much…

    1. Yes, it is. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I went in the cinema not expecting much from it. I’m happy that it was worth it.

      1. I’m beginning to feel like I’m among the handful people who haven’t seen the movie yet. Too bad I missed it last weekend.

        1. I hear you. I have to find the time to watch that. I hate to miss what seems to be one of the best movies of the year.

  9. I definitely want to hear a more expanded version of this post after a few weeks. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I thought you might have some pretty good insight into the plot and sub-plot(s).

    1. It’s an intelligent movie with superb acting. I agree with Jeremy, MZ came across to me as a badass. In a good and brilliant way.

      1. I don’t understand where Zuckerberg’s haters are coming from. I mean, yes, the platform he’s created is not perfect but it’s doing some people a lot of good. Bottom line, it’s up to the users how responsibly they choose to use it. Why blame the guy for everything?

      2. In a good and brilliant way? What movie were you watching? How the hell is it good to screw your friend out of equity?

    2. I wish Jeremy would write one of his off-the-wall posts using the movie as subject. I feel that there are a lot of lessons to be learned from this movie. I haven’t seen it yet but I’ll make it a point to do so tomorrow.

      1. How about producing a movie yourself, Shoe? We can call it Tales from the Dark Side. Of course, the establishing scene would be from your adventures in the ladies’ bathroom and, of course, some scenes from the Playboy Mansion shindig to get the juices flowing for red-blooded men like me. Is that a great idea or what?

  10. I didn’t see it, but after this weekend I’m thinking maybe I should. I kinda figured it’d be some sensationalized garbage like “21”.

    I did see Wallstreet 2 though. While it was kinda cool that they tied together the financial crisis with Gordon Gekko, they wrapped up the story pretty horribly. Sounds like Zuckerberg is a younger Gordon Gekko though.

      1. Is the movie the 100% true story of the creation of the social media networking titan, Facebook? Not likely, as none of the principal players agree on what exactly is the truth. What The Social Network does is lay out one interpretation of the events as they went down, without actually coming right out and saying who did what to whom — which is my very own way of saying “2 thumbs up!”

  11. I haven’t seen it yet but I’m definitely going to check it out. The haters are everywhere all you can do is avoid them and do your best.

    1. A lot of things wouldn’t have been invented or accomplished if the people who did them listened to haters. All successful people have their share of haters. They wouldn’t have succeeded if they bothered or cared too much about what the haters said about them.

      1. Whether you’re watching out for haters or not, there will still be people whom you won’t be pleasing anytime soon. Keep in mind that no matter how well you do your job, there are still nitpickers out there ready to criticize about the things you don’t even give a flying f**k. Catch my drift, Jeremy?

        1. Why do people love movies where the crucial parts are played by posers? Jessie Eisenberg isn’t a geek. He just wants to be seen as one. I think the producers were scraping the barrel on who gets to play the starring role.

    2. This isn’t a simple film. It’s not the paint-by-numbers approach that you might see from a director less talented than David Fincher. At no point during the movie is the audience meant to sympathize with Zuckerberg. There’s no emotional scene during the climax where he crawls into a corner and bawls uncontrollably because he feels so alone. Apart from that, now go watch this movie and find out why it’s garnering more and more fans each day.

      1. I hear you, bro. The Social Network isn’t about making viewers fall in love with Zuckerburg. It’s about telling the story of his genius.

    1. I think it isn’t as badass as the media wants it to be portrayed. Although the cast did a great job, there’s still something missing from the screenplay. Honestly, with a long list of confessed real-life cute geeks like Daniel Radcliffe, John Cusack, Tobey Maguire, John Krasinski and Jay Baruchel, why are we being forced to watch movies starring a long stretch of the imagination geeks? We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel: Johan Hill, Christopher Mintz, Jon Heder, Michael Cera,Jessie Eisenberg and Aaron Johnson (who is almost passable). Any thoughts on this?

    1. How come there are other people who claim to have first conceptualized of Facebook other than Zuckerberg? Is it just plain luck that his version became the norm when it comes to social media networking?

      1. Not impossible but highly unlikely. Even if it’s true, whoever conceptualized it first should have acted on the idea. Fortune favors the brave and quick.

      1. And me. And even if it had less to do with social network and more with the creator of that network, some character-driven story, I’d still see it.

        1. From her beginnings as a Disney talent to becoming a mainstream actress, Brenda Song has transformed into a diverse actress who can handle roles for any genre. Still can’t forget her shenanigans as a mock representation of Paris Hilton in Suite Life for Zack and Cody years back.

  12. Jesse Eisenberg portrayed Mark Zuckerberg well. His performance was captivating. All in all I think the movie was good though it really came out as if Zuckerberg was (is) a villain.

  13. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think it takes a lot of creativity and genius to come up with something that now has millions of members (and still growing). Whatever people may say about the guy, you can’t deny that what he did put him way above awesome.

    1. Not that original though. FB has its predecessors and although Zuckerberg had it big, you can’t discount that the now-defunct Friendster was king 5 years back.

  14. Who would have thought that a movie about the creation of a social network platform could be enthralling? I really enjoyed watching that movie.

      1. Programmers on headphones: I just love how the movie makes writing code look so cool.

  15. Seeing it today. Already people seem to be talking about it as an Oscar frontrunner. Makes me more excited!

    1. I’ve read a lot of reviews hinting about that too. Was it really that good? I hope I can watch it soon.

      1. I haven’t watched the film yet but I think one major factor for the Social Network’s success is its timeliness. With 500 million users worldwide, it’s a done deal right from the very start.

        1. I beg to differ. While the Social Network is one of the best films of 2010 and one of the first films to effectively capture the impact the web has had on our everyday lives, I think this box-office limelight won’t last for long as soon as another social media hype arrives. Remember Friendster and Myspace? Exactly.

  16. “…there will always be the haters that will come up with 20 excuses why they are not the youngest billionaire in the world.” — So true!

    1. Well, some people are just wired that way. They are much happier hating what or who they don’t understand. I say whatever they do, they can’t change the fact that Mark comes out as the winner in the end.

  17. I can’t believe no one has mentioned Justin Timberlake yet. He’s in it, right? As Sean Parker? Does he get much screen time? The movie’s still not showing in my side of Asia. 🙁

    1. Yup he plays Sean Parker. All of the actors did well, actually. But it was Eisenberg’s acting that stood out.

      1. I think it was Justin Timberlake who got the top score in terms of acting prowess. Never knew some kid who sang lousy ditties way back when I was in college can act so well…

        1. Justin is the only reason I went to see this movie. But I came out of the theater thinking that even if he wasn’t there, I’d still have loved it.

    2. The tagline “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies” is just pure EPIC!

        1. If that’s the case, why isn’t there an UNLIKE button in Facebook? As long as they keep users engaged, FB will be in the social media scene for a long time. Unless they sit on their laurels, like Myspace did, it won’t be jumping the shark anytime soon. What do you think, Jeremy?

    3. Saw this from one of the reviews I’ve read — “Maybe the biggest surprise is Justin Timberlake. I have never really had strong feelings for Timberlake one way or the other, but this movie might cause a great deal of dismay from his musical fan base, when the recognition begins pouring in and he finds himself offered not just several movie roles, but quality roles at that.”

      1. Perhaps it is time that Justin should have a career shift. His stint as a comedian definitely worked quite well and I am sure moving to drama and mainstream films should turn out the same, too.

  18. Surprisingly, the “Cry Me a River” crooner, Justin Timberlake, has turned into a truly talented actor. By the way, that new girl they introduced did a great job too. What’s her name, Shoe? I knew I should have stayed for a bit while the credits rolled.

  19. I’s not accurate but it certainly brushes close to the truth. One of the more memorable movies I’ve seen this year.

    1. What makes this movie successful is the way they mesh fiction and truth without appearing too obvious. (Can they star Andy Samberg to play the title play role next? I think that guy only needs a great break.)

  20. I have not seen the movie yet but I have read nothing but good reviews about it. Our local paper gave it 3 in a half stars not too shabby. I am looking forward to seeing the movie in the coming week though I love to see a good motivational story. His story is motivation for all of us aspiring Entrepreneurs.

  21. I scoured for reviews around the web and this is what I got: “The Social Network is the perfect meshing of screenwriter, director, actors and subject matter. David Fincher’s visual genius combined with Aaron Sorkin’s brilliant script combined with the best performances from a group of 20-something actors this year, and backed by Trent Reznor’s remarkable score, meld together to create an unforgettable, conversation-provoking, ballsy film.” Still not that convincing though. Got a free DVD I can review for myself tonight, Shoe?

    1. I came across a cool extended trailer for the movie in YouTube. Why not check it out for now?

  22. I knew JT had some acting potential since the first time I saw him doing sketches for SNL. I give this flick 5 stars!

    1. Combine that with his suave looks and sexy voice, he’s dynamite, baby! Wish he and Cameron didn’t break up though. They looked so perfect for each other. Oops! Back to work.

      1. Is it just me or does anyone else notice that almost all of the major players in The Social Network have “berg” in their last names? Marck Zunckerberg for one, Jessie Eisenberg, too, and, of course, Justin Timberlake who’s always singing silly songs with Andy Samberg. Got it? 😀

    1. Why didn’t the producers give Brenda Song enough lines? Great break for her though. She’s too old to become a poster girl for Disney.

  23. After seeing the movie at a screening two weeks ago, I don’t necessarily agree that the driving force behind the movie is acceptance, at least that’s not the driving force behind the real Mark Zuckerberg. I think it’s more about how Mark sees the world. He doesn’t care so much about being accepted, as he does showing everyone how intelligent and determined he is. Great as a movie character but horrible as a boyfriend.

  24. The Social Network grabs your interest and carries it throughout the movie. However, if you expected something like a less creepy ending that actually tied up the storyline, you might be a little, well, miffed.

  25. Imagine if they did a movie about Twitter. “The Microblogging Site”. No more than 140 minutes. I’d watch that, too.

    1. The odd thing about this movie is that Zuckerberg was portrayed as a ruthless, cold, and unfeeling monster. The great thing is that I wanted to be just like him.

      1. And the oddest thing about it is you still haven’t returned my copy of Naughty Hospital and Fun Times with Debbie, volume 10 you borrowed last summer. Cough it up!

      2. Dude he is not a monster. He is doing business.

        Business is business.

        If you are not getting work done… Get them out of the company
        If you are making moves…. Get them into the company…

        It is just plain business why pay someone big bucks if they accomplish nothing.

        Business in this world is the MONSTER!

  26. The Social Network would be really crazy if it put Chris Rock on the title role. Imagine how that would muddle things up! LMAO

  27. Brenda Song sure is a looker, isn’t she? I just love the way intrigue and suspense is all over The Social Network! Definitely a candidate for the best film of 2010.

  28. I went to see it because I thought it would be a great example at how to totally screw up one’s personal branding by not preempting potential negative press. After having seen it I think Zuckerberg may have been behind it because I agree with Shoemoney it makes Zuckerberg look awesomely badass.

    This is because the movie is so much deeper than just being about Facebook and I think it may be one of the most influential movies of our generation because it lights the fire of entrepreneurship in the bones of those who watch it. This is why Shoemoney loved it.

    Why? Because the movie is about pointing to the scoreboard that reads $132,994.97 and being able to say, “I’m CEO, Bitch!” and at the end of the day there are those who point to the scoreboard and those who loudly whine and are told “If you had invented Facebook then right now you would be working on Faceboook.” Put up or shut up. Scoreboard.

  29. Movie Kicked A$$! Total motivation!

    I bet every online entrepreneur will have great motivation from this movie.

    It shows:
    hard work

    is really all you need to become successful.

    I do not think it made him look bad I think it made him look like a genius. The way to play the game and win at it.

    Totally awesome!!!!

  30. This is a similar concept to the movie Erin Brokovich. I know she was worried that people would perceive here to be a loud mouthed bimbo. Always difficult when people do a movie about someone’s lifestory that the truth is not distorted!

  31. Loved! The Social Network. Theater was packed. Makes me wonder what the heck I was doing when I was thinking that Classmates.com was a good idea but who would pay etc.

  32. Go to the movie Sober….go watch it three or four times….buy the DVD….remember when he says if you owned the idea of Facebook you would be working at Facebook? That means you have to take action….just DO IT! This movie is FULL of entreprenurial messages…just like the original Wall Street movie. This will be a MAJOR CULT MOVIE for our industry!

  33. I think Facebook may have actually created this movie… I mean seriously .. think about it. It’s not like they aren’t smart enough to pull off a stunt like that.

  34. I went to see it two nights ago and I agree, it rocked! I also agree that it made me think Mark is more of a B.A. than anything.

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  36. Came away thinking he was a badass??? Yea, there’s nothing better than screwing your friend out of his equity… You really should get on board with JCal and others when it comes to Zuckerberg. Creeps are all around us. Sometimes they run powerful websites. Most times, people are afraid of them if they have too much power…and that’s very sad. An attack on Zuckerberg is viewed by many as an attack on his VCs and everyone associated with him, so people are afraid to fight him.

    It’s cool to think Gordon Gecko is a badass because he’s not a real person. But when the sociopathic badass in a movie is a real person with power..they should be forced to step down. FB is big enough that it can function and succeed without Zuck at this point. There are several people who aren’t as creepy who would do a better job as its CEO. This film is a wake-up call and really could be viewed as a call to action.

  37. I absolutely loved the movie. I also found it inspirational. Now I only have to have my billion dollar idea and start working on it 😉

  38. it started yesterday in Slovenia, ive heard a lot of good stuff about it, not about the what but about the how, the story we know, but the way how its made ,should be really great.
    I watching it on sunday, really looking forward to it, we will probably make a small tweetmeet and watch it with loads of tech guys…

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